What surfaces can you use Lysol on?

Author: Daniella Borer  |  Last update: Friday, May 27, 2022

Kill 99.9% of Viruses and Bacteria with Lysol® Disinfectant Spray on hard and soft surfaces throughout your home.
Home Areas:
  • Door knobs.
  • Diaper pails.
  • Telephones.
  • Couches/Sofas.
  • Mattresses.
  • Pet beds.

Can Lysol be used on any surface?

This cleaner is a versatile disinfectant that works on a wide range of hard, non-porous surfaces. From kitchen counters and door handles to hardwood floors and light switches to bathroom surfaces like sinks, tubs and tile. Lysol multi-surface cleaner is versatile enough to disinfect even when diluted.

What can you use Lysol on?

Six Genius Ways to Use Lysol Disinfectant Spray Around Your House
  • The Bathroom. ...
  • Sofas, Arm Chairs and Pillows. ...
  • Door Handles and Light Switches. ...
  • Phones, Tablets and Remote Controls. ...
  • Kitchen Counters. ...
  • Children's Toys.

What surfaces can you use Lysol wipes on?

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes can be used throughout your home, on surfaces such as:
  • Kitchen counters.
  • Sinks, Toilet Seats and Bath Tubs.
  • Doorknobs and Light Switches.
  • Smartphones, Tablets and Game Consoles.
  • Garbage cans.
  • Refrigerator exteriors.

Can you spray Lysol on furniture?

Yes, you can spray Lysol on upholstery, carpet, curtains, bedding etc..kills germs, smells great.

How to Use Lysol Disinfectant Spray

Can you spray Lysol on pillows?

Lysol Max Cover Disinfectant Mist can be sprayed onto pillows, mattresses and other bedding materials. Allow the bedding to dry completely before contact with skin.

Can I use Lysol spray on clothes?

This is where Lysol® Laundry Sanitizer comes in. It's not only specially formulated to kill 99.9% of bacteria that detergents leave behind, but, with 0% bleach it's also suitable for most delicate items, including: Baby clothes. Towels.

Do you have to rinse after using Lysol wipes?

Once the disinfectant is dry, if the area is to be used for food preparation or eating, the surface should be rinsed with fresh water and dried with a clean towel. The same steps should be followed if the disinfected item is a toy or surface that might end up in a child's mouth.

Can you use Lysol wipes on kitchen countertop?

To look after your countertop surfaces, you should wipe up any food residue, liquid or grime as soon as they appear. To clean your countertops, we would recommend a strong antibacterial cleaner such as Lysol® All-Purpose Cleaner.

Can you use Lysol wipes on face?

"These chemicals should not be left on your skin," Dr. Green says. Definitely don't use the wipes routinely on your hands or face. And keep them away from kids; their skin is even more delicate and sensitive.

Where do you spray Lysol?

How and where to use Lysol disinfectant spray to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. For great protection from germs, be sure to disinfect frequently touched areas such as light switches, door handles, kitchen counters, fridge and microwave handles, remotes and more.

Is Lysol an antiseptic or disinfectant?

It is used as a disinfectant and antiseptic.

How do you use Lysol Concentrate?

Apply with sponge or mop to wet all surfaces thoroughly. Wipe with a clean cloth. To disinfect: Remove heavy soil first, then add 2-1/2oz (5 tbsp.) to one quart of water and apply with a sponge or mop, wetting all surfaces thoroughly.

Can you mix Lysol and dish soap?

In general, all of experts say you shouldn't mix any two cleaning products together because they can cause harmful reactions.

How do you dilute Lysol in a spray bottle?

Dilute up to one part with every five parts of warm water. A 40 ounce bottle makes 1.8 gallons of disinfecting action. Apply the solution to fit your cleaning methods, not only with a sponge cloth or mop but also by filling a spray bottle. Wipe or spray surface and let it remain wet for six minutes to disinfect.

Are Lysol wipes safe for food surfaces?

Purchase a Sanitizing Product

Some wipes may act as a chemical contaminant on food surfaces because they were originally designed to clean bathrooms, not to wipe hands or clean counters (Lysol or Clorox brand regular disinfecting wipes are too concentrated of a solution for food contact surfaces).

Can you use Clorox wipes on phones?

You should never use Clorox or Lysol wipes on your phone's screen to rid it of germs or viruses.

Can you touch Lysol wipes with bare hands?

Sanitizing and disinfecting wipes are fine to touch while you're cleaning with them, but they should never be used to clean hands or other body parts. Disinfecting wipes, such as Nice 'N CLEAN® Disinfecting Wipes, contain chemicals that kill bacteria and viruses, which may cause skin irritation.

Do you have to wipe Lysol off?

After you have let the product sit, wipe up the product with a dry paper towel, discard and allow air drying to do the rest. Do not rinse your counter with soap and water because this may remove the sanitizer.

Should I wear gloves when using Lysol wipes?

Wear gloves, and wash hands after using wipes on surfaces, he advised. Check the label to make sure the wipe product contains enough disinfectant to kill germs and follow the directions to make sure you're using them properly.

Can you use Lysol wipes on fabric?

It's best to avoid unfinished, unsealed, unpainted, waxed, oiled, or worn surfaces. Avoid cleaning carpet or fabric with the wipes, too, since it won't work and you'll have to extract the cleaning agent from the fabric.

Can you put regular Lysol in the laundry?

While bleach is a go-to choice for white colors, people often have more difficulty choosing a laundry disinfectant safe for colored clothing. Look no further than under your kitchen sink, standard household disinfectants such as Lysol work well in the laundry.

Can you spray Lysol on skin?

Misusing Lysol disinfecting spray

“Lysol spray is a disinfectant — it's designed for use on surfaces,” said Joe Rubino, director of research and development for microbiology at Reckitt Benckiser, Lysol's parent company. “It is not meant to be used on the body, whether it be humans or pets.

Can you use Lysol as air freshener?

YSK: Lysol disinfectant is NOT an air freshener and shouldn't be sprayed sporadically in the air. It's a surface disinfectant - that's why it doesn't smell good when it's sprayed at random. It's also not nearly as effective and doesn't do anything to disinfect the air.

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