What pulls to use with shaker cabinets?

Author: Kacey Bauch Sr.  |  Last update: Saturday, September 30, 2023

8 Top Hardware Styles for Shaker Kitchen Cabinets
  • Traditional Nickel or Steel Knobs and Bin Pulls. ...
  • Vintage Glass or Ceramic Knobs. ...
  • Vintage Pulls With Exposed Screws. ...
  • Tubular Bar Pulls. ...
  • Flat Bar Pulls. ...
  • Accented Wire Pulls. ...
  • Arced and Footed Bar Pulls.

Do shaker cabinets need pulls?

All types of hardware look good on shaker cabinets. Yet, the hardware that looks best depends on the style of your kitchen space. For a modern, classic, and simple look, pulls are the best option. For a contemporary or vintage look, knobs or ornate hardware would look best.

What size pulls for shaker cabinets?

There is no right or wrong size to choose, but we do recommend choosing pulls that have at least a 3-3/4" center to center (the distance between the screw holes). This size looks pleasing on most cabinets, while still being large enough to grip comfortably. 5" - 6.5" pulls are also an excellent choice.

Where do you put pull handles on shaker cabinets?

Lower corner: Likely the most common location for shaker cabinet knobs and pulls is the lower corner on the side of the cabinet that opens. These will usually be around an inch from the edge of the door, with both horizontal and vertical pull options depending on your style.

What style goes with shaker cabinets?

The contemporary-style kitchen is one that incorporates today's trending appliances and colors. Because Shaker-style cabinets fit well with any color, personality, or decor the homeowner chooses, they make an ideal choice for the contemporary kitchen.

Selecting Knobs & Pulls for New Cabinets

How do you make Shaker cabinets look more modern?

For a modern Shaker kitchen, round or oval knobs made of chrome, stainless steel, or any other metallic material are a good choice. Another option is to mix knobs and pulls to blend tradition and modernity, like this dark shaker kitchen with cup pull handles offering easy drawer access.

How do you make a Shaker kitchen look modern?

Adding color and pattern are great ways to make a Shaker kitchen look modern. Pairing contemporary elements with traditional cabinetry keeps the character of the Shaker kitchen but updates it to work seamlessly in a modern home.

What is the most popular cabinet pull?

1. Stainless Steel Bar Pulls. This is our most popular cabinet hardware right now. It is this sleek pull that benefits modern kitchens and minimalist designs.

Should I get knobs or pulls for upper cabinets?

Ultimately, we recommend knobs for upper cabinets and pulls for lower cabinets. And, you can choose from a wide selection at the Friel Lumber Kitchen and Bath Design Center. Our experienced designers will help determine the right cabinet hardware based on your style and functionality needs.

Can you mix pulls and knobs on cabinets?

It's much easier and safer to mix different shapes of knobs and pulls in one matching finish. Think about the number of drawers and doors. It can be easier to make multiple styles of hardware work in a larger kitchen with many doors and drawers. Use one style for upper cabinets and a different style for lower cabinets.

What is the 1 3 rule for cabinet pulls?

Cabinet pulls give a sleek visually appealing look to cabinet doors and drawers. What usually looks best is a pull length that is about 1/3 the height of the cabinet door and 1/3 the width of the cabinet drawer. Your eyes follow the length of the pull up the height of the door or across the width of the drawer.

Should drawer pulls go in the middle or top?

DRAWERS. When it comes to cabinetry drawers — tab, edge or finger pulls should be installed to the top edge of the drawer. In most cases, for the best functionality long term, we recommend that the tab pulls be installed equally on center.

Are Shaker cabinets outdated?

We'll never really see the end of Shaker kitchen cabinets—the style has been around for 200-plus years and counting. But we are about to see a little bit less of them.

Are Shaker cabinets too trendy?

Because of the lack of fussy design elements, shaker style cabinets fit every kitchen style from traditional to modern – they're truly timeless. Solid wood shaker cabinet doors will never go out of style!

What is the trend in kitchen cabinet pulls?

Sleek Modern Pulls. Slim and sleek pulls are still the most popular cabinet hardware style. Modern bar pulls, whether tubular or square are top sellers, and for good reason. They look great on most cabinets, come in many finishes, and are a flexible design choice.

Are pulls more modern than knobs?

All Knobs or All Pulls

According to kitchen design experts, knobs are a mainstay of vintage or traditional designs due to their classical appearance, whereas pulls are best suited to more contemporary kitchens.

How do you decide on pulls or knobs?

The two common types of hardware are knobs and pulls. Knobs are small and typically used on cabinet doors; pulls are long and typically used on drawers. However, you can use knobs on drawers and pulls on cabinets … there is no rule against this.

What color cabinet pulls should I use?

Choosing Color and Finish Based on Tone

Hardware on white cabinets will stand out and steal the show, so it's a great opportunity to go bold! If you have warm tones, go with gold, black, or bronze hardware. If you have a cold grey tone, then silver, pewter, black, and stainless steel hardware will work.

What is the trend for cabinet pulls 2023?

Matte Black & Gold Cabinet Hardware

Whether separate or together these colours are dominating the 2023 kitchen trends. Perfect for modern or traditional hardware these colours are complimentary to all types of cabinetry colours.

What is the trend in door hardware in 2023?

Matte Black Continues

Matte black hardware will continue its dominance in 2023, and we can't get enough! This trend is ideal when used as part of a monochrome decor scheme or as a statement piece against bright colors.

What kitchen handles are in 2023?

In 2023, the five trends we expect to see include, timber, extra-long, matt black, unique, and extrusion handles. Each one has the power to transform your kitchen from a generic look to a more refined space.

What are the best handles for modern shaker kitchen?

Round wooden knobs are typically one of the best styles for shaker cabinets, but if you do want to deliver a more contemporary edge, then more petite, smaller knobs may be a better choice. You also have the option to colour match your wooden knobs to the cabinetry colour for a cohesive, and minimal finish.

What is the best color for a shaker kitchen?

Smooth Shaker kitchens look great in a wide range of colours, though are particularly elegant in fairly neutral tones. Examples of which include Porcelain, Light Grey, Graphite, Dust Grey and Natural Stone.

Are Shaker kitchens still in fashion?

They may have been around for generations, but Shaker kitchens are still one of the most popular kitchen designs today. Their simple, clean lines and practical design gives them a timeless quality and an extraordinary versatility, so they can adapt to reflect contemporary colours and stylings.

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