Does semi-gloss paint last longer than flat?

Author: Ms. Eloise Aufderhar  |  Last update: Thursday, September 14, 2023

Semi-gloss (or semi gloss) paints do not have the high shine or luster of high-gloss finishes but are more durable than flat paints with a matte finish.

Is semi-gloss paint more durable than flat?

Semi-Gloss Paint

Although it does not cover the blemishes like flat does, it is much more durable. It is better to scrub and clean from markings while is tolerable to rooms with high moisture. Consequently, semi-gloss paint is great for high traffic and high used areas in your home.

Which is better flat or semi-gloss?

Flat, eggshell and satin paint are best for interior walls, whereas semi-gloss and gloss paint are best for trim and woodwork.

What is the most durable paint finish?

High Gloss

The most durable and easy to clean of all paint sheens, high-gloss paint is hard, ultra-shiny, and light-reflecting. Think appliance-paint tough. High gloss is a good choice for areas that sticky fingers touch — cabinets, trim, and doors.

Is gloss paint more durable than flat?

High gloss paints have the highest reflective appearance. They are the toughest, most durable and most stain resistant of all finishes. High gloss paints are the easiest to clean and are typically used on doors and cabinets exposed to dirt and oil and can also be used for trim and some woodwork.

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What are the disadvantages of gloss finish?

The Cons of a Gloss Finish

While gloss kitchens are easier to clean, they also need to be cleaned more often as those dirty marks and fingerprints will show up more easily. Another downside, particularly with acrylic gloss units, is that they're quite easy to scratch.

Why not to use gloss paint?

It Shows Imperfections

Especially when it comes to hiding preexisting blemishes on the walls or ceilings. Because there's an accelerated amount of sheen, you will be able to see the imperfections. That being said, they're easy to clean, so if you bump or scuff a high gloss paint, it'll be easier to scrub off.

What paint finish do professionals use?

Matte Paint

Regal® Select Interior Matte (N548) is a professional painter favorite for its ease of application and smooth feel after drying. Matte finish paint also withstands frequent washing, even when applied in busier areas like hallways and family rooms.

What is the least durable paint finish?

Matte paint requires fewer coats than higher gloss paints and is easier to touch up. It's also the least durable paint finish. Perfect for new construction, drywall, ceilings and low-traffic areas like adult bedrooms and dining rooms.

What is the best paint for hard wearing surfaces?

Oil based paints are often more durable as they form a rigid coat that repels water and prevents stains, dents and scuffs.

Why not use semi-gloss paint on walls?

The gloss finishes are also a choice of many for areas where grease, moisture, or dripping may occur. However, the gloss and semi-gloss sheens will highlight all wall imperfectinos due to their reflective value. These sheens are therefore not usually recommended for the interior painting of walls.

When should you use semi-gloss?

Semi-gloss paints are ideal for surfaces and fittings, such as doors, trim, window casings, door frames, baseboards, and even retouching and restoration of furniture pieces, cabinets, built-ins, etc. This type of paint also works well for rooms with high-humidity levels, such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

What are the pros and cons of semi-gloss?


pros: Reflects a significant amount of light and is easy to clean. cons: Reveals every imperfection in your walls, every brushstroke, and the frequent “orange-peel finish” of a roller brush. where to use it: It's ideal for doors, trim, casework, bathrooms, and kitchens.

How long will semi-gloss paint last?

Yes, all types of paint go bad eventually. A previously opened can of paint lasts 5 years on average if properly sealed and stored. Old paint shelf life can also vary among different types of paint. In particular, an unopened can of latex or acrylic paint lasts up to 10 years.

What are the disadvantages of flat paint?

If your wall has imperfections like uneven texture, patches or joints, flat paint will absorb light and make them less noticeable. However, flat finishes are not very durable and need to be carefully cleaned. Scrubbing flat paint could wear down the finish and cause sheen to appear in patchy spots.

When should you use flat paint?

You should be using flat paint on walls and areas that have a lot of bumps, scratches, or holes. Since it can conceal these blemishes easily, it'll be the one paint finish you'll want to be using. It's best for low-traffic rooms that have a ton of light like offices and more formal rooms, like dining rooms.

Do designers use flat or eggshell paint?

From the perspective of a Color Designer/Consultant, I typically specify eggshell on walls for multiple reasons that benefit the people who are dwelling in the home. Eggshell paint cleans easier, covers better, wears better, and lasts longer than flat paint.

What type of paint is the most long lasting for a wall?

Satin. With a soft sheen finish and high durability, satin paint is considered the most versatile and best paint for indoor walls. It resists mildew and fading and is easier to clean than flat and eggshell finishes.

What paint doesn't scratch easily?

Award-winning Ultra Spec® SCUFF-X® is a revolutionary, single-component paint which resists scuffing before it starts. Built for professionals, it is engineered with cutting-edge protection against scuffs.

Which paint finish hides imperfections best?

The more reflective or glossy the paint sheen, the more noticeable those imperfections will be. Conversely, flat or matte finishes absorb light, helping to hide bumps and bruises. So, paint with a flat finish is the most effective paint for hiding wall imperfections.

What paint do most contractors use?

Contractors are often requested to use low- or zero-VOC paints, and this is something they can get from Sherwin-Williams in a variety of their paint lines. Sherwin-Williams paint is thick because it uses more solids, which makes it easier to work with and will cover more surface area.

What is the most common paint finish for interior walls?

Semi-gloss and eggshell are the most popular. They are a good choice for walls, woodwork, doors, and hallways and meet in the middle with a moderate sheen that isn't too extreme.

Is semi-gloss paint bad?

Pros: It is highly resistance to moisture, easy to clean and reflects some amount of light. Semi-gloss is best used on doors, trim, bathrooms, and kitchens. Cons: It will still reveal some of the imperfections in whatever surface it is painted onto.

Is gloss paint outdated?

A gloss finish used to be a preference as it was hard wearing. But due to paint technology rapidly moving on in recent years, this isn't the case anymore with just gloss paints. One drawback when using a shiny gloss paint, if your woodwork is old the high sheen can be less forgiving and highlight imperfections.

Do people still use gloss paint?

Both satin and gloss finishes are popular, and each is best in certain situations. Gazing at the rows of paint cans in your local DIY store you'll also discover other finish options, such as the very matt eggshell finish, which may only make choosing that much more challenging.

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