Do you need a concrete slab for a hot tub?

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A hot tub requires a stable surface — whether it's a concrete slab, reinforced deck, or firmly compacted soil with crushed gravel. There's also the option to have the hot tub installed in the ground but that still requires a concrete vault.

Does a hot tub have to be on concrete?

Outdoor hot tub placement, such as decks, concrete or brick patios, is common. However, the hot tub can be placed on any solid, uniform, level surface. Do not place your hot tub on grass or bare ground.

What is the best base to put a hot tub on?

A concrete surface is an excellent base for your hot tub as this material is extremely sturdy and long-lasting. If you have an existing patio made of concrete bricks, make sure it's in good condition and is level (not angled for drainage). A customized poured concrete pad is an even better choice.

Do hot tubs need a foundation?

Hot tubs are quite heavy when filled, and will need a solid and level foundation to sit on.

Do you need a concrete pad for a spa?

All About the Base

Do you need a concrete pad? Not necessarily, as some homeowners choose to go with a product like EZ Pads. However, the surface under the pads needs to be properly leveled and compacted to prevent the swim spa from shifting as the ground settles.

How to Pour an Easy Jacuzzi Concrete Slab DIY

Can I put a hot tub on pavers?

A hot tub can be placed on pavers, but ensure that they can bear the weight of the hot tub, including water and persons. Ensure that the floor is level and solid. Most pavers are laid at an angle to improve rainwater removal. Such a slope is not suited for a hot tub.

Can I put hot tub on gravel?

Short answer is: Yes. Gravel is an excellent base for hot tubs because it allows for drainage of water while being sturdy enough to handle the high weight of a hot tub.

Can you put hot tub on patio slabs?

Patio, Block Paving and Other Existing Stone Surface

Most patios, block paving and other surfaces are already reinforced and will be able to take the weight of a hot tub placement.

How heavy is a hot tub?

According to Fiberon, a 56 square foot hot tub without water typically weighs around 900 pounds, while a hot tub with water can weigh up to 6,000 pounds.

How do you build a foundation for a hot tub?

Simply identify the area in which you want to lay the base and then remove 6 inches of dirt from the area. Once you've done that then lay down 24 tiles which form an 8' x 8' base which is sufficient for most hot tubs and then fill with 1/4” crushed rock to the top of the tiles.

Are hot tubs hard to maintain?

Is a hot tub HIGH maintenance? Not really. It just requires a basic understanding of water chemistry and a simple schedule (which we'll dive into), but it's not expensive. All you really need is some chemicals and testing supplies which is about a $20/month investment.

How do I level the ground for a hot tub?

Level the ground where you intend to place the hot tub by removing bumps and filling in holes. A tractor works well for this, but you can use a shovel and a hoe if you prefer. Remove any large rocks or other debris, and do not place the hot tub in an area where there are large tree roots above or near the surface.

What do you put under a hot tub?

If you're having a base installed especially for your Hot Tub we would recommend a patio, decking area or poured concrete base. Whatever you choose make sure whoever installs it for you ensures the base is level and large enough for your Hot Tub and steps.

Can I plug my hot tub into a regular outlet?

As long as you have access to a regular three-pronged electrical outlet, you can plug in your hot tub and have it up and running within 24 hours. That said, not all hot tubs feature this option. Hardwired hot tubs require the services of a certified electrician to connect the electricity.

Can you put a Lay Z spa on grass?

It would help if you also remembered that it isn't a great idea to keep inflatable hot tubs in the same place on grass without moving them from time to time. It can leave a mark on the floor and may even kill the grass. Plus, you may have to fork out on grass-enhancing sprays if you rent your house.

What kind of power supply do I need for a hot tub?

Most hot tubs require a 240v electrical hookup—which for most people means you have to call an electrician and have new wiring done. However, a Plug n' play spa runs on standard 110V power, which can be plugged into most standard household power sources without the need for additional wiring.

How many people can lift a hot tub?

Moving help: You will need at least four friends or helpers to move the hot tub. Consider that each side will need a lifter and one person will need to slide the hot tub onto the dollies.

Can you install a hot tub on a deck?

Yes and yes. Installing a hot tub on your deck will help you get the most out of your investment. The closer the hot tub is to your house, the more likely you are to use it. You can relax in your very own private retreat or entertain family and friends — all by walking out your patio door.

How heavy is an empty 7 person hot tub?

In fact, the average empty weight of a hot tub is around 500 to 1,000 pounds!

Can a swim spa sit on pavers?

Patio Pavers

Often, we come across new swim spa owners who already have a stone patio laid in their backyard. If the conditions are right, these can make an effective base for a swim spa. However, most patio paving stones are pitched to allow water to drain away properly.

Can you put a hot tub on slabs?

Using the proper materials for your hot tub base as well as using a professional contractor to ensure the design is up to proper safety standards is a must. Often, a concrete slab approximately 6” thick is recommended.

How big of a slab do I need for a hot tub?

For most DIY concrete slabs, the best material to use is a ready-mix crack-resistant concrete mix like QUIKRETE. A concrete base for a spa should be around 4 inches thick. This means that for an 8'x8' spa pad, you'll need enough concrete to fill 21.33 cubic feet (that's 36 80-lb bags of QUIKRETE).

Can you place a hot tub on patio stones?

Hot tubs require a level base that is able to support the weight of the hot tub when it is filled with water and bathers. You can use a concrete slab, gravel, a deck or patio pavers as options to support your hot tub.

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