How does iAquaLink work?

Author: Laila Adams  |  Last update: Monday, March 21, 2022

The iAquaLink app lets you monitor and adjust all equipment controlled by the Jandy AquaLink pool control system. First, your equipment is wired to an AquaLink control center, which is installed at your equipment pad. Then an iAquaLink 3.0 Web Connect Device is connected to the control center.

What is pool mode on AquaLink?

AquaLink® TRI® Controller | Owner's Manual. 3.2 Pool Mode. mAin > pool modE. Turn on Pool Mode whenever you want to filter the pool. Pool Mode enables the filter pump to circulate water through the filter and pool heater.

Does AquaLink have freeze protection?

There is a Freeze Protect option on the Aqualink control panel.

How do I connect my iAquaLink iq900 to WiFi?

Remove the gasket and cover. Locate the WiFi/WIRED switch and ensure it is in the WIRED position. Using standard Ethernet cable, connect one end of the cable into the connector on the device board. Connect the other end to the home network's router.

How much are pool automation systems?

Pool automation systems can be less expensive than many other pool features and accessories. A pool automation system can cost anywhere from $1,800 to $4,000.

iAqualink Tutorial

How do I program my Jandy Aqualink RS?

Basic Programming: To set a particular piece of equipment to turn on and off at a predetermined time, press the MENU button, press the forward arrow button to scroll to the PROGRAM menu, press ENTER, and then press the button for the equipment that you want to program.

Is there an app for Jandy AquaLink?

Using our free app for your smartphone or web-connected device, you can control all the elements of your pool or pool/spa system, even when you're on the go. iAquaLink can be used on more mobile device platforms than any other pool control system. Free apps for Apple® and Android™ smartphones and tablets.

Why wont my AquaLink connect?

If the process fails, the iAquaLink device will need to have its memory cleared by physically toggling the WiFi-Wired switch to Wired then back to WiFi. This will restart setup mode so you may attempt to connect it to your eero network again.

How do I change my iAquaLink WiFi?

Inside the iAquaLink 2.0, toggle the WiFi - Wired switch to clear the Wi-Fi settings and put the iAquaLink in desired setup mode. 3. After clearing the WiFi settings and with the Wired/ WiFi switch set to WiFi, use a smartphone or WiFi enabled device and go to WiFi settings.

How do I reset my Jandy AquaLink?

How do I Reset a Jandy AquaLink System?
  1. Press the "Menu" button.
  2. Scroll to and highlight "System Setup" using the arrow keys. Press "Enter."
  3. Scroll to highlight "Clear Memory," then press "Enter." You have now reset your AquaLink system.

How do I connect my iAquaLink to Google home?

  1. Browse to your Home Assistant instance.
  2. In the sidebar click on Configuration.
  3. From the configuration menu select: Integrations.
  4. In the bottom right, click on the Add Integration button.
  5. From the list, search and select “Jandy iAqualink”.
  6. Follow the instruction on screen to complete the set up.

What temperature do you set pool freeze?

Install a Freeze Protector, which is a device that circulates the pool water when temperatures are 38°F or below.

How do I keep my pool pump running while it's frozen?

You should have a freeze protection device that will automatically turn the pump on when the temperature drops to around 34 degrees. A freeze protector will keep your pool running as long as the temperature remains close to freezing.

How long does it take for pool pipes to freeze?

If you have an above ground pool with the pool filter system and plumbing above ground (like nearly all above ground pools), pipes and pumps can freeze up in less than an hour of minus 32 degrees.

Can I heat pool and spa at same time?

So the short answer is yes, the pool and the spa can be heated (or not) separately. I generally set my spa temp (when I'm using the spa) to 103 and leave the pool temp at 82.

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