Do drain flies mean a broken pipe?

Author: Dr. Alf Abernathy  |  Last update: Friday, September 15, 2023

These flies will breed in any moist area that they can find. So if you are facing a drain fly infestation that you cannot figure it out, you may want to look deeper for the cause. The problem could be from a leaking pipe or drain under the sink or even a leaking pipe inside of your walls.

Why do I suddenly have drain flies?

What Causes Drain Flies? Drain flies thrive in stagnant and standing water. Common sources include slow or clogged drains, rarely used and unused toilets, refrigerator drain pans, and standing water created by leaking pipes. They typically enter buildings through basements, windows, and drains.

Do drain flies live in pipes?

It's true! Drain flies, also known as moth flies or sink flies, are a type of fly that is attracted to and lives in dirty drains and pipes.

Should I worry about drain flies?

These pests are a nuisance because they infest in large numbers. Once inside, drain flies may plug pipes and spread bacteria from the filth they live in, possibly contaminating food in the process. These pests, even though they live in filth, are not known to spread any disease to humans.

Do drain flies cause problems?

They do not bite, sting, or spread diseases, but their decaying bodies may cause allergic reactions. They can also spread bacteria from trash, decaying vegetables and fruits. Drain flies breed in areas that are moist and have a lot of organic remains, including: Sinks.

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Do drain flies mean I have a leak?

These flies will breed in any moist area that they can find. So if you are facing a drain fly infestation that you cannot figure it out, you may want to look deeper for the cause. The problem could be from a leaking pipe or drain under the sink or even a leaking pipe inside of your walls.

How long does a drain fly infestation last?

The larval stage of drain flies lasts up to 24 days, while the pupal stage lasts between 1 and 2 days at most. The larvae feed on bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms that develop in the breeding medium in drains, standing water, and even sewage treatment beds.

Will drain flies eventually go away?

Once you've wiped out their breeding ground, the adults will eventually disappear because there is nowhere left for them to deposit their eggs.

Do drain flies mean mold?

One possible sign of an undetected mold problem in your home or office could be the presence of Phorid flies, sewer flies or some other gnats or bugs.

Do drain flies just go away?

Drain fly problems can go away on their own—but only if the insects find the environment inhospitable. Those with a minor infestation can simply flush their toilets and run their faucets more frequently to flush out the flies and larvae. Others will have to deep clean their drains and set up traps.

How do I permanently get rid of drain flies?

Boil a medium-size pot of water once or twice per week, and pour down and around the drain. Another easy option uses baking soda: Combine 1/2 cup salt with 1/2 cup baking soda and 1 cup of vinegar, and pour down the drain. Leave overnight, and finish by pouring boiling water down the drain in the morning.

How do I get rid of drain pipe flies?

Mix together 1/2 cup of salt, 1/2 cup baking soda and 1 cup of vinegar. Pour the mixture down the drain. Let sit overnight, then flush the drain with hot water in the morning. This should kill all flies and the organic material they've been feeding on.

Where do drain flies go at night?

At night, when they are active, they will congregate towards light sources, like lampshades. They will also feed and breed at night, so you'll see them near food sources or breeding areas. You'll most likely see only a few at a time, as you only rarely see drain flies in large numbers at once.

Do drain flies start as maggots?


It's the larvae or maggots of these flies that live inside the drains, feeding on the gelatinous goo that forms on the inside of the pipes.

What temperature kills drain flies?

Do Drain Flies Die in Winter. Most fly species cannot survive outside temperatures below 32°F (0°C). They die unless they find a warm and conducive place to overwinter, such as your home. Drain flies are one of the few insects that can tolerate cold weather conditions.

Can drain flies be all over the house?

If you notice a big amount of drain flies in your home then you likely have issues with poor sewage drainage or overflows, which make a happy breeding ground for these pests. Make sure to contact a pest control professional to handle a potential infestation.

Why can't i get rid of drain flies?

The best way to get rid of drain flies is by eliminating their breeding grounds. Get rid of organic matter in your drains using DIY homemade solutions or store-bought products.

Do drain flies like bleach?

Bleach will absolutely kill drain flies. However, using bleach comes with certain risks. It's better to try other methods first and use bleach as a last resort.

Do drain flies bite humans?

Drain flies do not bite humans but may become a nuisance by their presence in large populations. Sometimes it takes persistent effort to eradicate an infestation in the home. Concentrate on eliminating larval breeding sites from drains in floors, sinks, wash basins, bathtubs, etc.

Will Drano stop drain flies?

In most cases, Drano will kill drain flies, especially if it is a Drano variety that expands within the pipes. For long-term treatment, however, you will also need to take precautionary steps to keep the drain flies from returning.

Is there a season for drain flies?

Drain flies are typically only found in the summertime or in places with moderate year-round climates. Cold weather kills off more drain flies than any of their predators. If drain flies are able to find a home indoors, they can continue their development throughout the year, even during the winter.

What are the stages of a drain fly?

Drain flies are holometabolous insects, going through egg, larval, pupal, and adult life stages. Typically, drain flies complete their life cycle in 21 to 27 days (El Bardicy et al. 2009), but this accelerates at higher temperatures (85°F, 29.5°C) (Fair 1934).

What time of year do drain flies come out?

Drain flies can breed outdoors during the summer with adults entering homes through open doors or windows. Low, wet areas where air conditioning units drain, or clogged guttering are excellent places for these insects to develop.

What time of day do drain flies come out?

Behavior: Drain flies are most active at night. They are weak flyers that make short hopping flights of a few feet when they are disturbed. Drain flies rest on surfaces with their wings held over their back like a roof. You'll usually find a drain fly close to its breeding ground.

What do drain flies not like?

Lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, lemongrass, and citronella are just a few of the scents that insects despise (with lavender probably being the most effective). Pouring half or an entire cup of such essential oil onto a sponge or rag, then storing it in a small can, helps keep flies at bay.

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