What temperature do you wash silk pillowcases?

Author: Dr. Rocky Jast I  |  Last update: Monday, October 9, 2023

Choose a Gentle Wash Cycle and Temperature
Temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit (29 Celsius) can damage silk significantly. It is best to wash all silk products in cold water. Don't use bleach, which will harm the fabric and cause it to yellow, or fabric softener which can leave residue on the fabric.

Should I wash my silk pillowcase in cold water?

But in reality, silk pillowcases, like other silk items, can usually be washed at home. Unless the item's care label carries a "dry clean only" warning, it can be successfully washed at home if you use cold water, a gentle detergent made for delicate fabrics, and if you avoid using heat to dry the items.

What temperature should silk pillowcases be?

Turn silk pillowcases inside out before laundering. Place all silk items in a fine mesh laundry bag to help keep the silk from tearing or pilling. Wash silk in the delicate or gentle cycle in cool water. Temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit can damage your silk bedding.

Can silk pillowcases go in the dryer?

The first thing you need to know about how to dry silk pillowcases is that you should never put them in the dryer. The high heat of a dryer — even on a low setting — will destroy the silk's fiber.

Can you put 100% silk in the dryer?

Don't put silk items in the dryer. Heat can damage delicate silk fibers. If the dryer is absolutely necessary to use only 'air' setting for 15 minutes or less with NO fabric sheets or dryer balls. Remove sheets before completely dry.

How to Wash Silk Pillowcases and Sheets | Spotless | Real Simple

Does 100% silk shrink in the dryer?

Do not tumble dry. Silk is very delicate and the high temperatures of the tumble dryer can shrink or damage your silks. Use a detergent for delicates.

Can I dry silk in the dryer?

Dryers and silk do not go together.

Silk should never, under any circumstances, be placed in the dryer. Once you have washed your silk, simply hang or lay flat to air dry in a cool place that is out of contact with direct sunlight.

How often do you wash silk pillowcases?

As with any cover, it's important to wash your silk pillowcases once a week to avoid bacteria buildup.

How long does silk pillowcase take to dry?

Your silk should dry in about 45 minutes depending on temperature and conditions. DO iron sparingly, only on the coolest setting with sheets and turn your pillowcases inside out. A light steam will enable the iron to glide smoothly over the fabric.

Why does my silk pillowcase feel weird after washing?

Detergent can stiffen silk

Even if you are hand washing your silks are per the instructions, if you are using a detergent, they can become stiff. Using a castile soap like Dr Bronner's instead can help a lot. Even after air drying, though, your silk may still be a bit stiff.

Can you wash 100% silk in cold water?

Hand wash silk clothes in cold water

Fill a clean sink or small tub with lukewarm water and a small amount of delicate-friendly liquid detergent. Lightly agitate for three to five minutes and rinse well. If the care label advises machine washing, choose a gentle, cold-water cycle.

Will wet hair ruin a silk pillowcase?

Yes you can. However, whether your pillowcase is silk or cotton, going to bed with wet hair can attract bacteria. If your silk pillowcase absorbs some of your hair product, you can wash this out as easily as a cotton pillow case in most cases, but keeping in mind that silk is more delicate than cotton.

What is the best washing machine setting for silk?

Pop your item in the washing machine – we recommend placing any silk items inside a mesh laundry bag or pillowcase to avoid snags or damage caused by the drum. Select a cool, delicate cycle (do not set the wash temperature to any higher than 30°C).

What is the best way to wash silk pillows?

  1. Fill up large tub, sink or bath tub with warm water and a gentle detergent. ...
  2. Place your pillow in the water and move it around to work the soapy water into the pillow.
  3. Rinse the detergent out with clean water and occasionally squeeze to get the excess water out.

What detergent can I use for silk?

Woolite Delicates Hypoallergenic Liquid Laundry Detergent

With Woolite Delicates, you can trust that your silk garments will be thoroughly cleaned, yet remain soft and luxurious to the touch. Give your delicate fabrics the care they deserve with the help of Woolite Delicates Hypoallergenic Liquid Laundry Detergent.

Do you sleep better with a silk pillowcase?

While the benefits of silk pillowcases are sometimes overstated, it is true that they have a cool, luxurious feel. This can make them a good investment for hot sleepers, as well as those who have sensitive skin or frizzy hair.

Is silk or satin better for your hair?

Satin offers similar haircare benefits to silk, but it won't retain moisture as well as silk. "Satin absorbs a little bit more than silk since it's a mixture of numerous materials including cotton, but it's still way less than 100% cotton pillow cases," Onuoha says.

How do you dry silk after washing it?

Never wring out your silk items or toss them in the dryer, says Whitehurst. To remove excess water, place the wet garment on a white cotton towel. Fold the towel over and gently blot. Then, using a padded hanger, hang the blouse or dress over the bathtub to drip dry.

How long does silk take to air dry?

Once removed from the towel, lay the silk garment out flat on a drying rack without using any clothes pegs. The silk should be dried in the shade, as direct sunlight can cause its colours to fade. Silk tends to dry quite quickly, and you should fine that your garment is dry within around 30-60 minutes.

Can you tumble dry silk with no heat?

Silk is a very delicate material and you should generally never tumble-dry it in a dryer. Even on low heat, the warmth can make the fabric shrink, pucker or become otherwise damaged. Instead, air-dry your silk pieces. You can lay them flat or hang them to dry.

What dryer setting is best for silk?

Activewear, loosely woven garments, silk, and items embellished with beads or embroidery are best dried on the delicate or gentle cycle. The low heat helps keep your clothes safe during the drying process, as these garments are prone to melting or stretching under high heat.

Does cold water shrink silk?

Silk should be washed in cold or lukewarm water not exceeding 75°F or 24°C. Silk will only shrink in hot water and the degree of shrinkage will depend on the type of silk fabric being used.

How do you wash silk so it doesn't shrink?

Machine Washing

In this case, always use the "Delicate" cycle and the quickest spin cycle offered. Do not use a detergent with brighteners or bleach, instead use a mild soap, like Woolite. The silk item may also be placed in a mesh bag for extra protection.

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