Why are undermount sinks so popular?

Author: Breanne Kuphal  |  Last update: Wednesday, August 2, 2023

An undermount kitchen sink is easier to clean. Since your countertops are below your sink, there will be little need for scrubbing them. You will also have less counter space, so cleaning will take less time. With less counter space, you will also have less waste from pans and pots.

Is there an advantage to an undermount sink?

Pros of an Undermount Sink

Undermount sinks are: Easy to clean: Countertop cleanup is more streamlined with undermount sinks since you can wipe any spills or crumbs directly into the sink. Highly durable: Undermount sink types can be worth the price for their durability and quick countertop cleanup.

What is the downside to undermount kitchen sink?

Since undermount sinks to not have anything above the counter to help carry their weight, they need more support. They also need more solid countertops that don't suffer easily from water damage. This often makes them a more expensive sink than other options and also makes installation more difficult.

Are undermount sinks better than Overmount?

Undermount sinks are simply more practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing than overmount sinks. With undermount sinks, it is really easy to wipe food crumbs from the countertops into the kitchen sink. There is no edge, no seam and no calking in the way.

Are undermount sinks still in style?

Undermount sinks also remain popular, with Beesley sharing that they're “a popular choice for customers as they are installed under the level of the worktop creating a seamless design. These types of sinks save space, and create a clean and sleek look which is great for minimalist-style kitchens.”

Understanding Undermount Sinks

What is on trend for kitchen sinks 2023?

Birchfield agrees, pointing out that fireclay and granite selections have been on the rise as they offer more warmth or a sense of nostalgia to the kitchen space. "White fireclay apron front sinks have been on the rise offering a charming statement piece.

What is the most popular kitchen sink style?

Most Popular By Configuration. Single basin, apron/farmhouse, workstation, and double basin kitchen sinks are the most popular sink styles for the upcoming years.

Which is better an undermount sink or a drop-in sink?

Some say drop-in is generally the best option because it's easier to access all parts of the sink for cleaning. However, both types of sinks tend to accumulate grime along the caulk line where the sink meets the counter. Where an undermount sink rim and counter meet, the caulked gap can be trickier to clean.

Why do undermount sinks fall?

Unfortunately, the weight, moisture, and vibration of the garbage disposal will literally pull the sink away causing it to separate and fail. The result is moisture problems in your sink cabinet, stressful haggling with the installer to fix it, and even costly repair bills to make it right!

What countertop is best for undermount sink?

Marble and granite

In this case, they are ideal for undermount sinks because they also happen to be durable. The fact that they are porous also helps in helping the adhesives bind more firmly with the stones. Despite what most people think, marble is not a “soft” stone.

Should I do undermount sink with granite?

An undermount sink is just like the name sounds – a sink that fits underneath your countertops. This sink has many benefits compared to other options and makes task work in your kitchen much easier. Undermount sinks work best when they are installed in conjunction with natural stone countertops, like granite.

Do undermount sinks get mold?

When you have a negative reveal, a portion of the countertop underside is exposed to splashing water. When you use a porous material, water can seep through and the sink area can become a breeding ground for mold.

Are undermount sinks harder to clean?

An undermount kitchen sink is easier to clean. Since your countertops are below your sink, there will be little need for scrubbing them. You will also have less counter space, so cleaning will take less time.

What type of sink is easiest to clean?

'The easiest kitchen sink material to maintain is going to be one made of stainless steel, copper, cast iron or enamel because they will not support microbial growth as they are not cellulose material,' says Darren Hudema, director of training and technical services at PuroClean.

What to look for when buying an undermount sink?

Weight: Stainless steel or copper sinks tend to be the lightest, while vitreous china, porcelain, ceramic and composites are moderately heavy. Choose a heavy stone, cast iron or enameled-steel undermount sink only if you're sure the countertop can support the weight.

Can you put a garbage disposal on an undermount sink?

Almost all of the undermount sinks I plumb include a disposal. A properly installed sink will have no problem supporting a disposal.

Do undermount sinks work with quartz countertops?

Undermount sinks are a beautiful accent to Riverstone Quartz™ and Corinthian™ Solid Surface countertops. Proper installation will help to ensure long-lasting beauty and durability.

What holds an undermount sink in place?

Undermount sinks are typically attached with a two-part epoxy adhesive and sealed with silicone caulking around the perimeter. Make sure to get a professional or someone who knows what they're doing. Most professionals can install an undermount kitchen sink in 30 minutes or less.

Why is undermount sink more expensive?

The undermount sink is the more expensive alternative and will also cost more install. Undermount sinks are made to different specifications due to the intricacies of their installation requirements, making them a pricier option.

Are drop in sinks outdated?

Overall, which is better: Undermount or Drop-in Sinks? In general, which sink type is best for you will come down to preference. Drop-in sinks represent a sink type that is affordable, flexible, and easy to install. But drop-in sinks do not have much in the way of resale value and are aesthetically outdated.

What kind of sink is best for quartz countertops?

Stainless steel sinks offer a complementary look for quartz countertops and can bring out different colors and patterns in the natural stone. Stainless steel is durable and water-resistant. It's also easy to clean and lends an industrial, urban visual to your bathroom space.

What kitchen sink is timeless?

Timeless: Think farmhouse sinks in porcelain, soapstone sinks (integrated into the counter, or not), and surprisingly, concrete (subtle colors akin to soapstone or slate). Copper is a timeless material for pantries and bars.

What is the hardest wearing kitchen sink?

Quartz Composite

Best for: High durability, heat-resistance, and sound dampening. If the vulnerabilities of solid surface acrylic resin or enameled kitchen sinks are concerning, then a quartz composite kitchen sink is a great option.

Which sink style is best?

The most popular type of kitchen sink is a dual-basin or double basin, which allows for washing on one side and rinsing or drying on the other. A single basin, which has only one area for both, is a more budget-friendly option. Other popular kitchen sink styles include self-rimming and drop-in.

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