What is a classic hardwood floor?

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Classic hardwood floors are floors made with traditional woods like Oak, Walnut, Hickory, Maple, Ash, Cherry and Birch. Most classic hardwood floors have a clear finish that lets the original beauty remain visible.

What is classic grade flooring?

Known as either select or classic grade, typically this will have a mix of cleaner boards with other planks which have more knots. Larger knots are allowed in this grade. Heartwood and colour variation in the timber should be expected and there will be some checks (cracks across the growth ring), sapwood and filler.

What is the most traditional hardwood flooring?

Oak is by far the most common type of wood used for wood floors in the US, especially Red Oak. It grows abundantly in the US. Thus Oak is an affordable hardwood. There are several reasons why Oak flooring is ideal.

What hardwood floor color is timeless?

Neutral colors like beige, grey and greige are especially timeless and pair nicely with a variety of decor styles. For a classic look, opt for warm tones such as honey brown, deep cherry, or espresso. Cooler tones like ash grey, natural oak, and white can add a modern flair to any space.

What are the 3 levels of wood flooring?

Wood flooring grades can be a confusing matter; after all, there are lumber grades and then there are flooring grades. We already know the three most common types of oak hardwood flooring: Select, #1 Common and #2 Common (a.k.a., rustic grade).

How To Choose The Best Hardwood Flooring

What is the best grade of hardwood?

Grades are based on the amount of usable clear material in a board. The highest grade boards are FAS and Select, followed by #1 Common and #2 Common. What grade you choose depends on your project. Some projects, such as tabletops and high quality furniture, may dictate the highest grade available.

What grade of wood flooring is best?

Prime grade or AB-grade wood flooring is the highest quality of hardwood flooring that you can find. The wood in this grade has been carefully selected, and it features a minimal amount of natural defects like knots, sapwood, and grain irregularities.

What is the most classic hardwood floor color?

Brown Hardwood Flooring

Best known as the traditional color of hardwood flooring, shades of brown are still as popular as ever. Much like tan-toned hardwood, brown flooring is suited for any aesthetic. Lighter tones can set the basis of a neutral design, while deeper tones have the power to convey depth and luxury.

What floor never goes out of style?

Hardwood Flooring

It's beautiful, it's durable, and it never goes out of style. Not to mention all of your friends, family, and neighbors aspire to have it, so you'll have your entire network envying your home's flooring design.

What color hardwood floor is best for resale?

Greige and white oak are two of the most popular choices for hardwood flooring when it comes to house resale. They provide timeless elegance and neutrality, making them ideal for any home.

What hardwood flooring does Joanna Gaines use?

Throughout the Magnolia Homes new build, the rustic, natural qualities of Adela Rich Request pair perfectly with more contemporary design elements. Deceptively engineered, this LIFECORE hardwood floor makes it a perfect option throughout the home —from the kitchen and dining rooms to the bedroom and living rooms.

What is the most timeless hardwood floor?

The top 10 most popular timeless hardwood floors are:
  • Cherry – Boasts a beautiful auburn color that darkens with time. Hickory – Offers a wide range of hues depending on the species. Birch – Appreciated for its blonde edges and amber portions. ...
  • Reclaimed floors – Maintain a deep texture and change color over time.

What is the newest trend in hardwood floors?

Wide Plank Floors

One floor that's had an enduring popularity and a recent resurgence is the wide plank floor. Wider planks are less busy than other wood floors, with fewer pieces going into the construction. This lets you see more of the grain and variation across each individual piece of wood.

How do I choose a timeless floor?

The Best Timeless Flooring Options

For a classic look, choose mid-range tones that are not too light or dark. Opt for timeless wood colors such as oak, maple, mahogany, pine or ash.

Are dark wood floors classic?

Dark hardwood floors are a classic and timeless flooring option and are a great choice for those who want something that won't become outdated. They are known for their beautiful and rich hue, which adds warmth and character to any space.

What flooring is best for old houses?

Good choices are linoleum, ceramic tile–both very common–and wood. Linoleum is inexpensive and provides an easy-to-clean surface and comes in countless designs. Ceramic tiles are even better. Also easy to maintain and available in a huge range, they offer superior durability, resisting most dents, dings and scratches.

What color floors are in style for 2023?

#4: Light Neutral Colors

Another top flooring trend in 2023? Light and neutral flooring. Modern grey wood flooring continues to be popular, as are light floor colors like blonde and beige. A great way to add these lighter flooring shades to your home or business is to use bamboo flooring.

What are the most popular hardwood floor colors in 2023?

If you're looking for cool shades for your hardwood floors in 2023, look no further! Light tans, and browns with hints of grey or white will be popular as well as whitewashed finishes. Meanwhile, yellow-toned shades are moving out of favor.

What type of floor is timeless?

As we mentioned above, hardwood is one of the most timeless materials available, which is why wood-look tile is a top choice for our timeless flooring list. Mimicking the look of natural wood, the graining on our wood-look tile floors will have you questioning whether this is natural wood or tile.

What color hardwood floor makes a room look bigger?

Don't Fear Dark Wood Colors

It's a misconception that dark wood floors constrict our sense of space. Paired with the right combination of wall color, trim, and molding, darker species like walnut and exotic Brazilian cherry can, in fact, make a room look bigger.

What color wood floor goes with everything?

You might think “gym floor” or the strip oak floors that graced so many homes over the last 30 years. Floors with a white finish go with almost everything. A light burlap-like color is a great choice because you still get a light floor, without installing a truly “white” floor.

Are dark or light hardwood floors better?

Lighter colors help brighten up a room, making it feel bigger. The amount of natural light in the room: If you love natural light, and your home gets plenty of it, you may want to opt for a darker wood floor as it tends to fade less quickly than lighter flooring options.

What is #1 common hardwood?


1 Common White Oak. Character comes from knots, open checks, wormholes, along with machining and drying variations. These are limited in frequency but less so than Select grade boards. Board length varies, too.

How can you tell good quality hardwood floors?

Look for a High-Quality Core

In fact, the plywood core is one of the key factors in determining the quality of wood flooring. The highest quality hardwood flooring uses a multi-layer hardwood ply. Lower quality flooring uses block board, which tends to be less stable and less reliable.

What is the best thickness for hardwood floors?

If you're shopping for solid hardwood floors, you'll find three thicknesses of boards. The best and most common thickness of solid hardwood is 3/4 inch (19 mm).

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