Where is Miele made?

Author: Dr. Cullen Crooks  |  Last update: Sunday, June 26, 2022

The build quality of all Miele appliances is amazing – every single part in a Miele appliance is made at the Miele factory in Germany where they test them to last for 20 years. Most other manufactures will source parts from all over the world, mainly to try and keep the price down.

Are Miele still made in Germany?

Nearly all of their manufacturing is in Germany, and every component is produced directly by Miele in one of its 12 factories. In one year their Euskirchen factory produces six million motors. Two million vacuum cleaners and dishwashers are built annually in Bielefeld.

Is Miele manufactured in China?

Miele Factory - Dongguan, China. Miele Vaccum Cleaners are made at their Bielefeld factory, Germany. Currently Miele produces S190, S700 S4, and S5 series vacuum cleaners from their Dongguan facility.

Is Miele made in Italy?

Most products are made in Germany or Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic and Romania, there are ten showrooms in the United States.

Who owns Miele now?

The Miele Group

Since its founding in 1899, Miele has been owned by the Miele family (51 percent) and the Zinkann family (49 percent).

Miele - Made in Germany

How do you pronounce Miele in German?

“While it is a challenge to phonetically spell the name in its correct German form, the closest way to educate customers in the United States on how to say it is “Miele, like the name Sheila.” And there you have it: The correct way to say Miele actually rhymes with name Sheila— so just think shee-luh/mee-luh.

How do you say Miele in German?

So the answer is:
  1. First, break the word in two: “Mie” “le”
  2. Pronounce “Mie” just saying a long “me”. In german e+i= a long english “e”
  3. Complete saying “le” this way “leh” (NOT “lay”).
  4. Miele = mee-leh (putting more emphasis on “mee”)

Which refrigerators are not made in China?

You're wondering which refrigerators and other appliances are made in the USA.
Top 5 Refrigerator Brands Made in the USA
  • Sub-Zero Refrigerators. ...
  • Thermador Refrigerators. ...
  • Viking Refrigerators. ...
  • GE Refrigerators. ...
  • Whirlpool Refrigerators.

Where is the Miele triflex made?


Triflex HX1's Vortex technology, combined with the powerful electrobrush, offers extreme suction as strong as Miele's most powerful corded vacuum series(1).

Are Miele appliances made in Germany?

The build quality of all Miele appliances is amazing – every single part in a Miele appliance is made at the Miele factory in Germany where they test them to last for 20 years. Most other manufactures will source parts from all over the world, mainly to try and keep the price down.

What Miele products are made in China?

Established in 1996 as a joint venture with Melitta, the Dongguan plant has been fully owned by the Miele Group since 2009. Currently Miele produces the Swing H1, Compact C1, Compact C2 and Complete C2 vacuum cleaners here.

Which vacuum cleaners are not made in China?

For example, as of the time of this writing, this Oreck vacuum cleaner and this Hoover Commercial model appear to still be made in the USA.
ProLux was another brand that I've seen on a few “USA made” lists, but they are made in China as well.
  • Dyson. ...
  • Miele. ...
  • Samsung. ...
  • Kirby. ...
  • Metrovac.

Is Amazon authorized Miele dealer?

Yes, Amazon is authorized to sell Miele.

How much is the Miele family worth?

Keeping it in the family

A former prisoner of war, Mohn also commissioned investigations that revealed the company's extensive Nazi connections. His widow Liz is estimated by Forbes to be worth $4.2bn, and along with her children owns 19% of the company.

Does Miele make their own refrigerators?

Miele is a German business that achieves excellence in both service and quality. Miele gained an outstanding reputation by manufacturing quality cooking appliances, laundry appliances, and dishwashers. Something distinctive about Miele is that they assemble 90% of their appliances in one factory from start to finish.

What nationality is Miele?

Miele is a very German company. Nearly two-thirds of its workforce is still in Gutersloh, the North Rhine-Westfalia city where it was formed in 1899 after Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann, the great-grandfathers of today's co-proprietors, met by chance in a bar.

Where are Sebo vacuums made?

SEBO vacuum cleaners are all still made in Germany and the commitment to quality is as firm as ever.

Where is Dyson made?

Back in 2002, he shifted all manufacturing from Britain to Malaysia. Dyson has plants in Singapore, China and in the Philippines. More importantly, Dyson's markets are in Asia. We don't have the figures for 2018 yet, but Dyson's turnover increased by 40% in 2017 to £3.5 billion.

Is Shark made in China?

Over the past seven years, its Shark vacuum cleaners and Ninja blenders and food processors, all manufactured in China, have increased sales at a compound annual growth rate of 25 per cent, enabling the firm to triple its workforce from 250 to 800 employees.

What brand of refrigerator is made in America?

Maytag Refrigerators

Under the Whirlpool name since 2006, most refrigerators are still made at one of the original Maytag manufacturing centers in Amana, Iowa. One of the best Maytag model refrigerators is their 36-inch, French door refrigerator.

Are Bosch fridges made in China?

The new Bosch refrigerators are currently coming from Bosch factories in China.

Who makes LG refrigerators now?

LG Electronics USA Inc., based in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., is the North American subsidiary of LG Electronics, Inc., a $48 billion global force and technology leader in consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile communications.

How do you pronounce Le Creuset?

Turns out it's "luh-CROO-zay" with the emphasis on the middle syllable that's pronounced similarly to the "oo" sound in "cruise."

Is Miele a good brand?

In our home market of Germany, Miele has even been voted the best product brand of all time (“best brand ever”) across all product categories. And the ownership of products from such a brand reveals much about its users: Miele customers have high expectations for the performance and sustainability of their appliances.

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