What is a transitional kitchen?

Author: Gage Macejkovic  |  Last update: Tuesday, June 14, 2022

The transitional kitchen is a unique blend of traditional and contemporary furniture, finishes, materials and fabric – all of which equate to a classic, timeless design. This hugely popular aesthetic is ideal for those of us who revere an enduring look – and those who want to remodel once, and once only.

What makes a kitchen transitional style?

In the kitchen design sense, that means transitional style combines elements, usually from the contemporary and traditional designs, with the end result being a one-of-a-kind creation blending the two. You're combining the best of both worlds without an unsavory clash of styles.

What are transitional kitchen cabinets?

Transitional kitchen cabinets always have a streamlined profile. They often are made of wood rather than the lacquer that can be found in modern kitchens. The cabinets have recessed or paneled style doors and naturally blend in with the rest of the kitchen's style.

What kind of style is transitional?

Transitional style is often described as a balanced blend of traditional and contemporary furnishings and decor. Many who like a “lighter” traditional look choose this style because transitional decor tends to span multiple decades and always look fresh.

How do you build a transition kitchen?

Clean, practical, and geometric lines create an uncluttered look in transitional kitchens. Avoid rounded countertops and curves or intricate carvings in your crown molding, cabinetry, barstools, and other crafted pieces. Your cabinets, especially, should be low-profile — they don't need to steal the show.

Transitional Kitchen Design

What are the kitchen trends for 2020?

17 Kitchen Trends That Reign Supreme in 2020
  • Silver-Tipped Light Bulbs. Sheila Bridges. ...
  • Contrasting Countertops. Allison Babcock. ...
  • Cool Colors. Gianni Franchellucci. ...
  • High-Performance Countertops. Marco Ricca. ...
  • Navy Millwork. Michael Graydon and Nikole Herriot. ...
  • Slab Backsplash. ...
  • Colorful Kitchen Tile. ...
  • Double Islands.

What is a French country kitchen?

What exactly is a French country kitchen? It is a beautifully decorated cooking space that feels both homey and elegant. Think kitchen cabinetry that resembles traditional furniture, fancy oven hoods with crown molding or scalloped edges, and charming rustic accents that feel more Parisian shabby chic than rural.

Is Pottery Barn transitional style?

They are transitional as a whole but I do see some more traditional styles. For RH, I see Contemporary Belgium and French. They are inspired by classical elements so there Is Neoclassicism present as well.

What is a transitional dining room?

Mix and Match Dining Room Decor. Transitional is a style that is based on traditional design but leans towards a more contemporary look — think modern meets traditional. Transitional decor stands on a classic design foundation, but the pieces get updated with new finishes, colors, and materials over time.

What are transitional colors?

A transitional paint color is one that has a stronger balance of warm and cool tones. A majority of the colors may have something like 90% of a warm undertone and 10% hint of of cool, the transitional color is going to be closer to 50/50 or 60/40.

What is the difference between contemporary and transitional?

Although they share certain traits, modern design focuses on clean lines, while contemporary looks include more curves. Transitional styles blend the updated feel of contemporary design with more traditional details.

What is transitional interior design style?

Transitional interior design is a mixture of the traditional and modern styles. Bringing together pieces from various design styles creates a singular design that updates the classics with a cohesive, modern feel. It balances luxury with comfort, masculine with feminine, and antiques with new pieces.

What is eclectic style kitchen?

Eclectic kitchens can use a number of different color and texture combinations, such as muted walls with robin's-egg blue cabinets, a subway tile backsplash and stainless steel appliances or a small kitchen island topped with stainless steel.

What are Shaker cabinets?

What Are Shaker Cabinets? In the world of cabinetry, shaker cabinets are units that are simple but aesthetically pleasing. Shaker cabinet doors are cope-and-stick construction and recessed panel doors with simple and clean inside and outside edges.

What is mid century modern kitchen?

Countless kitchen remodels and designs today are influenced by the style from this era, known as mid-century modern. This style is characterized by clean lines, useful functionality, a blend of traditional and non-traditional elements, as well as contrasting elements such as wood and plastic.

What is transitional architecture?

Transitional design in architecture refers to the practice of using traditional forms and materials to design and build a house that is referential to the past but use these forms and materials in new ways.

What is the difference between transitional and modern farmhouse?

Farmhouse style appears lived in and put together over time with whatever the homeowner had on hand, while transitional style is purposeful and reflects the minimalist movement using light but impactful accessories made with wood, glass, lacquer, rattan, fabric, steel or metal materials.

How do I transition my dining room into a living room?

Combining Living & Dining Areas: 6 Tips for a Seamless Transition
  1. Match the furniture and upholstery. ...
  2. Introduce area rugs. ...
  3. Consider an L-shaped sofa. ...
  4. Introduce a wall accent. ...
  5. Integrate the decor with a similar flooring and ceiling. ...
  6. Use a similar colour palette.

What is a transitional style sofa?

Furniture designers combine traditional and contemporary elements to create transitional pieces. Transitional sofas exude an informal elegance thanks to the combination of textured upholstery and clean, contemporary lines. Designers typically add a gentle curve along the arms or frame to soften the straight shape.

What design style is West Elm?

First, there's the style: West Elm is modern, earthy, and elevated, all at the same time, so it brings a sophisticated yet accessible vibe to any space in your home.

What is a transitional look?

Embracing a timeless aesthetic, transitional style celebrates natural light and a relaxed feel with smooth, blending details that create warm yet modern [interiors]. If you think your style is somewhere between traditional and modern, consider transitional style for a warm but up-to-date look.

What design style is Studio Mcgee?

We always get asked “what would you call your style.” Throughout our projects, we've done quite a range of modern spaces, traditional, to rustic and coastal — they have a common thread, we always mix style.

What is the difference between farmhouse and French country?

French Country style is softer while farmhouse style is cleaner and more casual. There are lots of curved lines in French Country style, while farmhouse style may have more defined lines.

Is Country French out of style?

'French country decor never really goes out of style; it is timeless. The interiors reflect a longstanding connection to the land and nature and seasons,' says Louise Bacou, co-founder La Maison London. 'In the French countryside, time moves at a gentler pace.

What do kitchens look like in France?

French kitchens boast large stone or parquet or terracotta floors. French kitchens almost always have a breakfast table in one corner or another. French kitchens have flowing drapes. French kitchens host big pieces of furniture as their cupboards; large buffets, wood tables, long wood work tables.

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