Can I make my own pool cover?

Author: Jordyn Russel  |  Last update: Tuesday, March 29, 2022

If buying a manual or automatic pool cover reel just isn't in your budget, the good news is that you can easily and inexpensively build your own to make caring for your swimming pool so much easier.

How can I cover my pool cheaply?

The cheapest way to cover an inground pool is still with a tarp and something like water bags to keep it in place. Most people use water bags, I would highly recommend keeping enough cinder blocks around for the job. Otherwise you will end up with the job of dealing with a slimy box of water bags in the fall.

How do you permanently cover a pool?

Rosie recommends that you cover your unused pool with a deck made from a composite material. Composite is a wood-polymer lumber made from wood waste mixed with reclaimed plastic from shopping bags and plastic film.

Do they make hard covers for above ground pools?

Solid Covers for Above Ground Pools (Also Known as Winter Covers) The solid pool cover is by far the most common cover out there. They are the most versatile and are used to winterize pools. Solid covers are given this name, because they are made out of waterproof material.

Can I cover my pool with a tarp?

CCS polypropylene mesh tarps are the best tarp for pool covers. They do an exceptional job blocking sunlight, which is essential for preventing algae growth when chemicals are not being added regularly. Polypropylene tarps are strong, too, so they can withstand the weight of ice and snow that builds up over the winter.

How to make your own pool cover

How do I keep my pool cover from sagging?

How to keep a pool cover from sagging
  1. Keep the center of the cover higher than the sides. ...
  2. Secure the outer edge with heavy objects such as H2O blocks or bags. ...
  3. Adjust the sagging on the cover as soon as possible. ...
  4. Use a portable pool cover pump instead. ...
  5. Build your own cover support structure.

How long does it take to make a pool cover?

This will vary depending on a few things: complexity of the cover, size of the cover, obstacles, and the material the deck is made of. On average, pools with minimal obstacles as well as medium to large pools will generally take 1-3 hours for installation.

Will bubble wrap heat a pool?

Yes but the life span of bubble wrap is short lived because of deterioration cause by the sun and pool chemicals. A commercial pool blanket cover is basically industrial strength bubble wrap. It will not only heat the pool from the suns rays but will also serve as an insulator at night.

Can you walk on a pool safety cover?

Although All-Safe does not encourage anyone to walk or stand on an automatic retractable cover for any pool unless an emergency arises, it can support the weight of multiple people.

What happens if you dont cover your pool?

If you don't cover your above-ground pool, it's going to get dirt, leaves, and other debris in it. Even if you don't have any trees nearby, the wind will still blow debris into the water.

What can you cover a paddling pool with?

All you need to do is grab a fitted sheet from your bed linen box and pop it over the pool while its not in use. Parent blogger Deborah Hitchins shared the trick on the Facebook page 'Family Days. Tried and Tested' and the post has proved incredibly popular.

When should you cover your pool?

Wait until the average water temperature is below 65 degrees before placing the cover over your swimming pool.

How many air pillows do I need for my pool?

We suggest using the 4 x 4 Air Pillow on pools up to 24' round. Use the 4 x 8 Air Pillow on pools 28' round and up and on small oval pools. Use the 4 x 15 Air Pillow on Large (15 x 30 and larger) Oval aboveground pools.

What are above ground pool covers made of?

In the Swim Winter Cover for Above Ground Pools

This pool cover is made of highly durable, triple laminated polyethylene sheeting with high-density sheeting.

What kind of tarp do I need for above ground pool?

Choose a heavy-duty woven polyethylene or polyvinyl tarp, because this will give the pool cover extra weight and keep it in place. Do not use old-fashioned canvas tarpaulins, as they do not hold up well over time.

Can you build a deck over a pool?

If your pool has outlived its usefulness and it would cost more to repair than you can afford, you can cover it. Building a deck over a pool presents a challenge similar to any raised deck, so be prepared for hard work, sore muscles and a great sense of accomplishment.

Can you leave a pool covered all year?

A pool isn't designed to be stagnant during the warm months of the year, and pool covers deteriorate faster in strong summer sunlight. Leaving the pool closed all summer is a guaranteed way to end up with a green, smelly mess and permanent stains or damage to the pool surfaces.

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