What can I mix Pine-Sol with?

Author: Harrison Harris  |  Last update: Tuesday, June 28, 2022

To make your Pine Sol fly repellant mix ⅓ water, ⅓ vinegar, and ⅓ Original Scent Pine Sol. You can add a dash of Skin So Soft or Citronella to the mix if you like, too. Spray it on as needed. This mix works almost as well as Neem, but won't cause a pregnant horse to miscarry.

What can you not mix Pine-Sol with?

Bleach and Pine-Sol: Mixing these two chemicals in large amounts will create chlorine gas and can restrict your breathing.

Can you mix Pine-Sol with other cleaners?

A: We do not recommend mixing any Pine-Sol® product with other cleaning products or chemicals. Mixing cleaners can result in the release of hazardous gases.

Can you mix Pine-Sol with water in a spray bottle?

Dilute ¼ cup of Pine-Sol® in one gallon of warm water. Dip a sponge in the mixture to wipe grease and grime away. Or for everyday mess control, keep the Pine-Sol® mixture in a spray bottle for quick cleaning spritzes.

Can Pine-Sol be mixed with dish soap?

A: No. Pine-Sol® products should not be used on dishes.

7 Pine-Sol Hacks You Never Knew

Can you mix vinegar and Pine-Sol together?

“Fill up the sink with hot water & a cap full of your favorite Pine Sol floor cleaner. Add 2 tbsp of vinegar & use to clean any type of floor. I use this method on my hardwood floors to get a clean, smooth & shiny surface!”

Can you put Pine-Sol in laundry?

Pine-Sol is also an effective laundry booster, working on heavy stains and helping to deodorize clothing in the wash. Using this product to disinfect your home laundry can be done easily, inexpensively and without damaging your clothes, bed linens or other household fabrics.

How do you dilute Pine-Sol?

Pine-Sol works differently because you would need at least 1/4 of a cup of the solution to 1 gallon of water, as per Pine-Sol. You can then either pour it into a bucket or a spray bottle. Specifically, this measurement pertains to cleaning countertops, stovetops, laminate flooring, wood flooring, and sinks.

Can you mix Pine-Sol and Lysol?

Pine-Sol gives the same advice. PineSol.com states, “We do not recommend mixing any Pine-Sol® product with other cleaning products or chemicals. Mixing cleaners can result in the release of hazardous gases.”

Can you mix Pine-Sol and peroxide?

Virginia Tech University says that using them at the same time is very effective. The website Tau Topics says to never mix the two in the same bottle, as it may create a dangerous chemical if mixed improperly. The mixture is also not as effective as using the two separately, but at the same time.

Is Pine-Sol as good as bleach?

This multi-purpose cleaner has remained popular since the 1920s, and it contains glycolic acid as the key ingredient responsible for so many household purposes. This product is not as destructive as bleach, and it fights grime, grease, and dirt, leaving a fresh, pine fragrance.

Should you mix Pine-Sol and bleach?

Ammonia: Bleach mixed with ammonia creates chloramine, a gas which is similar to chlorine gas. Additional symptoms from exposure to chloramine are shortness of breath and chest pain. Pine-Sol: If you mix bleach and Pine-Sol in large amounts, it will create chlorine gas.

How do you use Pine-Sol as a disinfectant spray?

Steps to Disinfect
  1. Pour full-strength (undiluted) Original Pine-Sol® onto a clean cloth or sponge.
  2. Apply to wet the hard, nonporous surface and let it stand for 10 minutes.
  3. Rinse with fresh, clean water. For visibly soiled surfaces, pre-cleaning is required.

Why is Pine-Sol toxic?

First of all, the only hazardous ingredient listed on the Pine Sol MSDS is alkyl alcohol ethoxylates. These belong to a group of chemicals called "aromatic hydrocarbons" which are petrochemicals with strong, pungent, odors. The only health hazard listed on the MSDS is that it is an irritant.

Do you have to mix Pine-Sol with water?

Pine-Sol® Cleaners are concentrated formulas that you can dilute for most jobs. For general cleaning, a 24 oz. bottle gives you 12 gallons of cleaning power! Add water to the formula yourself and save.

Is Mr Clean better than Pine-Sol?

Mr. Clean antibacterial cleaner came in second. It was praised for being the best multi-surface cleaner for big jobs. Pine-Sol Original came in third place and was praised for its ability to remove grease, soap scum, and food stains.

What is Pine-Sol Good For?

You could spend big bucks on different cleaners for your furniture, toilet, floors, counters and appliances. With Pine-Sol® Multi-Surface Cleaner, you only need one cleaner to fight dirt, grime and grease, and deodorize all of these surfaces throughout your home. Easy for you, and easy on your wallet.

Can you clean couch with Pine-Sol?

While Pine-Sol is traditionally a hard-surface cleaning and disinfecting agent, it has a surprisingly wide range of uses throughout the house. It can help remove stubborn odors from many types of surfaces, including clothing, carpets, furniture, mattresses, paint, flooring and walls.

Is vinegar better than Pine-Sol?

Common household white vinegar is an effective cleaning substitute for Pine-Sol. Vinegar is nontoxic and since it is acidic, also dissolves stains on hard surfaces. Also, priced at just a few dollars a gallon, vinegar is less expensive than Pine-Sol.

Can you mix Pine-Sol vinegar and baking soda?

Mix a 1/2 cup pinesol with 2 cups of vinegar, & a 1/2 cup of water in a spray bottle. Spray surface with mixture. Spills immediately started to lift. I then sprinkle baking soda over the surface then a little dawn.

What happens if you inhale Pine-Sol?

Some of the problems that can be caused by inhaling Pine SOL

However, the most common health problems are listed below: Irritation of the mucous membrane. Nausea and headache. Loss of consciousness.

What is the best mopping solution?

Our Picks For The Top Mopping Solutions
  1. The Best Mopping Solution.
  2. Swiffer Wetjet Pre-Mixed Hardwood Mopping Solution, 2-Pack.
  3. Mr. ...
  4. Shark Multi-Surface Fast Drying Mopping Solution.
  5. Better Life Plant Derived Natural Floor Mopping Solution, 2-Pack.
  6. Aunt Fannie's Vinegar Based Mopping Solution.

What cleaning products should you not mix?

20 Household Cleaning Products You Shouldn't Mix
  • Baking Soda and Vinegar. ...
  • Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar. ...
  • Ammonia and Bleach. ...
  • Vinegar and Bleach. ...
  • Bleach and Rubbing Alcohol. ...
  • Different Drain Cleaners. ...
  • Mildew Stain Remover and Bleach. ...
  • Bleach and Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

What cleaning products should never be mixed?

10 Household Cleaning Products You Should Never Mix
  • Bleach + Ammonia. Bleach and ammonia are two different ingredients that should not be mixed. ...
  • Hydrogen Peroxide + Vinegar. ...
  • Bleach + Rubbing Alcohol. ...
  • Detergent + Disinfectants. ...
  • Baking Soda + Vinegar. ...
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner + Bleach. ...
  • One brand of cleaning agent + Different brand.

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