How much should I budget for kitchen cabinets?

Author: Ollie Prohaska  |  Last update: Wednesday, January 10, 2024

As to average prices: Stock cabinets: $100 to $300 per linear foot installed. Semi-custom cabinets: $150 to $650 per linear foot installed. Custom cabinets: $500 to $1,200 per linear foot installed.

How much do average size kitchen cabinets cost?

Due to the wide-ranging differences in materials and quality, new kitchen cabinets typically cost anywhere from $2,500 to $24,000. However, most new cabinet prices average between $5,500 and $13,000. This wide price range can be divided into three cabinet categories: stock, semi-custom, and custom.

How do you estimate cabinet cost?

Here's a general rule-of-thumb for what to expect from your estimates:
  1. Stock Cabinets: $60-$200 per linear foot.
  2. Semi-Custom Cabinets: $100-$650 per linear foot.
  3. Custom Cabinets: $500-$1,200 per linear foot.

Will cabinet prices go down in 2023?

Overall, it's impossible to say with certainty whether cabinet prices will go down in 2023, but it's worth keeping an eye on economic conditions, material costs and competition in the market as these factors may affect the price of kitchen cabinets.

How to budget for new cabinets?

Kitchen Size

The average cost of stock or semi-custom cabinets ranges between $160 to $380 per linear foot, while custom cabinets can cost as much as $1,000 per linear foot. With those numbers, you can conclude a typical 10x10 kitchen with 20 to 25 linear feet of cabinetry will run anywhere from $2,000 to $25,000.

How to Figure Out the Average Cost of Kitchen Cabinets

What is a realistic budget for a kitchen remodel?

The national average cost to remodel a kitchen is about $26,268. That number doesn't tell the whole story though. Your new kitchen could cost anywhere from $14,000 to $50,000 or more, depending on the size and scope of your project. Typical kitchen remodels range from $14,607 to $40,616.

Is it cheaper to buy cabinets or have them built?

The bottom line

The exact same cabinet will typically cost less if shop-built versus job-built. There's no real quality difference between shop-built and job-built cabinets typically, but there are some features for shop-built cabinets that might not be available for job-built.

What is the best time of year to buy cabinets?

If you're looking for a bargain, wait until the end of summer or early fall to buy kitchen cabinets – many stores offer discounts to clear out inventory before new models are released.

What is the best time to buy kitchen cabinets?

How do I get kitchen cabinet discounts? You'll find the best deals on kitchen cabinets during the late fall or winter seasons when many cabinet manufacturers have less foot traffic in their showrooms.

What is the most popular kitchen cabinet color for 2023?

White remains the most popular kitchen cabinet color for this year, although clinical pure whites are being replaced with warmer and more natural tones. White is timeless and will create an airy and refreshing ambiance that will never date.

How much will cabinets cost in 2023?

Kitchen cabinets can range from $3,750 to $10,200 on average, with most homeowners spending $7,200 per project. On average, it costs between $3,750 and $10,200 to install new kitchen cabinets, with most homeowners spending around $7,200.

Why are kitchen cabinets so expensive?

Most expensive cabinetry products are made by experienced artisans with great craftsmanship in cabinet making. Even with the available manufacturing equipment and technology, most cabinet designs are made with hours of hands-on work so expect that you're also paying for their labor and expertise.

How much does Lowes charge to install cabinets?

The cost of Lowes cabinet installation depends on personal requirements. However, it typically costs $50 to $260 per linear square foot. That translates to about $80 to $200 per cabinet.

Are expensive kitchen cabinets worth it?

Increased quality. Generally, the more expensive kitchen cabinets you purchase, the higher the quality these are. This means they are less likely to break and should last for years, sometimes decades, or even longer.

Are expensive cabinets worth it?

Stock cabinets come in predefined sizes and colors. On the other hand, semi- and full custom cabinets conform to your space, not the other way around. While custom cabinets can be more expensive, they allow for a unique design that maximizes your kitchen space and fits your lifestyle.

How much does an Ikea kitchen cost on average?

An IKEA kitchen remodel costs $7,000 to $15,000 for an average kitchen with new cabinets, countertops, and fixtures. A small IKEA kitchen remodel costs $3,200 to $7,400 for cabinets and countertops only.

What color of cabinets is most timeless?

Arguably, the most timeless kitchen cabinet color is white. Bright white cabinets suit a variety of beautiful kitchens, including modern, contemporary, and farmhouse styles. Brilliant whites work to give kitchens a light and airy feel, and off-white options, like the White Dove shade, provides warmth.

How do I know if my cabinets are cheap?

Cheaper cabinets will often use thin panels which then require metal hanging rails with brackets, rails, and a picture frame construction. Sometimes they leave the panel out completely, so the wall shows through.

Should I replace cabinets or countertops first?

It's generally recommended for the cabinets to be done first, protecting their integrity and making countertop installation as smooth as possible. This will ensure that: The countertop material(s) are only moved/installed once. There is less chance of cracking, breaking or chipping of countertop material(s)

What color cabinets increase home value?

She says light neutrals are generally the best colors for resale because they appeal to most people, but she advises against painting cabinets taupe or beige. “There's the tendency for people to accidentally go too warm—with golden or tan overtones—and then that would be a mistake that's hard to correct.”

What color cabinets are best for resale?

Most real estate agents will tell sellers that neutral colors will appeal to the widest audience. While white is a very popular color for kitchen cabinets, other neutrals like gray, black, and beige are also good. Stained wood cabinets have an appeal, especially if they are of high quality.

What color cabinets will always be in style?

The two most timeless colors of all, are white, and black. No one can deny the appeal of bright white cabinets streaming across a kitchen, they lighten the entire room and give it an airy, refreshing ambience. Likewise, black cabinets are equally timeless.

Does replacing cabinets increase home value?

Another one of Olhausen's favorite ways to increase the value of a kitchen is to update the cabinets. "Whether painting cabinets, updating hardware, or completely changing them out, this is a sure way to completely change the look of a kitchen," explains Olhausen.

Is it cheaper to replace cabinets or just the doors?


New cabinets cost more than just swapping out the door fronts. On average, you could spend anywhere between $3,000 to $18,000 on your full cabinet replacement. Your project may cost more or less than that average, depending on your specific needs.

Can you make cheap cabinets look expensive?

You can get doors that are more embellished than your current ones, or choose a different wood species altogether by applying a wood veneer to the frames. These refacing options are a great way to make your discount cabinets look more like the high-end designs.

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