What are the disadvantages of shutters?

Author: Ayana Klein  |  Last update: Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Drawbacks of Shutters:
  • Shutters are expensive compared to other types of window treatment.
  • Visibility of the outdoors is significantly reduced by the solid slats of the shutter. ...
  • Interior shutters swing inwards, which can be problematic if you have any furniture blocking the way.

When should you not use shutters?

They are distracting, heavy and not symmetrical or balanced. And the one window is too wide for shutters. A good rule of thumb if you are considering adding (or trying to decide whether to keep) shutters: if your windows are wider than they are tall, they won't look good with shutters.

Are shutters a good idea?

Shutters are more expensive than the majority of other blinds or curtains. However, think of them as a piece of furniture as they will last much longer and they have unique features suitable for every season. Furthermore, shutters provide great privacy, light and air control.

Are shutters worth the money?

The shutter purchase is significant, but the improved curb appeal, light control, and increased value for your home are worth it for many of our clients, making Plantation Shutters the #1 upgrade for new and existing homes in the Little Rock area.

Are shutters going out of style?

When looking at the trend chart, it appears “plantation shutters” as a search term online is trending slightly downward, but that was a few years ago after reaching it's most popular era. It's flat-lined for now which means while it's not trending upward, it's sufficiently popular so as to not be “out of style”.

Five Hidden Benefits of Having Plantation Shutters

How long do window shutters last?

Shutters can last anywhere from 10 to 20+ years, depending on what they are made of and how often they are used. Solid wood shutters are some of the most durable with faux wood shutters being a more economical but still durable alternative.

How long do PVC shutters last?

PVC shutters usually comes with 10 years structure warranty, as its very stable material – barely no reaction with heat and mositure, even through paint does fade off eventually but the whole shutters – every parts will fade off other than one or two piece, so unlikely you will see difference.

What are the disadvantages of plantation shutters?

  • HIGHER PRICE POINT. I'd say the con that most often deters clients from choosing shutters is their cost. ...
  • NO HIDING. ...
  • LEAD TIMES. ...

Do plantation shutters give privacy?

They offer privacy without compromising light. Unlike curtains or roman blinds that you must completely draw back to allow light through and stripping the room of its privacy, shutters give the best of both worlds.

Can you open your windows if you have plantation shutters?

For windows that crank out or windows that tilt in for cleaning, you can absolutely still open and operate your windows, but it will be important to select the correct type of mount for your shutters to avoid blocking these functions.

Will plantation shutters reduce noise?

Plantation shutters reduce noise better than other types of window treatments because they are installed directly over the window, creating an additional layer of insulation. They also shut completely, like a set of doors, which makes it even more difficult for noise to find its way through.

Do plantation shutters make a room look smaller?

Will my room seem smaller with shutters? When decorating a room the main objective is normally to make a room seem as big and as spacious as possible. Adding shutters to your room will not detract from this and can even enhance the space.

Are shutters out of style 2021?

Window Treatment Styles And Designs That Are Out in 2021

Speaking of shutters, gray and gray-tone wood grain is rising in popularity for shutters, with all-white and dark wood shutter stains declining in popularity.

Why do houses have fake shutters?

They protect against storms or other inclement weather. The provide relief from the hot summer sun and cold winter winds. They keep rain, hail, sleet and snow off your windows, and extend their life. They can provide privacy or help to darken a room for sleep.

Do you need shutters on all windows?

Contrary to popular belief, not every window needs shutters. Shocker. Proper shutters should at least appear large enough to cover the entirety of the window when shut (as that's, you know, the whole point of shutters).

Do shutters make room darker?

We are often asked if shutters will make rooms darker throughout the day when installed. The simple answer is that shutters can offer complete darkness, full light and anywhere in between. In fact shutters are one of the most versatile solutions for your windows when it comes to window dressings.

Do shutters make a house look smaller?

White shutters, if matched to your window trim, can make a smaller house appear larger. Black shutters can especially pop on larger homes. Think of other dark colors, too.

Do plantation shutters make a room darker?

Because plantation shutters can be adjusted with rods to tilt the slats, they can be used to block out sunlight and make rooms dark! They can even be more effective than other types of window treatments because they are built into the window frame, so there are no gaps on the sides that could let sunlight in.

Which is better vinyl or PVC shutters?

MYTH: PVC Shutters are the Same as Vinyl Shutters

However, when it comes to making exterior shutters, PVC far outlasts and outperforms vinyl. It's far more dense than vinyl and also considerably more attractive.

What is better PVC or wood shutters?

When choosing between wooden shutters vs. vinyl shutters, wooden shutters are the better choice. They look authentic and are more durable and versatile than vinyl shutters.

Do PVC shutters discolour?

The paint or PVC may easily yellow, or fade in a hot window. The cheap paint they use on cheap Plantation Shutters can have harmful VOC's in the paint. Things like phamadahyde and lead. When the plantation Shutter heats up in the window it may emit an odor or fumes.

How long do plantation shutters last?

Shutters can last up to 20 years with the right care so they are a brilliant and long-lasting addition to your home.

How long do wood plantation shutters last?

Plantation shutters are by far the most low maintenance window covering available. Depending on the shutter manufacturer and the material of the shutters, they can be expected to last for 10-25 years.

Do plantation shutters block out too much light?

Light and Plantation Shutters: Do They Block Too Much? Simply put, plantation shutters can affect the light as much or as little as you want. This is a window treatment that puts you solidly in control.

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