Do plantation shutters have to be white?

Author: Prof. Jarred Glover IV  |  Last update: Sunday, May 29, 2022

Choosing the color for your plantation shutters can be as easy as knowing what type of shutter you need, or as open ended as your imagination. If you are using a polywood composite or synthetic shutter you are limited to white or off white but with real wood shutters any color is available.

Are plantation shutters always white?

Just like crown molding, white is also the most accepted color of plantation shutters by a wide margin. The reason is simple -- white can accent a lot of room decor schemes. From strong wall colors to simpler decor, white window treatments are made to complement them all.

Do plantation shutters come in different colors?

Plantation shutters are made in several common colors, but you can have your custom made shutters painted any color if the need arises.

Do plantation shutters have to match trim?

Most of the time customers are looking for a seamless look, where the window casing ends blends into the shutters begin. However, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to matching the two. There is nothing wrong with having shutters on a coloured trim, especially if you want to create contrast in a room.

Are plantation shutters out of style 2021?


Also growing in popularity for 2021 are hidden tilt rods, which take the bar off the shutter's front. Shutters are operated directly by tilting the louver with your hand or via remote control for motorized solutions.

DIY plantation shutters - video guide explaining all the options

What are the disadvantages of plantation shutters?

  • HIGHER PRICE POINT. I'd say the con that most often deters clients from choosing shutters is their cost. ...
  • NO HIDING. ...
  • LEAD TIMES. ...

Do all shutters have to match?

The color of your shutters does not need to match the front door or the trim. However, it should coordinate with the other colors. You can choose to use the same color with a lighter or darker shade. Another option is to use complementary colors for the shutters and the doors.

How do you match plantation shutters?

If your existing window frame uses Pure White paint with a semi-gloss sheen, then make sure to match your shutters with a Pure White paint and semi-gloss sheen. If your existing window frame uses Off White paint and a satin sheen, then use the same configuration for your wooden plantation shutters.

Are shutters considered trim?

Do shutters have to match trim? The trim on your home is one of the three components that make up the exterior's color palette. Being that the shutters are considered an accent, you don't have to match the two. For the most part, they should be different from one another.

What color should my plantation shutters be?

Plantation Shutters are usually built to appear as part of the window. Therefore, matching the shutters to the casing color is ideal. If you plan to use a different trim color than the shutter, this can give a crisper contrasting look, but not usually recommended by experts.

Do white plantation shutters go yellow?

Why Plantation Shutters Turn Yellow

They're also responsible for discoloring your white plantation shutters, especially if you have cheaper or overseas-made shutters. These damaging rays can eat away at protective coating over time. Once the coating is gone, the sun can damage the paint and cause it to turn yellow.

Can plantation shutters be installed on any window?

Yes, Plantation shutters can be installed on almost any window due to them being extremely versatile.

Are plantation shutters modern?

Because of their understated beauty, plantation shutters are particularly popular within modern homes that emphasize clean lines and simplicity. They're subtle, but they can still make a statement. In your home, plantation shutters communicate one thing above all: elegance.

Are white shutters popular?

White is another popular exterior shutter color. They make windows appear larger and have an airy, crisp look. Navy blue shutters and gray shutters are common favorites, while deep greens are a popular shutter color for natural-tone home exteriors.

Do plantation shutters make a room look smaller?

Will my room seem smaller with shutters? When decorating a room the main objective is normally to make a room seem as big and as spacious as possible. Adding shutters to your room will not detract from this and can even enhance the space.

Can you use plantation shutters with tilt in windows?

There are specialty frames that can be used when installing plantation shutters that allow for tilt in window operation. They are called L frames, "tilt-in" Z frames, or you can use a deco frame. Given you have molding around your windows, you can have a qualified shutter dealer pick the right frame for you.

Should plantation shutters close up or down?

Open Shutters Louver Direction

The correct installation of a fixed louver shutter should have the shutter louvers facing down and towards the back when the shutter is open (when it is not covering the window).

Should shutters be the same color as front door?

Should they match the front door? Should they match the trim? Your shutters should coordinate well with these other items, but they absolutely don't have to be the same colors as each other. One option is to use the same color, but a lighter or darker shade of the paint, adding variety without the risk of clashing.

Can shutters be painted?

Yes, you can repaint plastic or vinyl shutters. If they are new, check with the manufacturer to see if they need any special cleaning and follow their painting instructions. If the shutters have been around a while, you'll need to clean them before painting.

Do shutters have to match garage door?

The idea of shutters in this shade may have made you cringe, but seeing it here proves it can be lovely! When it comes to your garage doors, the general rule is to either keep them white, or match them to the color of your siding.

Where should you not use plantation shutters?

Wood is the most traditional material used in plantation shutter construction, but there are several areas where wood is not the best choice for your shutter. Since it is susceptible to moisture and humidity, we don't recommend wood shutters (or faux wood) in the bathroom, attic, and garage.

Are plantation shutters hard to keep clean?

Plantation shutters are easy to clean and do not require heavy maintenance. On a regular basis, remove dirt and dust with a vacuum. If your shutters are extra dirty, wipe them down with white vinegar to keep them clean.

Do plantation shutters keep cold out?

Energy Efficiency

This helps to prevent inside air from escaping to the outside and prevents outside air from entering your home. In general, the inherent structure of Plantation shutters means that they are one of the best window coverings to keep heat out in the summer and cold out in the winter.

What's the difference between plantation shutters and regular shutters?

Plantation shutters have wider louvers compared to the narrow and smaller louvers of traditional shutters. That is why they work the best with larger windows as the flaps are adjustable and it is easy to control the amount of light that comes through.

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