What's the purpose of window shutters?

Author: Mr. Gregg Schumm  |  Last update: Monday, May 23, 2022

Shutters may be employed for a variety of reasons, including controlling the amount of sunlight that enters a room, to provide privacy, security, to protect against weather or unwanted intrusion or damage and to enhance the aesthetics of a building.

Should you put shutters on all windows?

Contrary to popular belief, not every window needs shutters. Shocker. Proper shutters should at least appear large enough to cover the entirety of the window when shut (as that's, you know, the whole point of shutters).

Are shutters a good idea for windows?

You will be pleased to know that shutters are the perfect choice for your windows year round. In autumn and winter, they prevent heat loss and protect your privacy. In spring and summer, movable slats will allow you to control the amount of light and air coming into a room.

What are the benefits of having shutters?

7 Benefits of Plantation Shutters
  • Shutters give better light control than curtains. ...
  • They have a classic and timeless design. ...
  • Shutters are easy to clean and keep clean. ...
  • They complement your colour scheme. ...
  • Shutters add value to your home. ...
  • They help provide peace and quiet. ...
  • Solid hardwood that lasts.

Why did houses have shutters?

They were used for security, provided privacy from outsiders passing by, added an extra layer of insulation during winter weather (with wood having a high R value) and blocked out the sun, preventing damage to furniture. Louvered shutters allowed a breeze to enter a home, keeping the room cool on a hot summer day.

Five Hidden Benefits of Having Plantation Shutters

Do shutters have a purpose?

Shutters may be employed for a variety of reasons, including controlling the amount of sunlight that enters a room, to provide privacy, security, to protect against weather or unwanted intrusion or damage and to enhance the aesthetics of a building.

Why do Italian homes have shutters?

In Italy, shutters have an essential job: to preserve the cool air inside from being heated by the Mediterranean sun. Tuscany's buildings were constructed throughout all different eras in architecture and construction technology, creating a totally mixed bag of window shapes, sizes, and depths.

What are the disadvantages of shutters?

Drawbacks of Shutters:
  • Shutters are expensive compared to other types of window treatment.
  • Visibility of the outdoors is significantly reduced by the solid slats of the shutter. ...
  • Interior shutters swing inwards, which can be problematic if you have any furniture blocking the way.

How long do PVC shutters last?

PVC shutters usually comes with 10 years structure warranty, as its very stable material – barely no reaction with heat and mositure, even through paint does fade off eventually but the whole shutters – every parts will fade off other than one or two piece, so unlikely you will see difference.

What are the pros and cons of plantation shutters?

Pros and cons of shutters
  • Pro: They're very sturdy. ...
  • Con: They're not cheap. ...
  • Pro: They're easy to clean. ...
  • Con: Harder to place furniture in front of the window. ...
  • Pro: Great light filtration. ...
  • Pro: Available in lots of styles.

When should you not use shutters?

They are distracting, heavy and not symmetrical or balanced. And the one window is too wide for shutters. A good rule of thumb if you are considering adding (or trying to decide whether to keep) shutters: if your windows are wider than they are tall, they won't look good with shutters.

Do shutters keep heat out?

Window shutters are an excellent way to prevent heat loss. When the shutter panels and louvres are closed, they can reduce heat loss through a window by more than 50%. Combined with secondary glazing, this can exceed 62%. You could also combine shutters with curtains and see even greater insulating properties.

Do shutters keep heat in?

Most people like shutters because of their aesthetics and ability to block sunlight and provide more privacy. But, what doesn't get talked about often is how shutters can keep heat trapped inside of homes. In fact, they are much better at trapping heat than blinds and most other window treatments.

Are shutters out of style 2021?

Window Treatment Styles And Designs That Are Out in 2021

Speaking of shutters, gray and gray-tone wood grain is rising in popularity for shutters, with all-white and dark wood shutter stains declining in popularity.

Are shutters out of style?

Today, shutters are used extensively all over the world, for functional and aesthetic purposes. Do all houses need shutters? Absolutely not, and many, many houses would look much better without shutters, rather than with “today's” shutters.

Can you open windows if you have shutters?

For windows that crank out or windows that tilt in for cleaning, you can absolutely still open and operate your windows, but it will be important to select the correct type of mount for your shutters to avoid blocking these functions.

Which is better vinyl or PVC shutters?

MYTH: PVC Shutters are the Same as Vinyl Shutters

However, when it comes to making exterior shutters, PVC far outlasts and outperforms vinyl. It's far more dense than vinyl and also considerably more attractive.

What is better PVC or wood shutters?

When choosing between wooden shutters vs. vinyl shutters, wooden shutters are the better choice. They look authentic and are more durable and versatile than vinyl shutters.

Do PVC shutters discolour?

The paint or PVC may easily yellow, or fade in a hot window. The cheap paint they use on cheap Plantation Shutters can have harmful VOC's in the paint. Things like phamadahyde and lead. When the plantation Shutter heats up in the window it may emit an odor or fumes.

Are shutters worth the money?

The shutter purchase is significant, but the improved curb appeal, light control, and increased value for your home are worth it for many of our clients, making Plantation Shutters the #1 upgrade for new and existing homes in the Little Rock area.

Can you put curtains up with shutters?

Absolutely, yes. If you want to, you can put curtains over shutters and in fact, they can make a lovely pairing. Curtains can complement window shutters really well. Both the elegance and decorative elements of curtains can be a nice contrast to the practicality of shutters.

Why do houses in Europe have metal shutters?

Shutters serve several purposes. First is for insulation. They help keep the heat indoors in the winter and the cool air inside in the summer. Few houses in Europe have air conditioning, so it's important to keep the hot sun out and allow the thick stone walls to cool the home.

Why are Windows Green in Italy?

Italian Window Shutters

The majority of shutters are painted green, as in the past it was believed that painting shutters with arsenic, the green colourant for paint in the 18th century, would help to deter or kill insects.

Do shutters go on the back of a house?

If you want to amplify your home's style, then adding shutters to the back is a no-brainer. It's an especially easy choice when you think about all the other benefits that functional exterior shutters can provide. The choice to put shutters on the back of your home is a personal one.

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