Do solar screens keep house cool?

Author: Shaun O'Connell Sr.  |  Last update: Saturday, May 28, 2022

Yes, solar screens are effective. Manufacturers say they keep your home 10-15 degrees colder by blocking solar energy from heating the inside of your home. Solar screens aren't a replacement for an air conditioner, rather they work with it to create a more efficient cooling system.

Do solar screens reduce heat?

Solar screens can reduce solar heat gain, UV damage, and glare. They can be installed on the interior or exterior as roller shades or fixed panels, and they typically allow for a view out the window and light transmission.

Are solar window screens worth it?

Definitely! Anything you can do to block or reduce the amount of the sun's heat and UV rays coming into your home, the less your air conditioner has to work. When the air conditioner doesn't have to work as hard, it uses less electricity.

How much heat do solar screens block?

The most common two varieties of solar screens are 80% (which block approximately 80% of the sun's heat and UV rays) and 90% (which block approximately 90% of the sun's heat and UV rays). But solar screens can be anywhere from 40% to 95% effective at blocking heat and UV rays from the sun.

Do Solar screens block airflow?

While airflow is diminished compared with standard insect screens, solar screens still allow good airflow.

Solar Screen Blocks Heat & Saves Energy Reducing Electric Bill by 30%

Do solar screens help lower energy bills?

A: Yes! Solar screens save so much in energy costs that they normally pay for themselves within a short period of time. They also extend the longevity of air-conditioning units and furnaces by reducing their workload. Appliances are more efficient when they only have to endure a 10-20% heat gain.

Are solar screens expensive?

The average solar screen costs $300 per window, including labor. Most homeowners pay between $120 and $480 per window. Expect to pay more for larger windows (such as floor-to-ceiling), custom screens or certain openness/density levels.

Do solar shades make room cooler?

Do Solar Shades Keep Heat and Cold Out? Solar shades can help reduce heat in a window, but they will not block cold. They reduce heat by blocking the amount of sunlight coming into a space, and making the windows more energy efficient.

How much energy do solar screens save?

It reduces your energy usage, its a lot cheaper than window OR air-conditioner replacement, and its a fairly quick, inexpensive solution to your heat problem. In fact, a study done in 1988 claims you can save anywhere from 10-14% on energy costs annually and even as much as 20-30% during the summer!

What are exterior solar screens?

Solar screens contain dark, tightly woven mesh that goes outside your porch or patio's frame. The mesh's pattern deflects the sun's brightness to prevent glare and UV damage on your porch or patio. As a result, solar screens can block a significant amount of heat from warming up your property.

How can I reduce the heat in my house?

Reducing Heat Sources
  1. Turn Off Incandescent Lights. ...
  2. Don't Place Lamps or TVs Near Your Air Conditioning Thermostat. ...
  3. Cook with Microwave, Barbeque or Pressure Cooker. ...
  4. Reduce Sources of Humidity. ...
  5. Seal Off Laundry Room and Line-Dry Clothes. ...
  6. Air Dry Dishes. ...
  7. Insulate Water Heater. ...
  8. Turn Off Hot Water Circulating Pump in Summer.

What is the difference between solar shades and roller shades?

Roller shades are made from a range of textiles, often woven light filtering fabric or vinyl, to control a room's light. Solar shades are made from a mesh material screen designed to combat the sun and block UV rays without entirely blocking the view.

Which is more efficient sun screens vs solar film?

Solar screens have about an 80% to 90% light blocking rate. This essentially means you only have 10% to 20% visibility with solar screens. Window film blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays and allows 100% visibility – this actually enhances your view through reducing glare.

Do solar screens void windows warranty?

Window manufactures may void their warranty

If a film, sun screen, or tenting has been applied to a window by other than the manufacture, then the manufacturer may void their warranty.

Do solar screens go inside or outside?

Both interior and exterior solar shades can be installed as roller shades or as panels, but if you go with outdoor shades, make sure they're manufactured to withstand the wear and tear of the outdoor weather elements (direct sunlight, rain, wind, etc.).

How do you clean solar screens?

Dampen a microfiber cloth with water and a mild soap. Wash both surfaces of the solar screen with the dampened cloth. Gently scrub any baked-on dirt with a soft-bristled vegetable or cleaning brush. Rinse the screen by pouring clean water over the surface to remove any soap residue.

What are the best shades to keep heat out?

Cellular Shades. Cellular shades, or honeycomb shades, are one of the most energy efficient window coverings you can buy. They use a series of honeycomb-like cell pockets to trap air around your windows, keeping your rooms warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Are solar blinds worth it?

All solar fabrics reduce glare so you can see your television and other electronic screens better. They also save on cooling and heating costs by reducing the heat transfer (both ways). So anyway, solar shades make good sense for your home.

Do window screens reduce heat?

Window sun screens prevent internal heat from being lost through windows to the outside, stopping as much as 50% of radiant heat transfer. Because less heat is allowed indoors during the day, the temperature indoors remains comfortable all through the night.

Should you take screens off in winter?

Most home experts suggest that you remove screens from your windows during the winter months. Removing the screens will allow up to an amazing 40% more natural light to enter your windows. They also block out solar heat, which is useful in the summer but less important during the winter.

Why are solar screens so expensive?

Some manufacturers even have solar screen material that is as low as 65% and as high as 95% or even 99%. The higher % products contain more material (the openings are much smaller) so they will be more expensive than the lower % materials.

Why are solar shades so expensive?

Solar shades are slightly more expensive than roller shades, not because of additional bells and whistles on the shade itself, but the material used for the shade. Woven, screen-like material is the base of solar shades. The loose woven nature of the material allows for the screen to be somewhat transparent.

What are the benefits of solar screens?

Solar screens establish barriers and reflect the sun's rays before they come crashing into the house. Unlike films that adhere to a window's interior, solar screens actually shade and protect glass. They keep windows from becoming radiant heat sources, filter out harmful UV rays and hold down your annual cooling costs.

Are solar shades energy efficient?

Solar Shades

These are one of the most energy efficient window shades that provide an effective shield from the sun and keep your room much cooler during the hot summer months, helping you save considerably on your energy bills.

Does Window Tint keep house cooler?

The short answer to this question is yes! Tinted windows can help keep your home cooler in the summer and lower your energy bill. There are many types of home window tint. Some are for decorative purposes, some give you privacy, and others help keep your home cool.

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