Why is there a shortage of chlorine tablets?

Author: Dr. Dangelo Zemlak  |  Last update: Sunday, July 3, 2022

The shortage is due to increased demand for pool supplies during the pandemic and a chemical fire at a BioLab facility in Louisiana after Hurricane Laura that knocked out one of the country's three main chlorine manufacturers.

Why is there a chlorine shortage 2021?

It not only brought the threat of high winds, fallen power lines and deadly waters, but also the potential for hazardous air conditions caused by chemical breaches in the nearby chemical plant. The loss of this plant will result in a nationwide chlorine shortage that will be felt through the 2021 season.

What happened to chlorine tablets?

The first one occurred in August of 2020 in Louisiana during Hurricane Laura. This fire occurred at a KIK custom product plant that manufactured BioGuard pool chemicals. As a result of this fire, somewhere around 40% of the entire nation's chlorine tab supply was lost.

Is there still a chlorine shortage for pools?

During the fire, around 40% of the entire nation's chlorine was destroyed, sending a shockwave through the pool industry and setting up supply issues going into 2021. Now, as the industry prepares for pool season 2022, this very important factory has yet to be completely rebuilt and is still not producing chlorine.

What can I use instead of chlorine tablets?

What can you use instead? Bromine — considered a safe substitute for chlorine. Looks for BCDMH tablets, which are typically 66% bromine and 27% chlorine. If unable to find, you can use just bromine but it may leave the water a dull green color.

Why are chlorine tablets so expensive?

Why has pool chlorine gone up?

The shortage started last August, when a fire sparked by Hurricane Laura destroyed the Louisiana chemical plant that makes most of the country's chlorine tablets. The pandemic-fueled increase in backyard pools has exacerbated the situation by spiking demand. Some cities delayed planned openings.

Why has the price of chlorine gone up?

The prices also have been driven up by increased demand, fueled by the coronavirus pandemic. A report from Goldman Sachs released in April 2021 said about 96,000 pools were built last year in the U.S., with an estimated 110,000 expected to be constructed this year.

Why is pool chlorine so expensive in 2022?

Increased demand.

As COVID concerns curtailed vacations, more American homeowners put their money in their backyards. Swimming pool construction surged during the pandemic, with many contractors reporting order backlogs well into 2022. More pools mean more demand for chlorine.

Will the chlorine shortage end soon?

While it's being rebuilt, the plant isn't expected to reopen until 2022. That's left homeowners and pool-maintenance companies to scurry for supplies this year, and those who can find the tablets are paying higher prices.

Why are 3 inch chlorine tablets so expensive?

The reason why trichlor tablets are so expensive and why they are sold out at many pool supply stores is because of the national trichlor supply shortage.

Is there a chlorine shortage in the United States?

Between the pandemic and a catastrophic fire, the U.S. is currently experiencing a major shortage of chlorine tablets. But it doesn't have to end your summer swimming fun. The COVID-19 pandemic caused waves in the world of shipping and manufacturing, leading to shortages of appliances, lumber, electronics, and more.

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