What is the best natural stone for around a pool?

Author: Afton McLaughlin  |  Last update: Thursday, May 12, 2022

The most popular natural stone used for pool floors are:

What kind of stone do you put around a pool?

Now that we've reviewed a few vital considerations, there are several options of natural stone that are best suited for pool surroundings. These are: marble pavers, limestone pavers, granite pavers and bluestone pavers.

What is the best thing to put around an above ground pool?

Landscaping Around Your Above Ground Pool
  • Concrete or Pavers. Concrete patios are a dependable and easy to care for option for your poolside. ...
  • Gravel or Rock. Using gravel or rock is one of the most popular ways when landscaping around your above ground pool. ...
  • Plants or Trees. ...
  • Planters.

Is sandstone good around a pool?

Why? Well, very simply, sandstone is an extremely porous product. It is also very vulnerable to acid and salt. Since the pool is always subject to some kind of harsh chemicals and minerals, we do not recommend installing sandstone pavers around the pool.

Is sandstone good for pool deck?

Sandstone. A sedimentary rock composed of sand-size grains of mineral, rock, or organic material. Many sandstone materials are great for pool decks as their split surfaces are naturally slip-resistant. Colors range from beige to brown to gray-blue.


Is flagstone good around a pool?

Is flagstone good for pool coping? Yes. Just like travertine, limestone, and other natural stones, flagstone is a durable material that's perfect for pool decking since most kinds are somewhat slip-resistant.

Is limestone OK around a pool?

Limestone is resistant to mould and bacteria, making it fabulous to use around your pool. Sealing limestone is essential to ensuring your pool surrounds stay in top condition. Outdoor limestone will require little maintenance and will last a lifetime if properly sealed and maintained.

Do sandstone pavers get hot?

All stone can warm up and if its directly in the sun on a hot day maybe a lighter coloured Granite could be better. Sandstone is a soft, light and cool stone designed for the outdoors. ... But it is one of the coolest stones for external use because of its colour and style.

How do you clean sandstone pavers around a pool?

We recommend vacuuming the surface first, then spraying a light later of chlorine or cleaner onto the surface of the material, letting it soak for half an hour and rinsing the stone with a light hose (do not use a high pressure hose as this will damage the stone!) and broom or soft brush to gently push the sandstone ...

Is pea gravel good for around pool?

Using pea gravel to create walkways, decks and paved areas around pools can lessen the harshness of plain concrete. Pea gravel helps to give pool areas a more natural, tropical vibe, and can also be easier on the feet than concrete.

How do you lay rocks around an above ground pool?

Start with placing a layer of landscaping fabric down to prevent weed growth. The layer of stone should be placed several inches high onto the wall and about 1-2 feet away from the pool. This layer of stone provides two long lasting guards against pool failure.

How much rock do I need around my pool?

Standard gravel weighs approximately 2,700 pounds per cubic yard. Multiply 2,700 by the total number of cubic yards. For a trench requiring 1.97 cubic yards of gravel, multiply by 2,700 for a total of 5,338 pounds.

How do you edge around a pool?

Lay mulch, such as shredded bark, to prevent grass and weeds from growing in that 3-foot around around the pool. You also can use gravel or rocks, which will minimize the amount of dirt that gets into your pool.

Is mulch good around pools?

Aside from the normal functions of protecting plants from drought, weeds and sun, mulch can solve a few particular problems encountered around the pool. Mulch can help keep garden soils off of paving materials and out of the pool.

What is Kool deck?

Cool deck coatings are not a concrete pool deck paint. They are spray-applied overlays available in light colors that will help to reflect the heat. They also have an "orange peel" texture that provides air pockets to help keep the surface cooler underfoot.

Do sandstone pavers crack?

It occurs as the stone is heated and cooled or is wetted and dried. Lichens and other growths can also damage your sandstone, as they produce chemicals that break down the stone. It can also cause more cracks and holes to appear.

Is sandstone slippery when wet?

Sandstone has a good slip resistance even as a sawn smooth slab when wet and this is why it is one of the most commonly used stones for landscaping in the UK.

Should natural stone pool coping be sealed?

Keeping moisture out of the stone with a sealer is the best way to prevent mold and mildew growth. If your pool coping is made of a natural material, calcium deposits may develop over time and lead to surface deterioration if not removed.

How do you clean natural stone around a pool?

Use a pH neutral cleaner for regular cleaning and maintenance for the stone. Avoid using acids or strong alkali products to clean as these will reduce the effectiveness of the sealer and may damage the stone.

Should sandstone be sealed?

You do not need to seal sandstone outside but this is your choice. If you want it to look pristine, then you can use products which will maintain it, rather than the expense of sealing it.

Which is better limestone or travertine?

Because it is denser, limestone is a more durable option than travertine. Visually, limestone is more solid in color, with fewer striations and variations within each piece. The strength of travertine makes it less likely to crack or break when used outdoors.

Is limestone slippery around pool?

Flamed Marble and Limestone

In this process, the limestone or marble is heated with an oxy-acetylene flame and then immediately cooled with a jet of water. This fractures the surface of the stone and creates a rough, highly slip-resistant finish.

Is marble good around pools?

Marble is among the best materials you can use for your swimming pool. It is durable, timeless, and will provide a luxurious finish to the area. Likewise, it will elevate your property's value and make your waterline safer, especially when you use high-quality marble pool copings.

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