Should I stain my concrete floor?

Author: Uriel Romaguera  |  Last update: Saturday, September 9, 2023

Stains are a great way to add decorative effects to concrete both indoors and outdoors. Try to keep it simple by employing just one color in a certain hue that will complement your property's visual aesthetic. Natural earthly tones are in high demand since they blend in very well with different structures.

What are the disadvantages of stained concrete floors?

Cons of Concrete Staining

It doesn't improve the floor's strength or durability, and doesn't change it resistance to spills or damage. If you'd like to protect your floors, we recommend combining it with another method (see point above) or opting for a decorative epoxy.

Does stained concrete increase home value?

An attractive and expertly finished garage floor can greatly improve the aesthetics of your home's interior and add to the overall appeal. It not only increases the functionality of your property but also maximizes the resale value when you decide to sell your home someday down the road.

Do stained concrete floors last?


Because concrete stains penetrate deeply into the concrete surface, they produce fade-resistant, permanent color. Unlike with a paint or coating, the color won't flake off or peel away.

Is stained concrete still popular?

Stained concrete is by far the most common type of concrete finish. This is due to stained concrete's versatility. Stained concrete can be installed on both freshly poured and existing slabs to achieve a wide variety of finishes, and is commonly used in both residential and commercial installations.

Dont Paint Concrete... Try this Instead

Is stained concrete high maintenance?

Stained concrete can be an excellent choice for your residential house. Due to light foot traffic experienced in residential stained floors, a simple cleaning may renew their fresh look for many years.

Is it expensive to stain concrete floors?

Staining concrete costs around $14,600 on average, with prices ranging from $200 to $29,000. The size of your flooring, whether you decide to DIY or hire a professional and the design all play major roles in determining your total cost.

Is it better to stain or paint concrete floors?

For almost all exterior applications, concrete stain is the superior solution.

What are the pros and cons of colored concrete?

Coloring your concrete can increase the aesthetic value of your property. It does not impact the durability of your concrete and if used on interior concrete, it can always be covered by an alternative flooring option. Cons: Every concrete floor takes the acid stain differently.

Is it cheaper to stain concrete or lay flooring?

In fact, stained concrete floors cost less than most traditional flooring types and come with numerous bonus benefits. For example, concrete stained floors are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and extremely durable.

Is stained concrete a good idea?

Stains are effective in restoring glaze to dull, shabby concrete surfaces. Slabs with none to minimal cracks, blemishes, and other flaws are ideal for staining. Stains enhance the appearance of the surface; they don't conceal defects.

Does stained concrete require maintenance?

Acid-stained concrete is easy to maintain and will last indefinitely. You just need to follow several basic principles: Dust mop or broom sweep weekly to prevent dirt accumulation. Damp mop monthly to remove smudging, scuffs and water marks, and to restore gloss.

Are stained concrete floors hard to maintain?

Low-maintenance: The same properties that make concrete floors so durable also make them easy to care for. Properly sealed concrete floors shrug off dirt, grit, stains, spills, and hard impacts. A little sweeping and damp mopping is all that's required to keep them looking like new.

Are stained concrete floors slippery when wet?

Like any hard, smooth surface, stained concrete can become slippery when wet, especially if it has been coated with a high-gloss sealer. For concrete floors or walkways exposed to moisture or in areas with a lot of foot traffic, there are ways you can increase the slip resistance without affecting the color.

Do stained concrete floors need to be sealed?

As with any flooring surface, it is important to keep in mind that stained concrete is not indestructible. It can be damaged by water, heat, and other elements if not properly sealed and protected.

How do you maintain stained concrete floors?

How Do I Maintain A Stained and Sealed Concrete Floor?
  1. Step 1: Dry Clean. Routinely vacuum with a good quality dry vac that has a horsehair brush attachment on the wand for hard surface floors. ...
  2. Step 2: Mop With The Right Cleaner. Decorative Concrete Cleaner. ...
  3. Step 3: Protect Your Sealer. ...
  4. 3 Comments.

What is the most popular concrete color?

While gray is the standard for concrete, it doesn't have to be bland. Plenty of concrete patios stick with the gray tones, but are able to add a unique spin. These can be stained to be clean and modern. Or you can mix things up with special charcoal, silver, or white highlights.

What is the most popular concrete colour?

Shades of brown, tan, sandy beige and other earth-tones are by far the most popular color choices for concrete driveways because they blend in well with the landscape and complement most home exteriors. In addition, darker earth-toned shades hide dirt, tire marks and stains, making the driveway easier to maintain.

What are the best colors for concrete?

Ivory – If you're looking for classy and clean, we recommend painting the concrete floors in a soft ivory color. Such a color instantly makes the basement look nice and clean. And white reflects light very well, helping to make the space look more well-lit. Gray – Gray is still the most popular color for concrete.

How long does concrete stain last?

Depending on the concrete sealer used, it's usually recommended to seal the concrete every couple of years to keep the color from fading. If you choose a high-quality concrete stain and sealer, you may be able to shorten the period between resealing to every 3-5 years.

When should concrete be stained?

Allow new concrete to cure for at least a month before applying stain. Use a plastic airless sprayer for acid staining.

What is the best finish for concrete floors?

Epoxy floors and polyurethane coatings will provide better chemical resistance and overall durability in these applications. Polished concrete floors generally cost $4-10+ a square foot to install, while grind and seal concrete floor installations can be as low as $1 a foot. Keep in mind that these are upfront costs.

Can I stain my concrete floor myself?

A stained concrete floor is a great and durable flooring option, and – good news! – staining one yourself is a surprisingly easy task (although you'll want to avoid one major pitfall we fell into).

What is the cheapest way to finish concrete floors?

Carpet is a simple method for covering a concrete floor; it is not expensive when you lay the carpet yourself. Finally, epoxy kits provide a simple and low-cost way to finish concrete garage or basement floors. Concrete floors in basements or garages may have moisture problems.

Which is cheaper epoxy or stained concrete?

Affordability. Applying an epoxy floor coating will cost between $3 and $10 per square foot, which is quite affordable than the $5- $12 price tag that a high-end concrete staining will cost you.

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