When remodeling a kitchen what do you do first?

Author: Earnestine Reichel  |  Last update: Saturday, May 28, 2022

1. Tear Out and Demolition. The first step of any kitchen remodel is tear out and demolition. Before you are ready to create a beautiful new space, it is important to demolish and get rid of what's outdated or worn out.

In what order do you remodel a kitchen?

When you're ready to put the remodeled kitchen back together, we recommend this order of steps to complete your renovation:
  1. Configure plumbing and electrical. ...
  2. Paint the room.
  3. Install new flooring.
  4. Add kitchen cabinets.
  5. Install countertops.
  6. Place large appliances.
  7. Fasten cabinet hardware.
  8. Put in the backsplash.

What should be updated first in a kitchen?

Updates like painting your cabinets, installing a new backsplash, replacing your hardware or faucet and adding drawer and shelf storage solutions are quick ways to give your kitchen a facelift.
  1. Paint your Cabinets. ...
  2. Replace Hardware. ...
  3. Find New Fabrics. ...
  4. Add Cabinet Accessories and Drawer Organizers. ...
  5. Install a Backsplash.

When remodeling a kitchen what comes first floors or cabinets?

Installing flooring before your cabinets is the best choice for most hardwood floors. When professionals install floors then cabinets, it's easier to get everything to standard heights. It's also a safer installation process for your cabinets since you won't risk any damage to them as professionals install the floors.

How do I update my tired kitchen?

Here are Kate's top five tips for giving your kitchen a much needed upgrade, for less, in just a weekend.
  1. Re-tile walls / splashbacks. B&Q. ...
  2. Add open shelving. B&Q. ...
  3. Freshen up worktops and sinks. B&Q. ...
  4. Clear the clutter. B&Q. ...
  5. Add depth with on-trend colours.

How to Plan a Kitchen Renovation Step by Step - Kitchen Remodel Tips, Budget, Layout & Design

Do you tile before or after fitting a kitchen?

Hi there, you need to tile after the kitchen has been fitted to ensure the tiles sit correctly on to the worktop and you have the wall unit as your finishing point, otherwise the kitchen fitter will not be able to put a mason mitre joint and he would also struggle trying to get the worktop bang on with the tiles.

Do you paint before installing cabinets?

It is recommended to paint your cabinets first before installing them, as doing so will enable you to give the cabinets a more thorough paint job, and prevent any paint from splattering onto your kitchen's surfaces.

Should you put tile under cabinets?

Installing your tiles before your kitchen cabinets will cut down on overall labor costs. Putting in your tiles first will help prevent water damage in your kitchen. Cabinets can be installed first if you're placing delicate tiles that might get damaged during cabinetry or appliance installation.

What flooring is best for kitchen?

In terms of practicality, vinyl is the best option. It's built to withstand a high level of wear and tear and any spills can quickly be wiped up without the worry of water damage. Waterproof laminate – If you want something a little more luxurious, waterproof laminate flooring is a great choice.

Do cabinets go in before tile flooring?

In most cases, given standard flooring heights, you will install the cabinets before the floor covering. Floor covering, or finish flooring, is the surface that you see and walk on, not the subfloor (under the underlayment) or underlayment (between the subfloor and finished layer).

Do you install backsplash before cabinets?

(If you're really worried about counter or tile installers causing damage, we can always go in and do the cabinet painting afterwards.) However, in our experience it really doesn't matter. Most granite, quartz, or tile installers are careful with the neighboring finishes and won't cause damage.

In what order do you paint a kitchen?

Planning a Kitchen Wall Painting Project

Sequencing the work that way reduces the amount of prep work and cutting-in. If you're painting your cabinets and the whole kitchen, paint the ceiling first, the cabinets second, and the walls last.

Is it better to paint or do floors first?

Most people think that painting should be done first to prevent any spills from marring brand-new flooring. However, experts agree that new flooring should always be installed before you have any interior painting done.

Are walls painted before cabinets are installed?

So, if you're installing new cabinets, most professional house painters would prefer to do their work after the cabinets are installed. This is because the cabinet installation generally involves some bumping and scraping, and the new kitchen paint is likely to be messed up in the process if it is applied first.

Do you put floor down before kitchen?

Some people ask the question, “should I lay the floor or install the kitchen units first then lay the floor around them?” This decision is purely down to personal preference. Laying the floor first would appear to be the best option but you are much more likely to damage the floor whilst the kitchen is being assembled.

Where do you start when fitting a kitchen?

How to fit your own kitchen units
  1. Measure out the space. ...
  2. Install the base units. ...
  3. Join the units together. ...
  4. Fix the base units in place. ...
  5. Mark out space for the wall units. ...
  6. Fix the wall units in place. ...
  7. Join the units together. ...
  8. Install the unit doors.

Should I tile under washing machine?

Secondly, the tiles should also run underneath the appliances such as the dishwasher, washing machine and any stand-alone fridges. This is so that the appliances can be easily slid in and out for fitting and maintenance.

What comes first walls or floor?

Install flooring before you work on your walls because it's easy to damage paint and other wall materials. Carpet rolls are long and bulky so you risk scraping and scratching your freshly painted, textured or wallpapered walls as you lay the carpet.

Should baseboards be installed before flooring?

Baseboards are often installed before flooring, although it depends on the type of flooring being used. It is necessary for carpeting to have the trim in place, allowing the edges to be tucked under and out of sight. However, for hardwood or laminate, it is easier to install the trim after.

Should you install flooring or drywall first?

When you're hanging drywall and installing new flooring, it's usually best to hang the drywall first and then save the floor for last.

Do you paint kitchen walls before or after cabinets?

Installing cabinets should be done after the painting. This allows the painter to do the cleanest job and relieves any concern about the paint getting on the brand new cabinets. Painting a cleared out space is easier to achieve flawless results.

How many hours does it take to paint a kitchen?

For a professional company whose job it is to paint kitchen cabinets, the average time it will take them to paint an average-sized kitchen will range between 4-5 days.

How do I start painting my kitchen?

Paint your kitchen in five easy steps
  1. Clean the walls. Kitchen walls and surfaces are often greasy. ...
  2. Prepare the room. Before starting to paint, cover the edges of any tiles, appliances, trim and worktops with masking tape. ...
  3. Start from the top. ...
  4. Paint cabinet doors. ...
  5. Paint woodwork.

Which comes first countertop or backsplash?

A countertop needs to be installed before the backsplash is put on the walls above the countertop.

Where do you start your backsplash?

Make a mark directly in the middle of the wall above the countertop. This is where you will center the first tile to start the backsplash project. If the countertop is tiled, locate the tile that is in the middle of the counter and use that as your starting point.

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