Can laminate kitchen cabinets be refaced?

Author: Dr. Beverly Reinger IV  |  Last update: Sunday, May 29, 2022

The old laminate will have to be removed, and the underlying wood cleaned and sanded smooth, so you should expect a bit of a cost increase due to the additional labor. So long as your laminate cabinets aren't falling apart, they can be refaced just as well as any other cabinet.

How much does it cost to refinish laminate cabinets?

On average, the cost is anywhere from $3500 to $9000 when hiring out the job.

Can you resurface laminate cupboards?

Refacing cabinets is a quick and easy way to change the look of your kitchen without the mess and expense of a complete remodeling. You simply cover the cabinet face frame with self-sticking wood veneer and the end panels with 1/4-in.

How do you cover laminate cabinets?

  1. 1Gather your tools and materials. ...
  2. 2Unscrew your cabinet drawers. ...
  3. 3Give everything a clean up. ...
  4. 4Tape the back of your drawers and cupboards. ...
  5. 5Prime your cabinets for painting. ...
  6. 6It's time for your first coat of paint. ...
  7. 7Apply your next coat of paint. ...
  8. 8Rehang your cupboards.

Can you replace the laminate on kitchen cabinets?

With laminate or wood veneers laid over the existing cabinet boxes, you can change the style, color, wood type—even the associated historical era.

Section 5.2 Lamination - How to Reface - Refacing Cabinets

Can peeling laminate cabinets be repaired?

Depending on the damage, you can either fix the existing laminate or reface the door to fix the problem without installing entirely new units. As a general rule, if there are any cracks in the laminate, the entire piece needs to be replaced; however, if there's only peeling, you can reattach the laminate with adhesive.

Can laminate be changed?

Replacing them with a more modern style isn't always possible, but that doesn't mean you have to live with ugly cabinets. You can update your laminate cabinets in several low-cost ways, so they look like new and make your entire kitchen feel a little more on trend.

Can you laminate over laminate?

A: We don't typically recommend laminating over laminate – but you can do it if you're willing to put some elbow grease into it. You need to sand the old surface down to the brown core in order to make sure the adhesive sticks and stays stuck.

What to do with peeling laminate cabinets?

Good-quality wood glue and a clamp to hold the laminate against the core is a good way to repair laminate coating that is peeling. Once the glue has set and dried, you can begin to clean the cabinet doors and drawers.

Can you stain laminate?

You canNOT stain laminate. It's not wood! The stain has nothing to soak into, and will literally sit on top of the laminate and never fully dry. It will be a nasty sticky mess forevermore.

What is cabinet refacing?

Cabinet refacing is the process of replacing cabinet skin panels to give your kitchen a dramatic new look. Your cabinets may be scratched or cracked, or you may simply desire a change — much like replacing a perfectly good smartphone with the latest model.

Can Formica cabinets be resurfaced?

Refacing Formica cabinets is most easily done by adding a new fresh layer of Formica laminate over the old. This is an easy, cost-effective method of giving your kitchen a fresh look without doing a lot to the rest of the room. In some cases you will need to remove old Formica.

How do I know if my cabinets are laminate?

Laminate Cabinets

This process leaves a completely smooth surface that does not show any seams. The lack of seams around the door's joints can be a clear indication that your cabinet doors are a laminate material.

Is it cheaper to reface or replace cabinets?

Refacing is about 30 to 50-percent less than replacement. Expect to pay about $12,000 to $20,000 for contractor-grade cabinets. Best when the cabinet boxes are in solid shape and cost is an issue. Best when doing a whole-kitchen remodel or when cabinet boxes are in poor shape.

Is it cheaper to refinish or replace cabinets?


But, you'd be surprised how little you'll save when you choose to reface your cabinets instead. You might only save around 30%-50% of the cost of complete replacement by choosing to reface them.

Is it cheaper to replace or reface kitchen cabinets?

One way to make your kitchen remodel more cost-effective is to reface your kitchen cabinets rather than replace them. Refacing kitchen cabinets is the process of replacing just the cabinet doors while preserving the cabinet boxes. This is a great way to cut costs during your remodeling project.

Can you remove veneer from cabinets?

Place a heated iron on the veneer next to the putty knife edge and move it around in a circular motion. Put gentle pressure on the putty knife until the glue begins to heat. Push the putty knife into the heated glue until you meet resistance, lifting the veneer up and away as you go.

How do you fix a chipped laminate cabinet?

Using a flattened plastic straw, blow any powdery glue dust out of the crack. Then spread a small amount of wood glue into the crack using a glue-filled syringe (available at craft and hardware stores). Press down on the veneer and release several times to make sure the glue spreads thoroughly.

Can you laminate over laminate cabinets?

On the downside, it can look warn and dingy over time. You can revitalize laminate cabinets without peeling off the old laminate, as long as they're firmly affixed to the frame and in good shape.

How do you install laminate over old laminate?

  1. Cut the new sink hole before prepping the countertop and before installing the new laminate. ...
  2. Scratch and scuff the surface of the old laminate. ...
  3. Fill any cracks and broken areas with Bondo. ...
  4. Cut, scribe and trim new laminate pieces. ...
  5. Install the edges first. ...
  6. Choose the right router blade to trim the laminate.

Can I replace the laminate on countertops?

From contemporary patterns to styles that mimic popular stone looks, laminate is durable, affordable, and you can install it yourself. If installing new sheet laminate over old laminate, material, first thoroughly sand and clean the old surface.

What is Polytec laminate?

polytec is an Australian decorative board and laminate brand. Forever the creative thinker, polytec invests in pioneering new product and range developments to equip cabinet makers, architects, designers and consumers alike with a palette that's contemporary, forward-looking and comprehensive.

How do you fix peeling veneer on kitchen cabinets?

How to Repair Peeling Veneer on Particleboard Cabinets
  1. Hold back the piece of peeling laminate with a pair of pliers and use a paintbrush to apply contact cement to the underside of the piece. ...
  2. Hold the piece of peeling laminate away from the particleboard until the contact cement has become dry to the touch.

How do you repair peeling veneer cabinets?

Add contact cement to the particleboard and the backside of the veneer. Once it dries, carefully push the veneer onto the particleboard. Using your hand or a roller, smooth out any swelling or bubbles, and ensure the entire surface is now covered. Clamp the veneer to the particleboard while the cabinet door dries.

How do you restore peeling kitchen cabinets?

  1. Pull Back the Thermofoil Layer. Have a helper hold the peeling thermofoil away from the MDF. ...
  2. Scrape the Cement. Scrape away dried cement from the MDF core.
  3. Apply the Contact Cement. ...
  4. Wait to Press. ...
  5. Press Together and Secure. ...
  6. Clean Up.

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