Does Kwikset 914 work with Alexa?

Author: Herminio Dickinson  |  Last update: Thursday, May 26, 2022

(March 1, 2017) — Starting today, homeowners using Samsung SmartThings™ or Wink to control their Kwikset® SmartCode™ 910, 912, 914 or 916 smart locks will now be able to ask Alexa devices to lock their deadbolts.

How do I connect my Kwikset 914 to Alexa?

On the account linking page, enter your Kwikset app username and password, then tap Sign In. Tap “Discover Devices” to show the newly discovered Halo devices that you can control using Alexa. Continue to the next page for additional steps. You can tap Skip or tap Choose Group to add your device to a group.

What app works with Kwikset 914?

The Premis App gives you control in the palm of your hand.

Manage user codes, track lock status, receive lock notifications and more through the Kwikset Premis app.

Can Kwikset work with Alexa?

Within minutes, you can install any of our compatible Kwikset smart locks and control them with Alexa through your voice. Plus, you can pair your Kwikset smart lock with other smart home devices and control them with a single command, like locking your doors and turning off the lights when going to bed.

Is Kwikset 914 Bluetooth compatible?

Kwikset SmartCode 914 Z-Wave Smart Lock has both Bluetooth and Z-Wave connection options. Using Z-Wave, it can connect to almost any Z-Wave compatible smart hubs. Using Google and Alexa voice assistants, you can use voice commands to lock/unlock and find out if your door is locked or unlocked.

Kwikset SmartCode 914 Deadbolt - Unboxed, Rekeyed, Installed, and Paired with Ring Alarm

How do I pair my Kwikset SmartCode 914?

  1. Make sure the door is open. Press the Program button once.
  2. Press checkmark symbol once.
  3. Enter user code. A total of 16 user codes may be programmed. Each user code must be a unique code between 4 and 8 digits.
  4. Press lock symbol once.

How do I add Kevo to Alexa?

Open the Alexa app, click on Home (upper left side), select “Skills” on the menu. 6. Search for “Kevo” – once the Kevo skill is certified by Amazon. Developer version will show up under “Your Skills” section once enabled for testing in the “Test” section of the Alexa Skills Kit submission.

How do I add Smart Lock to Alexa?

Here were my steps:
  1. Install the lock.
  2. Connect it in the smart things app.
  3. Enable the Samsgun Smartthings skill on Alexa.
  4. Disscover new devices in the Alexa app under settings or smart home.

Does Kwikset 888 work with Alexa?

Works w/ Amazon Alexa via SmartThings, Wink, or Iris featuring SmartKey in Satin Nickel.

Can I connect Kwikset lock to my phone?

Yes, if the user has a compatible Apple device with correct iOS installed, they can be “invited” to share the control of the lock via Premis app.

What apps work with Kwikset?

The Kwikset App is exclusively for use with Kwikset Halo, Halo Touch, and Aura smart locks.

How do I factory reset my Kwikset 914?

How to restore default settings on my Signature Series or SmartCode Deadbolt? Perform a factory reset
  1. Remove battery pack.
  2. Press and HOLD the Program button while reinserting the battery pack. ...
  3. Press the Program button once more. ...
  4. Perform the door handing process again to teach the lock the orientation of the door.

Does Kwikset 909 work with Alexa?

The "converted 909" operates with all the same features using Ring Alarm and it can be opened and closed directly from the Alexa app.

Does Kwikset 917 work with Alexa?

Kwikset smart locks on the Samsung SmartThings and Wink platforms can now be controlled using voice commands on Amazon Alexa devices.

Does Kwikset have an app?

With the Kwikset app, control your Kwikset Halo and Aura smart locks directly from your iPhone. Lock and unlock your door; manage and schedule user access; view lock activity history to see who came and went; and get the latest software versions to keep your lock up-to-date with the latest features.

What app works with Kwikset SmartCode 916?

Samsung SmartThings

This is all you have to do. You can now control your Kwikset SmartCode 916 Smart Lock remotely or inside the Bluetooth range. You can do following things with Samsung SmartThings: Lock and unlock from anywhere.

Can Alexa open my door?

Alexa will not open the door without a passcode, it must be configured within the Alexa app for remote unlocking as a security standard.

Does Alexa work with Kevo?

Alexa, Ask Kevo to Unlock My Door – Kevo Adds Amazon Alexa Compatibility. With our newest update for your Kevo smart lock, we've added a new Kevo skill for Amazon Alexa. Now you can lock, unlock, and check the status of your Kevo locks using only your voice.

Does Kevo convert work with Alexa?

You will need a Kevo Smart Lock, Kevo Plus and a device with Alexa to use the Kevo Skill or Kevo Smart Home Skill for Alexa.

Does Baldwin evolved work with Alexa?

Paired with Z-Wave Technology, it works with Amazon Alexa when connected to SmartThings, Wink or similar smart home hubs. TouchScreen with Z-Wave Technology is the latest offering in Baldwin's ever-expanding, technologically advanced secure solutions portfolio.

How many times can you rekey Kwikset SmartKey?

How many times can I re-key my lock? Unlimited amount of times. All you need is the Smarkey Security tool.

Are all Kwikset keys the same?

Kwikset locks have roughly 3,000 different possibility's , the chance of someone having the same key in your area is very slim. Regarding the rekey kits, its usually the same thing as the lock, the first couple keys are probably the same as each other. Most locksmiths wouldn't recommend Kwikset smartkey.

Can you rekey all Kwikset locks?

Re-keying SmartKey locks requires only three items and entails three easy steps. Users must have their functioning key, a SmartKey Learn Tool, and a new Kwikset key. First, insert the functioning key and turn it ¼-turn clockwise. Then, insert and remove the SmartKey learn tool.

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