Is Bona safe for concrete floors?

Author: Ernestina Sauer  |  Last update: Monday, January 8, 2024

Bona recommends maintaining the newly renewed concrete floor with the Bona Commercial System Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner and Bona Commercial System Mop Kit.

Can Bona be used on concrete floors?

The Bona System Concrete Floor Solution offers a cost-effective time and labor-saving approach for concrete refinishing and creates a highly durable and seamless floor that stands up to heavy traffic and harsh cleaning procedures for many years to come.

What is the best cleaning solution for concrete floors?

There are several options. You can use bleach, ammonia (Note: never mix the two) and other commercial solutions. For a natural solution to stubborn stains on interior concrete floors, mix flour and hydrogen peroxide into a paste the consistency of peanut butter. Spread it over the stained area.

What floors can Bona be used on?

The Bona Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner Family

Our hard surface floor cleaners are formulated for linoleum, stone, terrazzo, vinyl, sealed porous marble, laminate, LVT, and no-wax sealed tile (includes ceramic, Mexican Saltillo and quarry).

Does Bona leave a residue on floors?

If you can't find this information, make sure you use a cleaner that's designed to clean wood floors. Bona products are specially designed to protect floors and the environment. Bona cleaners won't dull your floors or leave behind any residue. Find the perfect products to clean, shine and protect your floors.

Bona Floor Care Do's and Don't's

Does Bona floor cleaner need to be rinsed off?

Since it doesn't need to be rinsed, diluted, or wiped off, it does all of the hard work for you.

What is the best way to clean stained concrete floors?

For most concrete floors, you can use a mixture of flour and hydrogen peroxide or water and trisodium phosphate. But for stamped concrete floors or polished concrete floors, you'll want to use a gentler solution. If your indoor concrete flooring is stamped, use a mop and mix water and a mild cleaner in a bucket.

Should you mop unsealed concrete floors?

A pH-neutral cleaner is always a good option for a final cleanse or to routinely mop with. No matter what is used to clean, it's crucial to allow the unsealed concrete to fully dry.

What product is good for cleaning concrete?

1. Best Overall Concrete Cleaner—ZEP Purple Pressure Wash. Zep concrete cleaner has several great products, and the ZEP Purple Pressure Wash outdoor cleaner is no exception. This alkaline cleaner is low foaming and easy to rinse from the concrete surface.

Can you use Dawn to clean concrete floors?

Interior Concrete Floors:

Do Not use Dawn, Simple Green, Ammonia or harsh cleaners as they will work to damage and even strip the wax. The wax should last for several months or longer, but when it does start to dull or scuff, clean and let dry, then reapply a fresh coat of wax and let dry.

How often should I use Bona on my floors?

Polish wood floors every 2-4 months, depending on the traffic in your home, to add extra shine and protection. Hardwood floor polish renews and refreshes the finish that protects your floor.

Is Bona only for hardwood floors?

Bona® Hardwood Floor Cleaner is the single cleaning solution for your Braava jet® m6 and Roomba Combo™ j7+ robot mops. It is designed for all unwaxed, unoiled polyurethane-finished wood floors and safe for tile, vinyl, linoleum, and laminate floors.

Can Bona be used on all floors?

Highly effective yet gentle, Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is formulated with 95% biobased content and is safe for all unwaxed, unoiled, polyurethane finished hardwood floors. The residue-free, fast drying solution cleans hardwood floors by removing dust, dirt and grime to reveal your floor's natural shine and beauty.

How do you clean bare concrete floors?

  1. Clear debris. Clean and clear the floor of all debris, dirt and dust using a vacuum, soft bristle broom or dry dust mop.
  2. Apply Simple Green Multi-Surface Floor Care. Spray the cleaning solution as a light mist across your floor section by section.
  3. Mop up in sections. Wet mop with clean water and wring well. ...
  4. Dry.

What is the best mop for unsealed concrete floors?

Microfiber Mop: Microfiber mops are great for concrete floors as they are gentle on the surface and can effectively trap dirt and dust particles. They can also be used dry or dampened with water or a cleaning solution.

Do concrete floors need to be sealed?

Sealing your concrete floors prevents damage – no matter how regularly your floors are used. So, if you want to ensure your concrete floors look and stay great for longer, sealing them is definitely a wise choice.

Does vinegar clean concrete floors?

Vinegar is an all-natural solution for cleaning concrete. It kills mildew and mold, removes grime, and helps treat set-in stains. Before cleaning concrete with vinegar, it's essential to dilute it so you don't affect your sealer.

Can you use a Swiffer on concrete floors?

No, you cannot use a Swiffer on a polished concrete floor. Swiffer's solution in their cleaning products is acidic based and will harm the polished concrete.

Do I use a wet or dry mop with Bona?

Damp mops work faster and capture residual dirt and grime your dust mop couldn't catch. Never use a traditional mop, as this could cause your wood to shrink and buckle. Instead, use a Bona spray applicator or a Bona mop with a refillable spray canister to clean your hardwood floors.

Does Bona leave floors sticky?

Yes, the Bona Wood Floor Cleaner is also safe for your laminate floor. Both the Bona Wood Floor Cleaner and the Bona Hard-Surface Floor leave no dulling or sticky residues behind.

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