What do you call a kitchen sink that sits on top of the counter?

Author: Willie Becker  |  Last update: Monday, October 30, 2023

Drop-In Kitchen Sinks
A drop-in sink is the opposite of an undermount. It's a type of kitchen sink that has an outside rim that sits on top of your countertop .

What are sinks called on top of the counter?

WHAT IS A VESSEL SINK ? A vessel sink is a sink that sits on top of the vanity countertop. Vessel sinks are a popular choice for many contemporary looking bathrooms.

What are the 5 types of kitchen sinks?

There are a ton of options, from mounting style to material, color, number of bowls, and size. To help you narrow it down, here are the five main kitchen sink styles—top mount, undermount, flush mount, integrated, and farmhouse—and the pros and cons of each.

What type of sink sits on the top of the counter rather than being mounted in or below the countertop?

Top-Mount, Drop-In, or Self-Rimming Sink

All of the sink's weight is carried by the rim. Then the rim of the sink is caulked to the counter with silicone. Because the sink edge creates a rim, these sinks are sometimes called rimmed or self-rimming sinks.

What type of sinks are designed to sit on top of the countertop and are clamped to hold them in place?

A drop-in sink, also known as a self-rimming sink or top-mount sink, is installed by resting the sink into a hole in the countertop. The sink sits on top of the countertop and is held in place by a rim or lip that sits around the edge of the sink and rests on the countertop.

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What does a top mount sink look like?

A topmount sink has the lip ontop of the benchtop and you will be able to see the lip edge of the kitchen sink. The lip of the sink rests on the benchtop and holds the sink up on the benchtop. There are several types of topmount sinks, they can either be pressed sinks or handmade sinks.

What is the difference between a top mount and flush mount sink?

All bench materials can use topmount sinks where the sink is installed above the bench top. Solid surface bench tops can use either undermount sinks, where the sink is installed below the bench top or flushmount sinks, where the sink is installed so that the sink and bench top sit flush.

Are counter top sinks practical?

High Practicality

With a countertop basin, you can combine the greatest features of both worlds. Compared to a classic vanity, counter top wash basins are more contemporary and provide you access to more storage space than a pedestal or wall mounted sinks.

Are there problems with undermount sinks?

Since undermount sinks to not have anything above the counter to help carry their weight, they need more support. They also need more solid countertops that don't suffer easily from water damage. This often makes them a more expensive sink than other options and also makes installation more difficult.

Do undermount sinks fall?

A common issue with the undermount design is that they can be prone to sagging over time. When the sink starts pulling away from the countertop, leaving a gap, it needs to be hiked back up and secured in place. Undermount sinks work best with solid granite, marble, or concrete counters.

What is the most popular kitchen sink style?

Most Popular By Configuration. Single basin, apron/farmhouse, workstation, and double basin kitchen sinks are the most popular sink styles for the upcoming years.

What kitchen sink is timeless?

Timeless: Think farmhouse sinks in porcelain, soapstone sinks (integrated into the counter, or not), and surprisingly, concrete (subtle colors akin to soapstone or slate). Copper is a timeless material for pantries and bars.

What type of kitchen sink is easiest to maintain?

'The easiest kitchen sink material to maintain is going to be one made of stainless steel, copper, cast iron or enamel because they will not support microbial growth as they are not cellulose material,' says Darren Hudema, director of training and technical services at PuroClean.

What are the benefits of top mount sinks?

Top-mount sinks are an excellent choice for many reasons. They save space on your counters, are easier to install, and do not require any extra planning. In addition, they are also less expensive. Top-mount kitchen sinks are often made of stainless steel.

Are undermount sinks hard to clean?

An undermount kitchen sink is easier to clean. Since your countertops are below your sink, there will be little need for scrubbing them. You will also have less counter space, so cleaning will take less time.

What is a butler kitchen sink?

A butler sink is a kitchen sink that was originally designed for the Butler's pantry in London. Butler sinks were designed to reduce straining or leaning on top of the counter to use the sink. This is why butler sinks display an apron front. Butler sinks are unique and add a simple and timeless feel to your kitchen.

Are undermount sinks hard to replace?

Many undermount sink types are attached to the countertop with silicone sealant and metal clips. Use a utility knife to cut through the silicone, then unscrew the clips. Removing and installing an undermount sink is a two-person job.

Are undermount sinks more expensive?

This installation method also limits what materials an under-mount sink can be constructed from as some materials are not compatible with all counter-tops. More expensive: Undermount sinks tend to be more expensive than drop-in sinks.

Which is better an undermount sink or a drop-in sink?

Some say drop-in is generally the best option because it's easier to access all parts of the sink for cleaning. However, both types of sinks tend to accumulate grime along the caulk line where the sink meets the counter. Where an undermount sink rim and counter meet, the caulked gap can be trickier to clean.

Do vessel sinks sit on top of counter?

Vessel sinks can be recessed in the counter or sit on top. Pick a vanity that supports the sink at a comfortable height — about 36-inches to the top of the bowl is typical.

What are the pros and cons of a top mount kitchen sink?

-- Top-mount advantages: Lower installation costs, more styles to choose from and sinks can be easily replaced in the future. Disadvantages: Exposed sink edges may be unsightly and tougher to clean. -- Under-mount advantages: Attractive modern look, easier to clean.

What are the disadvantages of a countertop sink?

One of the problems you might have with a countertop basin is cleaning. Not that they're hard to clean; they're not, but they do create a lot more of it. A simple countertop basin that simply sits on the unit can look very pleasing and make a feature of your worktop but water can often splash over.

Can you put a top mount sink on granite?

Stainless Steel Sinks

It is a champion against heat and stains, and can be installed as either an overmount or undermount sink, as well as a single or double basin. Stainless steel complements granite and quartz countertops beautifully and is also more cost-effective than other materials.

Should I top mount or undermount sink on granite?

Countertop Compatibility

Rimmed sinks work well with all countertops. Whether you have a granite, marble, or soapstone countertop, a drop-in sink will go in without any hiccups. Undermount sinks, on the other hand, work well with all countertop materials except custom tile and laminate tops.

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