Which tile size is best for flooring?

Author: Heath Connelly  |  Last update: Thursday, August 31, 2023

Larger tile sizes ranging from 24″x24″ to 48″x48″ are excellent selections when making a room appear spacious. These sized tiles can be used throughout the entire home and patio area, giving your home a consistent appearance.

What are the most popular floor tile sizes?

The most popular and readily available tile sizes are (in inches) 12 x 12, 16 x 16, 12 x 24 and 18 x 18. The color of your tiles can hide wear and tear.

What size of floor tile to choose?

So a really large area (perhaps an open plan kitchen/dining room) can probably handle really large format tiles. If you have a medium size bathroom, you might want to go with a medium-sized tile to suit. And the most petite of cloakrooms may look best with smaller, mosaic style tiles.

What size floor tile makes a room look larger?

We now have numerous sizes of tile available up to 24″ and sometimes even larger. One easy way a homeowner can make their room appear larger is to select a larger format tile. A 16″ or 18″ tile will generally give a room a larger feeling than a 12″ tile.

What size tile is trending?

Large-format tiles are trending! Sizes like 24x48 are becoming more popular, along with bold patterns like herringbone and hexagon shapes. Large tiles work best as floor or shower wall tiles. They can also work well outdoors for covered patio spaces.

Which Tile Size Is Best For Flooring? | Tips To Choose The Right Tile Size For Flooring 2022

Do bigger tiles look better?

The large surface area makes the space look cleaner, and avoids the checkerboard look of regular sized tiles. Large format tiles can be used both for traditional style bathrooms and kitchens and more modern sleek styles too. They are good for a minimalist streamlined look, and add a timeless accent to your room.

What are the disadvantages of big tiles?

Because these tiles are larger and heavier than standard tiles, they can be difficult to handle and install. This means that installation costs can be higher than with smaller tiles. Additionally, if the tiles are not installed properly, they can crack or become damaged, which can be costly to repair.

What is the best pattern for 12x24 floor tile?

12×24 Tile Patterns
  • I prefer the stairsteps to go to the left rather than the right.
  • Horizontal offset pattern.
  • A vertical orientation can have a more modern feel.
  • Two different kinds of tile in a vertical, “straight-lay” or “stacked” pattern.

What is the best flooring to make a room look bigger?

Wide Planks

Selecting wide floor planks is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make a room look bigger. Instead of thin strips, go for boards at least seven inches wide. Longer planks (four or more feet in length) can help as well.

Are 12x12 floor tiles outdated?

Tile Sizes & Shapes

The tried-and-true 12” x 12” tiles are still popular, but tiles are tending to be larger and larger. Sizes like 16” x 16”, 12” x 24” and even 24” x 48” are becoming more prevalent. Large-format tiles have fewer grout lines to clean and help a room look bigger, more open and less busy.

Which tile is better big or small?

If you want to create a spacious room or are craving that sleek modern look - large and extra format tiles are for you! But if you are after a more intimate feel or intricate design, smaller tiles might be for you!

Do large tiles make a floor look bigger?

Larger Tiles Make Small Rooms Appear Bigger

Because grout lines are thinner and fewer as part of the layout, smaller rooms appear bigger when using larger tiles. Large-format tiles make floors look more streamlined – therefore, creating the illusion of more space.

What is the latest trend in tile flooring?

Terrazzo Looks

Terrazzo is both a popular look for tile pavers and an element of another 2023 tile trend, cobbled tile. This versatile style is capable of looking both natural and hyper modern, depending on its colors and scale.

What is the best gap for 12x24 tile?

A large tile, such as 12x24”, usually requires a 3/16” grout line, so it's best to check the manufacturer's recommendations to see how small you can go.

Is 12x24 tile too big for a small bathroom?

Generally, it is recommended to choose tiles that are 4" or smaller for small bathrooms because it's easier to contour around fixtures and appears visually proportioned in a smaller space. Another great option is to go for a more modern design, such as using large format tiles (12"x24").

What is the most popular tile pattern?

Subway tile is the most traditional and popular tile pattern, and it typically comes in a rectangular shape of all degrees and colors. The most well-known pattern is akin to offset bricks. However, you can also "stack" them vertically or horizontally.

Do small or large floor tiles make a room look bigger?

Larger tiles will trick the eye and make a room look bigger,rather than smaller. The main reason for this is that larger tiles reduce the 'busy' factor, whereas smaller tiles, such as mosaics (with comparatively more grout lines), will increase how busy the design looks.

Are thicker floor tiles better?

The thickness of a tile is dependent on the material it is made of and the manufacturing process. However, the thickness of a tile doesn't indicate its suitability as a floor tile. It's important to know the thickness of your floor tiles as they will add height to your existing floor.

What are the negative features of tiles flooring?

What Are The Disadvantages Of Tile Flooring?
  • Can Be Cold. Without an underfloor heating system installed, tile floors can feel cold underfoot during the colder seasons. ...
  • Can Be Slippery When Wet. ...
  • Requires Sealant. ...
  • Weight. ...
  • Requires Seams. ...
  • Modern Styling. ...
  • Easy To Clean. ...
  • Versatility.

What is the best tile to increase home value?

What's the resale value of tile, stone, or marble flooring?
  • Ceramic tile. Cost: $12-$25 per square foot. ROI: 70% on average. ...
  • Porcelain tile. Cost: $18-$32 per square foot. ROI: 55% on average. ...
  • Stone tile. Cost: $12-$35 per square foot. ROI: 55%-70% ...
  • Marble tile. Cost: $18-$44 per square foot. ROI: Less than 50%

What color floor tile makes a room look bigger?

A lighter colored tile can expand the perceived size of any room. Cream and natural tones for solid colored tiles will definitely make any room appear larger.

Should floor tiles be darker than walls?

The darker the floor tile, the more spacious the room looks!

Darker shade floor tiles can make your room appear spacious and bigger. But the fact is you need to have light coloured walls for the combination to work well. The dark and light combination can make any space look classy and bigger.

What size tile is easiest to install?

Generally, it is easier to install large tile. Large Format Tile that is around 1′ square, 1'x2′, or 5″x36″ in size is usually faster and easier to install than small tile and extra large tile.

What is the most popular color of tile?


Grey indicates and shows your neutrality and balances both vibes of your space. Nowadays, Grey becomes the most popular for flooring and it is an ideal choice for the modern era.

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