Will a 33 inch undermount sink fit in a 33 inch cabinet?

Author: Maymie O'Keefe  |  Last update: Monday, August 14, 2023

A 33" sink will undermount into a 33" cabinet if you strap or harness, not clip or block, the sink in place. Disregard the sink manufacturer's instructions please; I've done this hundreds of times.It is not a difficult process at all.

Can you put a 33 sink in a 33 cabinet?

TIP: Standard cabinet sizes are in 3” increments. I.E.: 27”, 30”, 33”, 36”, etc. In general your sink should be at least 2-3” smaller than your cabinet size.

Can you put a 33 inch sink in a 34 inch cabinet?

To determine the maximum sink size for your base cabinet, measure the interior of your cabinet and subtract two to three inches from each dimension. A 36″ base cabinet can handle a 33″ sink at most; a 30″ cabinet should be fitted with a sink no larger than 27″ wide.

Will a 33 inch undermount sink fit in a 36 inch cabinet?

A typical 33 x 22-inch sink will fill a 36-inch base cabinet. If you're replacing a sink, make sure it fits the existing cutout. If the cabinet allows, you may be able to install a larger sink by expanding the cutout. A farmhouse sink may require a special cabinet size.

What size cabinet for a 32 undermount sink?

Measure the opening width under your existing sink (or where the new one will be installed) from left to right. This measurement is your cabinet size. Then, allow at least 2-3 inches on both sides for mounting hardware. For example, a 36" cabinet can accomodate a 30-32" sink.

How to Determine the Right Size of your Undermont Sink

What size sink goes in a 33 inch cabinet?

A 33" cabinet will only fit a 30" sink.

Is a 33 inch sink too big?

The standard size for a kitchen sink can vary, but a typical size for a single-bowl sink is around 30 to 33 inches in width and 20 to 22 inches in depth. Double-bowl sinks can range from 30 to 48 inches in width, depending on the bowl size and configuration.

What is the most common undermount sink size?

What Are the Most Common Sink Sizes?
  • 25 Inches. ...
  • Blanco Double-Basin Undermount Stainless Steel Sink.
  • 30 Inches. ...
  • Blanco Granite Double-Basin Farmhouse Kitchen Sink.
  • 33 Inches. ...
  • Kohler Stainless Steel Single-Basin Undermount Kitchen Sink.
  • 36 Inches. ...
  • Finding the Right Sink for Your Home.

How do you determine the minimum cabinet size for an undermount sink?

Measure the opening width under your existing sink (or where the new one will be installed) from left to right. This measurement is your cabinet size. Then, allow at least 2-3 inches on both sides for mounting hardware. For example, a 36" cabinet can accomodate a 30-32" sink.

Why does cabinet size matter for sinks?

If there isn't enough width available in the cabinet, you won't be able to go for the bigger sink, even if there is room on the counter. Also, remember that you are going to have to create a larger hole in the counter to suit the new sink.

Can a sink be too small for a cabinet?

Kitchen Cabinet Kings

General rule of thumb is actual sink should be 3" in actual width less than the sink base for smooth fit. However if you notch the sides of the cabinet, you should be able to get something as tight as 1.5 less than cabinet to fit.

Why is there a minimum cabinet size for sinks?

The reason for this is to allow for adequate room to work when installing the sink, as well as to avoid potential water damage or mold growth in the cabinetry. The minimum cabinet size needed for your sink will be found on the product page from our website once you search the model like the example shown below.

Is 33 a standard cabinet size?

Standard sink base cabinet widths

Standard sink base cabinet dimensions range from 30 to 42 inches wide. 30 inches is the standard single basin sink base width. 33 inches is the typical double-basin, offset sink cabinet size.

Is 33 a standard cabinet width?

The standard base cabinet widths are 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 26.25, 27, 30, 33, 26, 39 and 42-inches. Filler cabinets are available in 6 and 9-inch widths.

Can a 30 sink fit in a 30 cabinet?

Some sinks will be labeled 30" Kitchen sink, but the basin size is in fact 28". [This sink will fit!] While other sinks are named after their TRUE 30" basin size [This will NOT fit]. Which means you CAN fit some "thirty" inch sinks in a 30" kitchen sink base cabinet.

Which is better an undermount sink or a drop-in sink?

Some say drop-in is generally the best option because it's easier to access all parts of the sink for cleaning. However, both types of sinks tend to accumulate grime along the caulk line where the sink meets the counter. Where an undermount sink rim and counter meet, the caulked gap can be trickier to clean.

Do undermount sinks add value?

They Give You More Counter Space

Instead of giving up a little extra space for an edge, you only lose the space the sink takes up. And, thanks to this extra space, a sleek look, and rising popularity, an undermount sink can also increase the resale value of your home.

Why are undermount sinks more expensive?

More expensive: Undermount sinks tend to be more expensive than drop-in sinks. This is because the material that they are constructed from cannot be too heavy.

What is the most popular kitchen sink size?

The most common sizes for a kitchen sink are 30" or 33", however a standard size could measure anywhere between 24" and 36" in length.

What is the ideal sink size?

In general, the standard sink size is 22” x 30”. While single bowl sinks can have a width upto 36 inches, double bowl sinks can go upto 48 inches.

Is a bigger sink better?

If you frequently use large pans or baking trays, it might be worth getting a sink with an extra wide or extra deep bowl – or even a 1½ / double bowl. If you don't have a dishwasher in your kitchen, make sure you get a sink with a built-in drainer, so you have enough space to let items dry after you hand wash them.

Do undermount sinks go in before countertop?

Order of Installation

It's very important to install an undermount kitchen sink before the countertop slabs are set down. Once the countertop slabs are set down, you usually will not be able to fit the sink through the hole, and you won't be able to properly seal between the sink and the underside of the countertop.

What to look for when buying an undermount sink?

Weight: Stainless steel or copper sinks tend to be the lightest, while vitreous china, porcelain, ceramic and composites are moderately heavy. Choose a heavy stone, cast iron or enameled-steel undermount sink only if you're sure the countertop can support the weight.

What is the width of a standard undermount sink?

The standard sink size is about 22 inches long to 30 inches wide, but once again it's crucial to take proper measurements. If you're replacing a drop-in sink with rims, start measuring from the outer lip of the sink, not the basin itself.

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