What is better salt or chlorine hot tub?

Author: Delaney Carter Jr.  |  Last update: Monday, May 16, 2022

Chlorine is preferable over other treatment options for a variety of reasons: It is more affordable and cost effective. Chlorine hot tubs require less upkeep and last longer than salt water hot tubs. Chlorine achieves the cleanliness and oxidation levels that other chemicals and methods do not.

Is a saltwater hot tub better?

Not only are salt water hot tubs easier to maintain and gentler on your skin, but there's also no annoying chlorine smell, creating a more enjoyable spa experience. Fewer refills mean you can conserve more water, making salt water systems more eco-friendly.

What is the benefit of a salt water hot tub?

For those who find traditional chlorine irritating, salt water hot tubs sanitize naturally, ensuring a relaxing, itch-free soak. Ease Joint Pain, Reduce Swelling Joint conditions impact millions of people, whether it's brought on by overexertion or a chronic condition like arthritis.

What are the pros and cons of a saltwater hot tub?

Pros of Salt Water Hot Tubs
  • Non-Irritating. If you've ever soaked in hot tub water that has too many chemicals added to it, or if you have sensitive skin, then you already known that both chlorine and bromine can be irritating. ...
  • Better Buoyancy. ...
  • Reduced Maintenance. ...
  • Lower Long-Term Costs. ...
  • Corrosion. ...
  • Salt Cell Maintenance.

Can you use salt instead of chlorine in a hot tub?

Can Any Hot Tub Use Saltwater? With a little patience and proper guidance, almost any hot tub can use saltwater sanitation instead of chlorine or bromine sanitation methods. You do need to consult with the manufacturer of your hot tub first to be sure.

Salt Water vs Chlorine Hot Tubs

How long do salt water hot tubs last?

Last but not least, manufacturers tout that “properly-maintained” saltwater can be kept for up to a year, and that salt cartridges only need replacing every 4 months (or 120 days). However, much like standard water care systems, a saltwater hot tub requires a variety of water care products to properly maintain it.

Are salt water hot tubs sanitary?

Irritant-free water.

For chloramine sensitive individuals, a salt water hot tub system is a perfect solution: It keeps the water constantly clean and free from any harmful microorganisms while limiting exposure to chloramines.

How much does a saltwater hot tub cost?

Salt Water Hot Tub Cost

A salt water hot tub costs $6,500 to $18,000 on average. Adding a salt water system to an existing hot tub costs $500 to $1,700 and is mostly compatible with premium and luxury spas. A saltwater generator costs less than chlorine or bromine and removes the need to use chemicals.

Will salt water hurt my hot tub?

While manufacturers tout that saltwater spas are better for people, the water can be very damaging to the tub itself. Salt is corrosive and can damage elements such as the heaters, pump seals, bearings in the jets, and any stainless-steel fittings.

How often do you add salt to hot tub?

How often do I add salt? You typically only need to add salt when you fill the tub! You should only have to add it again every time you drain and refill the tub.

Should you shower after using a salt water hot tub?

You won't have to worry about showering off a chlorine smell after getting out of the salt water hot tub. Nor will you be left with irritated eyes or dry skin. You and your children will feel much better after getting out of the hot tub, and you'll enjoy using it more often.

What is the average cost to run a hot tub?

Modern manufacturers advertise the cost to run their hot tubs at about one dollar per day, with $50 per month at the high end. The energy cost of a hot tub varies based mainly on the heater, which usually draws between 1,500 watts or 6,000 watts.

Is salt water better than chlorine?

Is a salt water pool better than a chlorine pool? In our professional opinion, YES! Salt water pools are generally lower in chlorine. The chlorine found in saltwater pools are naturally produced from salt, rather than adding harsh liquid chlorine (a.k.a bleach).

Is chlorine or salt water pool better?

Pros of Saltwater Pools

There's less chlorine and less of the heavy chemical scent and content. They're gentler on the skin, with less irritation to the eyes, hair and swimsuits. The water has a softer, silkier feel to it compared to chlorine water. They have lower maintenance costs than chlorine pools.

What is the best month to buy a hot tub?

Therefore, beginning in September, you will find spa retailers are looking to start clearing out their excess inventory. Making this a great time to buy a hot tub. Typically it goes like this. Starting in September you will find spa retailers offering discounts on in-stock, warehouse inventory spas.

Why is my salt water hot tub foamy?

Cloudy or foamy water is often an indication that the chemical balance of your spa water is not quite right. Over time, this can even cause damage to your hot tub, corroding certain parts or discoloring the walls.

Why does my salt water hot tub smell like chlorine?

A hot tub that smells like chlorine is often the result of too many chloramines in the hot tub. To get rid of chloramines, add 30g (1 capful) of oxidizer to the spa. Another reason could be the pH is not balanced correctly. The pH should be between 7.4 and 7.6.

Can salt water be used in swim spas?

One salt water solution that has been recognized as being one of the smartest, simplest, safest, and most cost-effective is the Ez Ultrapure Salt Water Bromine System, manufactured by Gecko. This salt water system is featured in many Hydropool swim spa models.

Do salt water hot tubs need chemicals?

What is a saltwater hot tub? Any hot tub can be a saltwater hot tub with the addition of a salt chlorine generator. Instead of adding chemicals directly to your hot tub, you add salt (about two pounds per 100 gallons of water), which dissolves to produce natural chlorine that's needed to keep your hot tub clean.

How many years does an outdoor hot tub last?

A hot tub can last anywhere from 5-20 years or more. Cheaper hot tubs made with lower quality materials won't last long. If those hot tubs are not well maintained, they may not last more than 5 years.

Does Jacuzzi make salt water hot tubs?

'The Jacuzzi Salt Water Tub' is the Only One.” The proof: 1. We called Jacuzzi at 1-800-234-7727 and asked them about putting a salt system on the Jacuzzi Tub and they said it voids the warranty, 'not to do it. ' We would ask that you call the Jacuzzi 800 number and as for yourself.

Should I leave my hot tub on all the time?

One question we sometimes get asked is should I leave my hot tub on all the time? The answer is yes! Hot tubs are designed to be left on permanently and this is how they work best. Of course, they'll need to be drained regularly but for the most part, they are left on 24/7.

Are hot tubs high maintenance?

Is a hot tub HIGH maintenance? Not really. It just requires a basic understanding of water chemistry and a simple schedule (which we'll dive into), but it's not expensive. All you really need is some chemicals and testing supplies which is about a $20/month investment.

What temperature should you keep your hot tub when not in use?

While it may sound like common sense to turn your hot tub down every time it is not in use, it's actually better to maintain a constant soaking temperature, which is typically around 100° Fahrenheit for many people.

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