Which rooms should have plantation shutters?

Author: Mr. Demario Roob MD  |  Last update: Monday, September 18, 2023

Which Rooms Should Have Plantation Shutters?
  • Bedrooms for Privacy, Light Control & Security. Plantation shutters are perfect for bedrooms because they offer privacy and light control. ...
  • Lounge Rooms for Style and Insulation. ...
  • Home Offices for Light Control. ...
  • Bathrooms for Privacy and Moisture Resistance.

Do I have to put plantation shutters on all windows?

It's important to remember that if you choose to have plantation window shutters installed on one window in a room, then all the other windows in that room should also have plantation window shutters installed.

Do people put plantation shutters in bedrooms?

When it comes to bedrooms, plantation shutters are an especially ideal window covering. Let's look at the features and benefits, along with some style options to consider when ordering for your bedroom shutters. Shutters add the perfect balance of style and function to any bedroom!

When should I use plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters are a great choice for any room of the home but are especially suited to living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. Installing shutters on each window in a room ensures consistency and design flow. Each shuttered room will feel complete, cohesive and full of character, and look beautiful too!

What style house has plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters are a fantastic way to enhance your southern-style home. Country houses helped the plantation shutter gain fame and popularity, as they add a touch of charm to both interior windows and on the exterior of your home. Southern-style embraces a balance of antique decor with modern appliances and art.

Five Hidden Benefits of Having Plantation Shutters

Does Joanna Gaines use plantation shutters?

Ask Joanna Gaines, of course. In her new design book, Homebody, Jo revealed a particularly stylish fix for this issue: Plantation shutters.

What are the disadvantages of plantation shutters?

Here we will break down the pros and cons so that you can best decide whether they are right for you and your home.
  • CONS.
  • LEAD TIMES. ...
  • PROS.

When should you not use shutters?

We like Maria Killam's advice, especially for DIY'ers and novices: “A good rule of thumb if you are considering adding (or trying to decide whether to keep) shutters: if your windows are wider than they are tall, they won't look good with shutters.” If you're asking why this matters, the answer makes perfect sense: if ...

Do plantation shutters make a room darker?

While plantation shutters will block out most of the light filtering through windows, they cannot provide complete darkness. Small streams of light will still find their way through the narrow gaps between the louvres.

Do plantation shutters add value?

Plantation shutters add value to your house in several ways. Potential buyers will appreciate that shutters are energy efficient and can lower utility costs, making your house appear more appealing than homes without shutters. Buyers save money on energy bills throughout the year, making your property more desirable.

Do plantation shutters make a room look bigger?

Shutters are fitted within the recess of a window so sit flush unlike more traditional fittings such as curtains. This in turn creates blank space around and either side of the window. Because of the fact that there is more wall and floor space showing, the room looks more spacious.

Do you still need curtains with plantation shutters?

You could even opt for bold prints and patterns if you wanted or add a vintage touch with some regal tiebacks for a more tailored look. So, there you have it – the answer in short is that you don't need to have curtains installed alongside window shutters but lots of people still choose to have both.

Are plantation shutters high maintenance?

Easy Maintenance

They are sturdy and can handle some friction, which means that many Plantation shutters can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner brush attachment. You can also wipe them down with a cloth quite easily.

What are the do's and don'ts of shutters?

Don't install functional louvered exterior shutters upside down. Do install exterior shutters with the louvers, or slats, aligned correctly. Movable exterior shutters in a closed position over the window opening will direct rain water away from the home.

Are plantation shutters still trendy?

Window treatments are an affordable way to provide more privacy, reduce noise, or just enhance the aesthetic of a room. Plantation shutters have been around for decades, but it is often questioned whether they are still in style. Plantation shutters are still in style and just as popular as ever.

Can you open your windows with plantation shutters?

A question we get often get asked by customers is: “will I still be able to open my windows with plantation shutters installed?” The simple answer is yes. If your windows slide up and down or left to right, plantation shutters will not get in the way of this function.

How do you make plantation shutters look modern?

Another way to make a shutter more modern is to select a wider louver. A 3.5-inch or 4.5-inch louver allows for more light and air when they are open, offering a picturesque view to the outside.

What is the best Colour for plantation shutters?

By far the most popular colors for plantation shutters are neutral tones. These include Bright White which is a true white, Silk White which is a softer white, and Shell and Biscuit which are both more taupe shades but still very neutral shutter colors.

Which is better plantation shutters or blinds?

Both have fantastic features for making the most of the light in your space. It's a good rule of thumb that blinds can be more optimized in smaller rooms and shutters can be best displayed in larger rooms. However, it is up to you and your personal preference when deciding how to style your home.

Why don t people use shutters anymore?

Note that in many cases, the windows are wider than the shutters, and it would be impossible to install conventional swinging shutters to cover that window. Shutters are merely a decorative feature used to make the windows look bigger.

Do plantation shutters still let in light?

Plantation shutters will allow light seep between louvres and also between the panel and the frame.

How should shutters look on a house?

Shutters should be sized to cover the window if closed and convey the believable appearance of actually being usable even if theyare non-operable. Also, the shutters should mirror image the window. Rails should line up with the lock rail, transom, muntin or other architectural elements of the window.

Are plantation shutters out of date?

It is safe to say that plantation shutters will not go out of fashion anytime soon! They have been around for centuries, and their design and style evolution mean that they are an adaptable and timeless addition to whatever style of home you have.

What is a cheaper alternative to plantation shutters?

White wooden blinds are another great choice for people who want the look of pure white shutters at a more affordable price point. They look just like shutters and can be made from real wood or faux wood depending on your space.

What is the life expectancy of plantation shutters?

How Long Do Shutters Last? Shutters outclass every other window treatment on the market when it comes to their lifespan. Even Ovation wood shutters, which don't last as long as faux wood shutters, can easily last up to 15 – 20 years.

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