What is a double spring latch?

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The term double sprung tubular latch means the latch has a separate spring for the Latch-bolt (tongue) action, which allows a smooth, soft close to the door.

What is a sprung latch?

Sprung handles, as they're known, can still be used with any lock, latch or privacy lock but also have their own internal spring. The function of the spring is to bring the handle back to its original position after use.

What are the different types of door latches?

What Are The Different Types Of Door Locks And Door Latches?
  • Tubular Latches. A tubular latch sometimes referred to as a mortice latch is used in conjunction with either a lever latch door handle, a lever on rose or a privacy door handle. ...
  • Rollerbolt Latches. ...
  • Sash Locks. ...
  • Bathroom Locks. ...
  • Dead Locks. ...
  • Rim Locks and Rim Latches.

How do I know what door latch to get?

An easy way to choose which latch you need is to measure from the edge of your door to the centre of your door Stile. Choose the Backset which is closest to this measurement, and the handle will be as central as possible to the Stile on your door.

Are all door latches the same?

In the United States, there are two common backsets for residential door locks: 2 3/8 inches and 2 3/4 inches. Pack your locks with a 2-3/8-inch or 2-3/4-inch latch, depending on which backset you specify. Dummy sets have no latch and are surface-mounted so you can install a dummy set wherever you choose on the door.

Deadlatch and Spring Latch Differences

What size is a standard door latch?

Although they can come in different sizes the two most common sizes in the UK for internal door latches are 63mm and 76mm. These sizes are the overall length of the latch, or the case. When measured to the spindle mechanism, the backset, then they translate as 44mm for the 65mm case and 57mm for the 76mm case.

What is door latch called?

The Bolt: Also called the latch, the bolt engages the inside of the door. There is a piece of metal that extends from the door into the frame itself.

How do you measure a latch backset?

The backset measurement is also an important thing to consider when choosing latches and door knobs/handles. The backset is the distance from the edge of the door to the spindle mechanism on the latch. Usually a 63mm case measurement will have a 44mm backset and a 76mm case measurement will have a 65mm backset.

What is latch door handle?

What are latch, lock and bathroom handles? A latch door handle is supplied on a plain backplate for standard internal doors, a lock door handle has a cut out in the backplate for use on a door with a lock, and a bathroom door handle has a turn and release integrated into the handle for a privacy function.

How does a double latch lock work?

Double-cylinder locksets are keyed on both sides; they function with a key from both the exterior and the interior of the door. This means that a home or business owner would need to use a key to engage or retract the lock bolt even from the inside.

What is latch type?

A door latch is a general type of latch used for keeping doors or gates closed. A typical door latch is a door knob which is composed of a latching mechanism, a locking mechanism, and two knobs on the interior and exterior sides. Other types of latches are bolt, spring, cam, compression, slam, and rotary latches.

How does a spring cam latch work?

These latches have a spring-wire cam that slips under a receiving catch on a cabinet body to create tension and hold cabinet doors and drawers closed. To latch, turn the knob a quarter-turn to draw the cam against the door or drawer surface.

Do I need a sprung door handle?

If you find you have a lower-quality door mechanism, it would be wise to choose a sprung doorknob to prevent the latch from loosening further. By selecting a sprung doorknob, your doors will enjoy longer-lasting latches.

What is the difference between sprung and unsprung door handles?

Sprung is a term used to indicate that a door handle or door knob id fitted with a spring in the backplate or rose, which means the door handle will return to position once released. Unsprung refers to a handle which will use the door lock itself to return to position.

Are door knobs spring loaded?

Door Knob Locks

Most external door handles for homes feature spring bolts, which are attached to the latch mechanism and prevent the latch from being turned when the door is locked. Because they are spring loaded, the door can be closed while the door is locked.

What is the difference between latch and lever?

As verbs the difference between lever and latch

is that lever is to move with a while latch is to close or lock as if with a latch or latch can be (obsolete) to smear; to anoint.

What are bathroom door handles called?

Deadbolt door locks are popularly paired with nonlocking door handles or doorknobs. While the doorknobs or handles fulfill the basic function of opening and closing the bathroom door, the deadbolt locks are fitted separately on the inside of the door, operated by a simple thumb-turn lock mechanism.

What is a flat latch?

A Flat Pattern latch allows a door to be kept closed and easily opened with the handle. Mortice latches are found on the majority of internal doors and have no locking mechanism. Our range includes flat latches in a variety of forend finishes.

What is backset size on a lock?

The backset is the horizontal distance from the edge of a door to the centre of a lockset; thus, the distance a lockset is 'set back' from the edge of a door is called its backset. It's usually 1 inches or 2 inches (or 44mm and 57mm).

What is the backset of a mortice lock?

Dimension A: Backset

Backset is measured from the centre of the keyhole to the edge of the lock. Most backsets are commonly measured at either 44mm (for a 64mm (2½”) lock) and 56mm (for a 76mm (3”) lock).

How do you measure the backset on a door lock?

Backset: A backset is the distance from the center of the cross bore, to the edge of the door. To determine the correct backset measurement for your door, you need to measure the distance from the edge of the door to the center of your cross bore.

What does double bore door mean?

Simply put, the top hole in a double bore hole door is for your deadbolt and the bottom is for your knob or lever. This is where smart locks come into play. When it comes to choosing your deadbolt, you'll need to decide between mechanical, electronic or smart.

Why do door latches have two parts?

To keep the latch bolt from being push-retractable once the door is closed, a second mechanism is incorporated into the latching mechanism—called a deadlocking plunger (the entire mechanism sometimes called a deadlock latch), as shown in Figure 3.

What is the thing behind the door called?

Door knobs and hardware

The doorknob is the round mechanism used to open and close the door. Doorknobs come in an amazing variety of materials, such as antique brass, rubbed bronze or satin nickel.

What size hole do I drill for door latch?

The standard sized bore hole is 2 1/8" in diameter. Through the edge of the door there is a 1" cross bore that extends from the edge of the door through the bore hole. This cross bore is where the latch is installed.

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