Can pebble Tec be exposed to sun?

Author: Van Smitham  |  Last update: Saturday, May 14, 2022

The stone material is less impervious to attack or alterations in appearance due to lack of proper pool maintenance. The aggregate can be exposed to the sun without damage to the surface in most cases. The exposed aggregate can be rough on some people's skin making it less appealing than the smoother plaster finish.

Can a pebble Tec pool be left empty?

Does my pool need to be drained before cleaning pool tile or cleaning pebble-tec? No! - We lower your pool water just enough to expose all the pool tile calcium and pebble-tec calcium. In an effort to conserve water, We Never Need to Drain Your Pool.

How long does it take for pebble Tec to harden?

allow time (approx. 28 days) before assessing your final water and finish colors. The start-up and balance will allow the water and finish color to change over this period.

Is it OK to drain a pebble Tec pool in summer?

However, if the pool has a stone or Pebble Tec finish, it is pretty safe to drain a pool during the summer months, Good said. ... "A lot of the finishes in the pools will come loose, de-laminate, pop," he said.

How long does a pebble Tec pool last?

Durability: A Pebble Tec surface should last 20+ years with the proper care and maintenance. A plaster pool should be re-plastered approximately every 5 years.

The Benefits of PebbleTec

Is Pebble Tec worth the money?

Overall. Pebble Tec pools are works of stunning beauty that can last for decades. They are an excellent choice for any pool. Once established, they're easy to maintain.

Does Pebble Tec hurt your feet?

Pebble pool finishes are generally pricier than plaster finishing, and it is true that pebble pool surfaces can be a bit rough on feet if not installed correctly. Calcium or mineral buildup can also be a concern for pebble pool surfaces.

Can you use a wire brush on Pebble Tec?

The SS brush will not harm the PebbleTec. It is a great brush for the entire pool also, if you choose to use it.

How do you clean a Pebble Tec pool?

Add muriatic acid to your Pebble Tec pool two or three times per week during the first 30 days after installation. Keep stains from forming on the pebble finish of your Pebble Tec pool by using a pool stain remover.

What temperature is too hot to drain a pool?

Depending on the type of material that your pool is made out of, exposure to the elements may damage it. Because of this, the best time to drain your pool is when the weather is mild. If the temperature will be over 85 degrees at any point in the process, it is best to postpone.

Why do you have to brush Pebble Tec?

Brushing a Pebble Tec surface is also very important, especially during the first few weeks after application, but also afterwards, to keep dirt and algae from building up on the slightly irregular surface.

What is the difference between Pebble Tec and Pebble Sheen?

Pebble Sheen incorporates the same technology as Pebble Tec, but uses smaller pebbles for a slicker finish. This pool interior has the Aqua Blue Pebble Sheen finish.

Can you use pumice stone on Pebble Tec?

Yes you can. However we don't recommend using pumice stones. Cleaning with a pumice stone takes a lot of time and effort. Depending on the amount of calcium build up this could take hours and hours over several weekends.

Can you power wash a Pebble Tec pool?

As with any pool, a Pebble Tec pool needs to be drained before you clean it. Once drained, take the opportunity to survey it carefully for loose pebbles or cracked spots. You'll be pressure washing the Pebble Tec pool on very low pressure, so you'll need to use soap to loosen up the dirt before you start.

Can Pebble Tec be acid washed?

Pebble Tec Pools

An Acid wash consists of a mixture of water and muriatic acid. The acid makes contact with the pools surface and gently removes a small layer, revealing a fresh layer of plaster underneath. This type of cleaning is intense and best-suited for removing tough surface stains from plaster and Pebble Tec.

Is it OK to drain inground pool for winter?

Close the pool for winter – but don't drain it.

In winter, the water in your pool is still your friend. Especially when properly winterized, it helps to protect the pool liner, keep it clean and prevent unnecessary damage from debris, harsh weather and other factors.

Does Pebble Sheen stain?

PebbleSheen®: Our most popular pool finish utilizes slightly smaller pebbles for a more refined texture. It also offers a durable, non-slip and stain-resistant surface.

How do I remove stains from my Pebble Tec pool?

Pour 1/2 gallon of warm water into a bucket. Add 1/2 gallon of white vinegar. Soak a sponge in the vinegar solution. Wipe down the Pebble Sheen surface to remove stains left by mold or mineral deposits.

How do I remove hard water stains from my Pebble Tec pool?

Calcium carbonate is relatively easy to remove the stain. Spray the buildup with a calcium releaser to help soften scum and make scrubbing that much easier. Then use a pumice stone or nylon brush to wash away the rusty water stains from your pool installation & maintenance.

How much more is Pebble Tec than plaster?

Thanks to its relatively simple look and material makeup, pool plaster is a lot less expensive than Pebble Tec®. White plaster costs about $4 for every square foot of pool surface. Meanwhile, a pebble finish, like Pebble Tec® or Pebble Sheen®, can easily cost $10 or more per square foot.

Is Pebble Tec waterproof?

Pebble is not waterproof at all times. The application method of removing the cream that waterproofs it so you can see the rocks makes it non waterproof in areas that meet tile and plastic fittings.

Is PebbleTec The best?

Pebble Tec® is a newer trend and has become popular in the last couple of decades for good reason. While it is more expensive than plaster, it is the highest quality pool resurfacing material available due to its longevity and ability to hide chemical residue.

Can you polish PebbleTec?

After a hardening period, your PebbleTec pool finish will be pressure washed and detailed using a special acid solution to remove any residue or film. For certain finishes, the surface is also lightly buffed during the cleansing treatment to polish the stones. These treatments enhance the natural beauty of the finish.

How long will Stonescapes last?

Maintenance. StoneScape pool finish is very resilient and lasts about 15 to 25 years, so it's far more durable than a traditional plaster finish.

Which is better Diamond Brite or Pebble Tec?

Diamond Brite is a quartz finish and is an excellent product as well. PebbleTec might have a slight edge on the Diamond Brite. So, if they did mix them up it isn't all that bad. Especially if you're happy with the finish and the color.

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