What is the trim at the bottom of cabinets called?

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Base Molding is generally used to provide a decorative trim at the floor level of base cabinets by installing it with the profiled edge facing up.

What is the bottom trim of a cabinet called?

Base Molding

This cabinet molding is also known as the bottom molding. Base moldings are great if you want your cabinets to look like a piece of furniture.

What is the area under a kitchen cabinet called?

That small area under the kitchen cabinets where your foot goes is called the "toe space" or "toe kick". Some homeowners view this area as wasted space and install drawers and even special heaters.

What trim to use for cabinets?

An essential accessory to fine cabinets, crown molding is a standard element of kitchen design. Alone or in combination with fillers and valances, it can complement contemporary, traditional or eclectic cabinet styles.

What is baseboard for cabinets?

July 20, 2022. The kitchen baseboard molding is a critical part of your kitchen's style. If you're wondering what are baseboards, the baseboard is a board that runs along the bottom or base of a wall. The board may be thin flat boards, wide ornately sculpted molding, or tall baseboards.

Moldings, Finish and Trim with Gary Striegler - Part 14

What is edging for kitchen cabinets?

Edge banding or clashing is a thin material used to seal the exposed and raw edges of plywood, MDF or particle board to match a cabinet's finished look and protect against dirt and moisture. Tape comes in a variety of materials, with PVC and veneer being the most common.

What is the space between cabinet and floor called?

TOE KICK. The recessed space between the base cabinet and the floor is called the toe kick. It is designed to allow space for your feet so you can stand closer to the countertop.

What do you call the recess at the bottom of a base cabinet that allows your feet to get close to the counter top without losing your balance?

The toe kick is the recessed space at the bottom of your base cabinets; a few inches of space that enable your feet to rest comfortably under a small portion of your cabinetry.

What are the parts of a cabinet called?

There are four components to a cabinet: the Box, the Shelves, the Drawers, and the Door. The term Box includes everything but the Door on your cabinets. The Box is the sturdy outer part that supports the shelves and/or drawers. It is composed of the top, bottom, back, side/end panels, and a toe kick.

What is the bottom of a cabinet made of?

Base Cabinet Basics

While it is possible for base cabinets to have carcasses constructed of solid wood, it is much more common for today's cabinets to use MDF or plywood box construction, with solid hardwood used for the face frames, doors, and drawer fronts.

What is a cabinet backplate?

Cabinet hardware backplates are installed against a cabinet door or drawer front. They are placed before a knob or pull is installed and have predrilled holes for the screw to go through. The knob or pull is then installed on top of the backplate lining up with the holes to fit the screws.

What are the components of kitchen cabinets?

Cabinet Components
  • Cabinet Face Frame. Cabinet face frames provide stability, keeping the cabinet box square during shipping and installation. ...
  • Doors and Drawer Fronts. Doors and drawer fonts are one of the most prominent cabinet parts. ...
  • Hinges. ...
  • Drawer Glides. ...
  • Drawer Box. ...
  • Interior Finish Material. ...
  • Cabinet Shelves.

What is the frame of a cabinet called?

Face Frame – The structural portion of the cabinet to which doors are attached, consisting of both rails and stiles. End Panel – The side of the cabinet that is grooved into the face frame and extends back to the wall. Bottom – The floor of the cabinet.

What are the ends of cabinets called?

What is an End Panel? The decorative piece of material that covers the exposed end of a base or wall cabinet is referred to as an end panel.

What is a cabinet gusset?

The purpose of corner blocks (sometimes called gussets) is to help keep the cabinet square by bracing against case racking.

What is cabinet kickboards?

Key Summary. A kickboard is an additional area between the floor and your base cabinet or cupboards. It has adequate recess so you can comfortably stand at your kitchen bench or bathroom vanity. Kickboards are often subtle, but they deliver great ergonomic benefits.

What is a cabinet valance?

Valances are an accessory that can add a hint of detail, small or large, varying with style and choice of application. With kitchen cabinetry, for example, they often help to connect cabinets to the left and right above a sink.

What are cabinet spacers called?

A filler is a piece of finished wood used to "fill" openings or gaps between cabinets, or a cabinet and any obstruction, that would inhibit the doors or drawers from fully functioning.

What is a cabinet recess?

Recessed or flat panel cabinet doors have a center panel that is lower than the rest of the door, with a higher outer edge that defines its style. Recessed panel doors are typically used in more modern designs compared to raised panel cabinets.

What is a pelmet on a cabinet?

The pelmet is a smaller trim that goes around the bottom of the cabinet. They are also useful in hiding worktop lighting, and adding depth and length to the cabinet, working perfectly within a handmade kitchen.

What is EdgeBan?

EdgeBan works with the underlayment to become a solid, & flat substrate for flooring material installation. All of this while also creating a soft perimeter joint. The slots and holes in EdgeBan are by design. They allow self-leveling to flow and fill into the holes creating a link and lock with the leveling material.

Should kitchen cabinets have trim?

Do your kitchen cabinets need trim? “It all depends on what style of kitchen you are designing and how much ceiling height you have,” says New York-based interior designer Rozit Arditi of Arditi Design.

What is a cabinet batten?

Battens are 3/4" stabilizing pieces of wood, attached to the back of solid wood doors such as the Valencia (81). They are designed to keep the door from warping or twisting. Battens are 1-3/4" wide and are placed 2" from the sides, 3" from the top and bottom of the door.

What is a cabinet gable?

Cabinet end panels are the decorative rectangular boards that are used to cover the exposed sides of a base cabinet or upper wall cabinet. Cabinet end panels are also called cabinet gables so you may hear that term used as well. End panels can be flat or finished.

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