Are hardwood floors going out of style?

Author: Gaston O'Conner  |  Last update: Thursday, January 18, 2024

Hardwood floors will never go out of style. Built to last, these floors can survive a lot of use while retaining their beauty and charm.

What is the trend for flooring in 2023?

Lighter, Brighter Wood Finishes

Wood flooring with character-rich, lighter stains shows no sign of waning in popularity, says Margaret Donaldson, founder of Margaret Donaldson Interiors. “Homeowners are primarily using white oak, but walnut is starting to surface more, especially with lighter finishes,” she says.

What color wood flooring never goes out of style?

Finally, white is a popular choice for those looking for timeless wood floor colors that never go out of style. White-washed hardwood floors can create a bright, open, and airy feeling that can be greatly enhanced with modern furniture pieces.

What flooring will not go out of style?

Hardwood Flooring

what's better than hardwood flooring? It's beautiful, it's durable, and it never goes out of style. Not to mention all of your friends, family, and neighbors aspire to have it, so you'll have your entire network envying your home's flooring design.

Are dark colored wood floors going out of style?

Classic dark hardwood has become more popular in the last few years. Dark hardwood is a great way to bring some interesting contrast and opulence to your home. Even when the dark hardwood trend ends, dark hardwood flooring never goes out of style and is considered a timeless classic.

3 Wood Flooring Trends That Are DEAD | 2023

What color floors are in style for 2023?

#4: Light Neutral Colors

Another top flooring trend in 2023? Light and neutral flooring. Modern grey wood flooring continues to be popular, as are light floor colors like blonde and beige. A great way to add these lighter flooring shades to your home or business is to use bamboo flooring.

Are dark wood floors out of style 2023?

Hardwood Floor Colors 2023

Those who adore pale, dark, and honey-colored wood have options among the "it" colors of 2023. Interior designers came through for everyone this year with an option for hardwood in every color scheme.

What are the most popular hardwood floor colors in 2023?

If you're looking for cool shades for your hardwood floors in 2023, look no further! Light tans, and browns with hints of grey or white will be popular as well as whitewashed finishes. Meanwhile, yellow-toned shades are moving out of favor.

What wood flooring is timeless?

The Best Timeless Flooring Options

Opt for timeless wood colors such as oak, maple, mahogany, pine or ash. Engineered hardwood is an excellent choice for its versatility and attractive price point.

What shade of wood is timeless?

Examples Of Timeless Wood Floor Colors

Birch – Appreciated for its blonde edges and amber portions. Brow Maple – Well-known for its rich gold, amber, and brown hues. Red Oak – Has unique pinkish salmon-like overtones. White Maple – Provides lighter shades with a clean look.

What color hardwood floor is best for resale?

Greige and white oak are two of the most popular choices for hardwood flooring when it comes to house resale. They provide timeless elegance and neutrality, making them ideal for any home.

What is the most popular hardwood floor color today?

The Most Popular Hardwood Floor Colors in 2023
  • Light Natural Tones. One of the big hardwood floor trends we've witnessed over the last few years is light, natural tones. ...
  • Medium Browns. ...
  • Dark Browns. ...
  • Black. ...
  • Whitewashed Options. ...
  • Grey. ...
  • Yellow Tones. ...
  • Red Tones.

What is the most classic hardwood floor color?

Brown Hardwood Flooring

Best known as the traditional color of hardwood flooring, shades of brown are still as popular as ever. Much like tan-toned hardwood, brown flooring is suited for any aesthetic. Lighter tones can set the basis of a neutral design, while deeper tones have the power to convey depth and luxury.

What is the newest trend in hardwood floors?

Wide plank floors are making a comeback.

Wide plank is on the rise again, and Broxson notes that recent trends include red and white oak wide plank floors. She says we'll see more light and almost bleached tones and dark espresso colors coming back, as well.

Are oak floors outdated?

Red oak was very popular during times when certain stains and finishes were trendy (hi orange floors of the '90s!). That being said, red oak isn't out of style and orange floors aren't your destiny if you have red oak floors. There are ways to stain the oak to minimize or even hide the orange undertones.

Is grey flooring still in style?

Does this mean that your gray floors are “out of style” now? Not to worry. Gray flooring will always have its place in modern homes and buildings, and shouldn't be thrown out just yet. That being said, if you are in the market for new flooring, you may want to consider a few things before making your color selection.

What is the most popular hardwood floor finishes?

The satin sheen is the most popular finish for hardwood floors. This hardwood floor sheen has about 40% luster and is easy to keep clean. This level of sheen disperses light and doesn't show all of the imperfections or dirt.

What is the most popular flooring right now?

50 Floor researched the most popular flooring trends of the year, and we found that homeowners are choosing dark wood, light wood and grey wood flooring color options. Many flooring options, such as luxury vinyl and hardwood, give a classic and traditional look that is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

What type of hardwood floors are most popular?

Oak. The light, airy feel of oak flooring makes rooms feel bigger. This is by far the most popular species of hardwood flooring.

What color wood floor goes with everything?

You might think “gym floor” or the strip oak floors that graced so many homes over the last 30 years. Floors with a white finish go with almost everything. A light burlap-like color is a great choice because you still get a light floor, without installing a truly “white” floor.

Which hardwood floors last longest?

Hickory is the most durable wood species grown domestically with a Janka rating around 1820.

What are the popular wood tones for 2023?

This year's big tones are:
  • Pale pine and bleached oak.
  • Deep, espresso-colored floors.
  • Mid-toned brown hardwood floors.

Are grey hardwood floors a fad?

To sum up, yes, gray is still a popular flooring color in hardwood floors. While tan is starting to trend up, when you choose gray for your floors, be assured you choose a color that will be stylish and trendy for many years.

Will light wood floors go out of style?

Are Light Wood Floors in Style? The truth is that light hardwood floors will never go out of style. However, some shades are more popular than others. One reason is that they are neutral, offering decorators more options when finishing a room.

What color hardwood floor makes a room look bigger?

Don't Fear Dark Wood Colors

It's a misconception that dark wood floors constrict our sense of space. Paired with the right combination of wall color, trim, and molding, darker species like walnut and exotic Brazilian cherry can, in fact, make a room look bigger.

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