What is an apron sink?

Author: Mrs. Carlotta Davis  |  Last update: Sunday, October 15, 2023

Also known as an apron-front sink or farm sink, this is a deep and wide sink vessel with an exposed front that's meant to protrude slightly beyond your lower cabinetry. To fit seamlessly, your countertops and cabinets will need to be cut exactly to its dimensions.

What is the difference between a farmhouse sink and a apron sink?

Both types of sinks are huge, large, and quite deep. However, the apron sink's front area is exposed and visible- which is why they are called apron sinks. These are versatile and modern houses prefer apron sinks. But on the other side, farmhouse sinks look adjacent as well as covered by the kitchen cabinets.

Is apron front the same as a farmhouse sink?

Apron sinks are deep cut, like farmhouse sinks. The only difference is, an apron sink's front is exposed. That's why they're also called "apron front" sinks. Modern kitchens use apron sinks as highlight pieces, and for good reason.

What are the drawbacks of a farmhouse sink?

One of the drawbacks of choosing a farmhouse sink is the installation process. Depending on how your kitchen is set up, you may have to alter the size and design of your countertops before the farmhouse sink installation. Farmhouse sinks are much deeper and wider than classic kitchen sinks.

What is another name for apron sink?

“Apron sink,” “farm sink,” “apron-front sink,” and “farmhouse sink” are all appropriate designations.

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Are apron sinks still in style?

It may be a little unfair to call them trendy though. After all, they're the original modern sink design dating back about 400 years. Nevertheless, they still, arguably, outperform most other sinks available to this day. We took a look at the best designs from the best brands, more modern, farmhouse kitchen sinks.

What is a sink on top of a counter called?

WHAT IS A VESSEL SINK ? A vessel sink is a sink that sits on top of the vanity countertop. Vessel sinks are a popular choice for many contemporary looking bathrooms.

Do farmhouse sinks need a special drain?

In most cases, you can use the stainless steel drain attachments that come with the garbage disposal unit. Farm sinks have a standard 3 1/2" drain opening, hence, you will not need to purchase anything in addition.

What holds a farmhouse sink in place?

Step 6: Add Support to Cabinets

Because farmhouse sinks are pretty heavy, you'll need to add support to the inside of the cabinet to be able to hold the weight. You can do this by adding two two-by-four pieces of wood to the sides horizontally.

Do farmhouse sinks increase home value?

2. Farmhouse sinks (+26 percent) Porcelain, apron-front sinks are a splurge kitchen choice for sure—but apparently they pay you back big-time in the long run.

Do you need a special cabinet for apron front sink?

To make space for the extra-large sink, you'll need an 'apron-skirt' cabinet design. A farmhouse sink can't fit into the usual drop-in sink space and extends over the top quarter of the lower cabinet. This requires a full re-design of the cabinet and countertop where your farmhouse sink is installed.

What is a farmer's sink?

But what actually makes a sink considered “farmhouse” style? The TLDR definition of a farmhouse sink is “a deep sink that has an exposed front-facing side.” Thesaurus may also refer to it as an “apron front” sink – which, in our opinion, is the best description as it literally acts like an apron as you wash.

Can you put a farmhouse sink in a regular cabinet?

To put in a farm sink, you have to cut out the existing cabinet front, top, and even back, depending on how much space you need. Since these types of sinks have their aprons exposed, it's important for you to follow the template that comes with your farm sink.

Why do people love farmhouse sinks?

A porcelain farmhouse sink is a highly coveted kitchen feature—and for good reason. Farmhouse sinks are beautiful, spacious, and timeless, plus they add a distinctive look to any kitchen they're placed in.

What is the most popular farmhouse sink size?

A good place to start when looking for the right size is with the most popular sizes for farmhouse sinks, small, medium, and large. Or the most common, either a 30″ or 33″ single bowl.

Are farmhouse sinks dated?

Even so, having said all that, there are plenty of reasons farmhouse sinks will never go out of style. As George pointed out, “they are extremely versatile” and as long as you're careful and “you keep on top of cleaning, your sink will remain in good quality for years to come.”

Do you install farmhouse sink before countertop?

The 6 easy steps to installing a farmhouse sink

Why do farmhouse sinks have grids?

The primary benefit of a grid for new farmhouse sinks is to protect the brand new finish. Fresh copper and even hardened fireclay scratch more easily than you might realize. The metal bottom of pots, the metal tines of forks, and even the scrape of ceramic plate edges might cause a small flaw in the finish.

What size farmhouse sink for a 36 inch cabinet?

A typical 33 x 22-inch sink will fill a 36-inch base cabinet. If you're replacing a sink, make sure it fits the existing cutout. If the cabinet allows, you may be able to install a larger sink by expanding the cutout. A farmhouse sink may require a special cabinet size.

Can you pour boiling water in a farmhouse sink?

Placing hot pots or pans directly into the sink could cause damage to the sink. and nicks in the sink from daily use. Avoid pouring boiling water into sink. Run cold water if hot liquids are poured into sink.

Can you put a 30 inch farmhouse sink in a 30 inch cabinet?

Some sinks will be labeled 30" Kitchen sink, but the basin size is in fact 28". [This sink will fit!] While other sinks are named after their TRUE 30" basin size [This will NOT fit]. Which means you CAN fit some "thirty" inch sinks in a 30" kitchen sink base cabinet.

Which is better undermount sink or Overmount sink?

While undermount sinks are currently preferred for looks, overmount can be a better investment in longevity for certain countertop materials like wood.

Why is an undermount sink better?

Undermount sinks are a popular choice for many homeowners because they offer a sleek, seamless look that is easy to keep clean. Because there is no lip around the edge of the sink, it is easier to wipe debris directly into the sink, rather than having to clean around the rim of the sink.

Which is better undermount or top mount sinks?

In addition, your countertop material will be a huge factor in making this decision. Undermount sinks are usually more popular for their looks whereas overmount sinks are better for longevity and for kitchen worktop materials such as wood.

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