What size breaker do I need for a 220V pool pump?

Author: Savion Anderson  |  Last update: Friday, July 1, 2022

A 20-amp circuit breaker is a common thing for residential homes. It won't be a surprise if you find one in your electrical box. Plus, 20-amps is more than enough to handle the 10-amps needed by your pool pump.

What kind of breaker do I need for pool pump?

The National Electric Code requires that all swimming pool pumps be connected to a GFCI breaker.

Does a pool pump need its own breaker?

A typical above ground pool pump will require a 20-amp breaker and use #12 gauge wire to deliver the electricity.

How many amps does a pool pump require?

If you need to know the electrical requirements for your inground pool, here is a list of common pool equipment and the approximate volts and amps required for each: Pool Pump: 240v, 10amps. Salt Water Chlorinator: 240v, approx 5-8 amps.

Does 240v pool pump need GFCI?

GFCI protection is now essentially required for all receptacles that supply power above the low-voltage contact limit to equipment that handles pool water. This requirement is in addition to the GFCI protection required for 120V through 240V, single-phase pool pump motors.

What size wire do I need for my breaker? what size breaker for my wire? quick electrical explanation

Can I plug my pool pump into an extension cord?

Running your pump with an extension cord voids the warranty in most cases. Running the pool pump motor with an extension cord that is not adequately paired for the filter's power will damage the motor. At times, pool owners, however, use extension cords in lieu of a costly job to bury a power line beneath the ground.

How do you wire a GFCI breaker for a pool pump?

(1) Install a 20 amp GFCI at the main breaker panel for the dedicated 240 line for the pool pump. Neutral wire from GFCI attaches to ground/neutral bus which is the same at the main. (2) Add 240 Disconnect by pool pump. (3) Add Intermatic PS3000 surge protector by connecting it to disconnect.

How many amps is a 1.5 HP pool pump?

1 HP is 746 watts x 1.5 HP = 1,119 watts. 1,119watts ÷ 120volts= 9.325 amps.

How much electricity does a 1.5 HP pool pump use?

Most Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

Calculating Pool Pump Energy Use: Each horsepower uses 746 watts. For a 1.5 hp pool pump, multiply 746 watts by 1.5 hp, for a total of 1,119 watts. Most utilities charge from 10¢ to 15¢ per kilowatt-hour, and to know kilowatt-hours, multiply watts X hours and divide by 1,000.

How many amps does a 2 HP pool pump use?

A 2 hp pump won't pull twice as many amps as our 1 hp example motor UST1102, but it will be more, about 25% more, up to 20/10 amps. The EE version of our example motor, the UCT1102 'The Conservationist', uses 11 / 5.5 max load amps, or a reduction of just over 25%.

What size breaker do I need?

The general rule of thumb is that circuit breaker size should be 125% of the ampacity of cable and wire or the circuit which has to be protected by the CB.

How do I run electricity to my pool?

Plug in the pool pump and cover it with a weatherproof cover. With the main service off to the house, wire in GFCI circuit breakers to the electrical panel. Connect an 8-gauge wire to the metal posts of the pool, the pump, and the metal plate on the skimmer and then wire that to the pump to bond the entire pool.

How many amps does a Hayward pool pump use?

Since it's an aboveground pool pump it's an uprated model and probably draws in the neighborhood of 10 to 12 amps at 120 volts. Depending on your plumbing it may draw less.

Does an above ground pool need its own circuit?

A common question that comes up a lot with new owners is, “Do above ground pools need electricity?” Well, if your pool has a water pump, you're definitely going to need access to electricity.

Do pool pumps use a lot of electricity?

One of the most significant consumers of energy in homes with swimming pools are pool pumps, which keep pools clean by circulating water through filters. Pool pumps can consume 3,000 to over 5,000 kWh per year.

Can a generator run a pool pump?

Portable household generators are normally 110V but there are some that will generate 240V. Most pool pumps are wired 240V in this market. Adapting the wiring to hook up a 240V generator to a pool pump should be done by an electrician only. This is a very uncommon practice.

How many amps is a 1hp pool pump?

Since it's an aboveground pool pump it's an uprated model and draws in the vicinity of 10 to 12 Amps at 120 volts. It might draw less depending on your plumbing.

Why does pool pump keep tripping breaker?

If you experience sudden tripping of the pump breaker a few minutes after turning it on, there could be possible blockages somewhere in your pump system. The presence of blockage may appear, especially on the suction side. It can also be the reason why your pump works harder, drawing too much power.

Why is my Hayward pool pump tripping breaker?

Pump Trips the Breaker

When the breaker trips when trying to turn on the pump, most likely the motor shaft is frozen, the impeller is stuck, or the capacitor has blown. In some cases, it can be a bad breaker, especially one that is used often to turn the pump on and off.

Why does my pool breaker keep tripping?

The most common reasons for a pool pump circuit breaker to trip are an overloaded motor, underrated pump breaker, bad motor windings or other earthing issue, moisture in the motor or moisture in the wiring.

Is it better to run pool pump at night?

Running the pump at night should only be when you are doing a major chemical treatment such as algae clean-up. Your pool is more vulnerable during the day, plants don't grow at night the way they do during the day–that's true of ALL plants including Algae.

What kind of outlet do I need for an above ground pool?

20 Ampere locking type receptacle required for filter motor for above ground pools located at a minimum of 6 feet from pool wall. This receptacle shall be ground fault protected and shall employ an "In-Use" cover. This circuit shall be dedicated to the filter motor and shall have no other devices connected.

How do you power an above ground pool?

  1. 1) They just use an extension cord.
  2. 2) They bury an extension cord.
  3. 3) They bury an extension cord in the ground in conduit.
  4. 4) They do their own electrical, run, and bury the wire just under the grass/sod.

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