How to choose kitchen cabinet hardware color?

Author: Mr. Royce Kuphal IV  |  Last update: Wednesday, October 18, 2023

If you have warm tones, go with gold, black, or bronze hardware. If you have a cold grey tone, then silver, pewter, black, and stainless steel hardware will work. Take note of lighting, appliances, and other metal accents in the room and stick to the same tone.

What color cabinet hardware is best?

Matte black hardware is ideal for modern and industrial interiors, while oil-rubbed bronze is unmatched for farmhouse and rustic kitchens. And, when in doubt, unlacquered brass and polished nickel are both timeless, failproof finishes that work with every interior design style.

How do I choose the color of my cabinet pulls?

The cabinet hardware finish should coordinate with the cabinet color. White cabinets look great with just about any hardware finish, but light- and dark-colored cabinets should be paired with hardware finishes that make the pulls—and hinges if they're visible—pop.

What should kitchen cabinet hardware match?

Our team's short answer to this frequently asked question is, yes—generally, your kitchen faucet should match your cabinet hardware. Matching your kitchen faucet to cabinet hardware creates a cohesive look that can be applied in every kitchen style, including contemporary, modern, and traditional.

What color kitchen hardware is timeless?

The beauty of black hardware is that it is timeless. Black is a classic color and will add elegance to any kitchen. Brass is another very trendy hardware option. Just like black hardware, brass works with all decor styles.

Choosing Hardware for your Kitchen | My 5 Step Process

What color hardware does not go out of style?


Brushed/Satin nickel will never go out of style. It is very versatile because it goes with almost any cabinet color and matches great with stainless steel appliances.

What color kitchen never goes out of style?

White. Few paint colors stand the test of time quite like white. "Honestly, the only color in my opinion that will never go out of style—in the sense that you can never really pinpoint when it was done—is white cabinets," says Shaolin Low, principal and founder of Studio Shaolin.

What is the most popular kitchen cabinet hardware?

What is the most popular cabinet hardware style?
  • Inspirations™ Satin Nickel Ring Knobs. Similar to the Oil Rubbed Bronze Knobs, the slightly raised pattern is a contemporary take on traditional style.
  • & 9. ...
  • Revitalize Polished Nickel Knobs. ...
  • & 6. ...
  • Candler Satin Nickel Rectangular Knobs. ...
  • & 3. ...
  • Stainless Steel Bar Pulls.

What color hardware looks best on wood cabinets?

Look for warm metals like bronze, copper, gold, and brass. They'll look stunning against the warmth of your oak cabinets. Cold metals like chrome, stainless steel, and brushed nickel are fine, but they may fall a little flat. They often won't look as rich or polished against the cabinet's wood tones.

Should my kitchen cabinet pulls match my faucet?

'Think of your cabinet hardware and kitchen faucet like jewelry,' says Xander Shreenan of Dowsing & Reynolds. 'One should complement the other; creating a beautiful and decorative kitchen that has been tailored to perfection. ' However, bear in mind that anything too matchy-matchy can look contrived.

What color cabinet knobs are in style?

Cabinet pulls and handles have certainly taken a more subtle track in recent years, but today's trends are even more forgiving. “After years of matte black hardware, we're starting to see a softer, edgier take on the shade: think charcoal, gunmetal, and nickel grays,” says DeRose.

What is the trend in kitchen cabinet pulls?

Sleek Modern Pulls. Slim and sleek pulls are still the most popular cabinet hardware style. Modern bar pulls, whether tubular or square are top sellers, and for good reason. They look great on most cabinets, come in many finishes, and are a flexible design choice.

What hardware looks best on white cabinets?

Don't underestimate the power of black hardware. "Black and white is a classic and timeless combination, so black hardware in a white kitchen will never go out of style," says Laura Roberts of Laura Roberts Interiors.

What color door hardware is in style 2023?

Matte black hardware will continue its dominance in 2023, and we can't get enough! This trend is ideal when used as part of a monochrome decor scheme or as a statement piece against bright colors. It's the easiest way to turn an ordinary door into a cool, dramatic part of your home.

What color should my door hardware be?

Color: You'll generally want your floor guide to blend in, so choosing a color like matte black, stainless-steel silver, or white is common. For a fun color pop, choose a color that is opposite the dominant color of your door.

What is the most popular hardware finish?

Satin/Brushed Nickel (Warm Undertone)

This soft silver finish complements a wide variety of homes. Satin Nickel is very close in appearance to stainless steel, but is available in a much wider variety of design styles. One of the most popular finishes, it is an available finish option for nearly every hardware design.

How do I choose a finish for my kitchen hardware?

Your primary designs – If you prefer a traditional kitchen, consider choosing oil-rubbed and antique finishes because they work well with that style. But if you have a contemporary design, you can opt for chrome or polished brass. Similarly, farmhouse or casual designs will function better with black hardware.

Should I use knobs or pulls on kitchen cabinets?

Traditionally knobs are used for cabinet doors and pulls are used on cabinet drawers however these days anything goes. You will often see people using knobs for drawers for consistency or based on the size of the drawers.

Does cabinet hardware have to match door hardware?

The quick answer is no, they don't, but they should complement each other and blend with the rest of the house. For instance, brushed nickel hardware in a kitchen with chrome lights doesn't work because the finishes look too similar, and they are different styles (traditional vs. contemporary).

What is the trend for cabinet hardware in 2023?

Matte Black & Gold Cabinet Hardware

Whether separate or together these colours are dominating the 2023 kitchen trends. Perfect for modern or traditional hardware these colours are complimentary to all types of cabinetry colours.

What type of cabinet hardware is in style?

Whimsical colors

Think of colorful hardware as Skittles for your kitchen cabinets and an antidote to an all-white kitchen, like this design by Fabrizio Casiraghi. Don't hesitate to go for colorful fixtures. Yes, metals like brass are classic, and lucite pulls are glamorous, but a pop of color is where it's at in 2023.

What is the most timeless cabinet style?

Shaker Doors

The most timeless kitchen cabinet door style is also a staple in transitional kitchen design: the shaker door.

Is Shaker going out of style?

Because of the lack of fussy design elements, shaker style cabinets fit every kitchen style from traditional to modern – they're truly timeless. Solid wood shaker cabinet doors will never go out of style!

What is the most classic kitchen cabinet color?

White. White is the go-to color for most kitchens now because of its fresh and clean look. Paired with solid surface counters and stainless steel appliances, white cabinets create a gorgeous backdrop for pale colors that would otherwise get lost.

What backsplash is outdated?

Tiny Backsplashes

Skinny backsplashes are out of style, we are happy to report. A ceramic tile or glass backsplash that stretches from counter to cabinets is much easier to keep clean, and is more likely to catch spills and splatters. What's even better than a sizable tiled backsplash?

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