How long do cheap above ground pools last?

Author: Prof. Beulah Wintheiser  |  Last update: Monday, March 21, 2022

The market average life of an above ground pool may be shorter than you think at about 7-15 years. However, when you buy from a quality brand and maintain your pool properly it will last many years longer than that.

How long do Above ground Intex pools last?

Typically, the much less expensive soft-sided type (Intex/Coleman) above ground pools last 1 – 3 seasons on average. The more traditional metal-walled above ground pools last between 10 – 20 years. The much more expensive true semi-inground extruded aluminum walled pools can last decades.

How long does an expensive above ground pool last?

When it comes to above ground pools, there is no set lifespan. But generally, they do not last as long as inground pools. However, that doesn't mean they're not worth investing in. Above ground pools can last between 10 to 20 years with proper care and maintenance.

When should I replace my above ground pool?

A good-quality above ground made in North America should last between 10 and 20 years. Though, don't think that if your pool is newer than that, it should still be OK. It may not be. Conversely, if your pool is more than 10 years old, it may not yet need replacing.

How long do Walmart pools last?

Walmart brand “Summer Escapes” or “Coleman” (or whatever they change it to) are much more problematic. High end US-made above-ground pools (rarely sold, now) can last 25 years. Low-end US sold (not made!) above-ground pools may only last 3 - 4 years.

Should You Buy An Above Ground Pool? Review and Costs

How long should a pool last?

A high quality above ground will generally last 10-20 years. Those years aren't without added expense. Throughout the years, you can expect to replace the liner at least once or twice, while the frame should last the full 10-20 years.

How long do steel frame above ground pools last?

Typically, a steel above-ground pool purchased from a "big box retail store" can last up to 10-15 years, but liners usually last about 5-8 years and it may be necessary to replace other equipment like the ladder, pump and filter as needed, too.

How long do pool walls last?

Most in-ground vinyl liners generally last around 10-12 years. It depends on where you live and the chemical care that you give to the pool.

Can you sink an above ground pool into the ground?

You need a much thicker pool wall to fully bury your pool. While the installation of your above ground pool will probably require some excavation to get a level surface to assemble your pool, that excavation process is not intended to sink your above ground pool completely into the dirt.

How long do above pools last?

A high-quality above ground pool from Valley Pool & Spa should last between 10 and 20 years depending on how well you care for it. However, your pool liner will not last as long as your pool. Contact a pool expert at our store to see if you need a new liner before you decide to replace your entire pool.

How long does a vinyl liner pool last?

Typically, some last from 5 to 10 years and others that are in ideal settings and properly taken care of may just very well last over 15 years. Since you've made the investment, ensuring that you make the best of your investment will include properly caring for that vinyl liner.

How long do Coleman pools last?

Regular maintenance and care of the pool will get you 4 to 5 years of use.

Can you keep an above ground pool up all year?

A common question asked is, “Can above ground pools stay up year round?” And although the easy answer is that “Yes, they can,” whether you want to leave them up year-round really depends on the type of pool you have. Dismantling some above ground pools for the winter may be more hassle than it's worth.

What is the longest lasting above ground pool?

CaliMar pools are the strongest, longest lasting models of pools on the market and all carry an unprecedented 8 Year - 100% warranty along with a Lifetime warranty on the above ground pool liners.

How long will a Summer Waves pool last?

With saltwater, we expect this pool to last just two summers before the salt rusts the frame.

Is an above ground pool worth it?

An above-ground pool is, by far, the least-expensive option for a pool. Kids love them, and built-in fencing and locking gate options make them safe as long as an adult monitors them. The main disadvantage of an above-ground pool is that it generally adds no value to your home.

Can I partially bury an above ground pool?

Some pool installation professionals suggest putting an above-ground pool only halfway in the ground. Doing so reduces excavation costs and minimizes the risk of the pool collapsing inward if it needs to be drained.

How can I make my above ground pool look nice?

How to Make an Above Ground Pool Look Nice
  1. Surround it with a deck. ...
  2. Take things to the next level(s). ...
  3. Add a retaining wall. ...
  4. Throw shade. ...
  5. Design a lounge space. ...
  6. Liven things up with landscaping. ...
  7. Set the mood with lighting. ...
  8. Make your pool the star attraction.

Is a liner pool good?

Modern vinyl liners are extremely durable. Vinyl is a nonporous surface which means it won't require as many chemicals as a concrete pool. Vinyl's smooth surface also makes it harder for contaminants like algae to take hold and wreak havoc on your pool.

How long does a concrete pool last?

Most concrete pools will last over 50 years as long as they are maintained. A concrete pool constructed by an expert should last a lifetime or more. Vinyl liner pools are far from ideal in this regard.

Do Vinyl pools look cheap?

Concrete pools cost $50,000 or more and require expensive long-term maintenance. They can be any shape but take 3–6 months to install. Vinyl liner pools cost $25,000 or more and need the liner replaced every 5–9 years. They take 3–6 weeks to install but tend to look cheap.

How long do Intex Easy Set pools last?

How Long Do Intex Easy Set Pools Last? Easy set pools typically last 1-3 years.

Do steel above ground pools rust?

Steel is naturally tough and rigid, which makes it a perfect choice for something that has to hold thousands of gallons of heavy water, like, say, a pool. But steel pools will eventually rust! Yes, they will.

Is it better to take down above ground pool for winter?

If you have a vinyl-lined above-ground pool, leaving it full for the winter will protect the vinyl liner from shrinkage and other damage. Since these pools are above ground level, keeping them full ensures that the wind will not damage the walls, liner, or frame.

Should I take down my Intex pool for winter?

This is why the Intex pools manufacturer strongly recommends draining and disassembling your pool if the temperatures in your area drop to or below 41°F (5°C). And so do we. We don't want your cozy winter by the fire to be ruined by a messy pool collapse.

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