Is Thompson water Seal good for pavers?

Author: Missouri Balistreri  |  Last update: Sunday, August 27, 2023

Thompson's® WaterSeal® Clear Masonry Protector Waterproofer provides proven waterproofing protection for pavers, brick, concrete, stone, stucco, clay & quarry tile and exterior masonry surfaces.

How long does Thompson Water Seal last on brick?

Water Seal can only be used on bare and uncoated brick, stone or concrete. How long will Water Seal last? If applied correctly, Water Seal will last up to 4 years.

Can you use Thompson Water Seal on stone?

Thompson's Water Seal, offers superb weather protection for bricks, mortar, stone & concrete. Its advanced silicone micro emulsion soaks in deep to provide long lasting protection against rain damage.

How do you remove Thompson Water Seal from pavers?

Steps to Remove the Sealant:

To use mineral spirits, wipe the spirits over the area with a cloth. Let it sit for a few minutes, then scrub the area with a scrub brush. To use a concentrated degreaser, follow the instructions on the label of your selected product.

Can Thompson's wood Sealer be used on concrete?

Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer

Proven to waterproof concrete, brick, exterior wood and other exterior surfaces. Use as a concrete waterproofer, brick sealer and wood sealer.

Thompson's Patio and Block Paving Range

What is the best paver sealer?

  • BEST OVERALL: Foundation Armor Concrete Sealer and Paver Sealer.
  • BEST WATER BASED: StoneTech BulletProof Sealer.
  • BEST ACRYLIC: Miracle Sealants Impregnator Penetrating Sealers.
  • BEST FOR TRAVERTINE: Miracle Sealants 511 Porous Plus Penetrating Sealer.
  • BEST FOR BRICK: Rain Guard Penetrating Water Repellent Sealer.

Does Thompson's water Seal seal concrete?

VOC Content- Very High >50%. Thompson's Water Seal is recommended for waterproofing most porous building materials, for example: brick, concrete, stone, slate, stucco and wooden products. It will also waterproof natural fabrics and similar materials, including cotton, canvas and leather.

Why did my pavers turn white after sealing?

Now the misconception is that the pavers themselves have turned white. It's actually moisture that is trapped underneath a coating of sealant. Our sealers are breathable, so they allow that moisture to escape so you don't have that issue.

How long does a water based sealer last on pavers?

How often should paver sealer be reapplied? The basic rule of thumb is every 3-5 years. For film-forming sealants, you will be able to notice when the physical barrier is showing signs of wear.

How many coats of Thompson Water Seal do I need?

One coat is enough, but if more color is desired, a second coat can be applied within two hours before the first coat has dried. Be sure to read the back label to understand how to properly clean your tools after application. Let the deck dry for at least 24 hours and you're ready to replace the furniture.

How often should Thompsons water Seal be applied?

It is not recommended where decks are subject to significant sun exposure. It also must be reapplied more often than most stains, typically every 2 to 3 years, depending on sun exposure. 1 Semi-transparent stain adds some color to the wood and offers a moderate amount of UV protection.

Does Thompson Water Seal require two coats?

Only one coat of Thompson's® WaterSeal® Wood Sealer is necessary. A second coat can be added if more color is desired. Allow the first coat to dry approximately 2 hours. Second coat must be applied within 4 hours of initial application.

Is Thompson Water Seal worth it?

Thompson's WaterSeal has clearly not been a consumer favorite with deck stains or sealers. Mainly as it does not offer any UV protection and it grays in a few months. The Transparent and Semi-Transparent versions are prone to premature peeling and wearing after about 1 year.

Can you use too much Thompson Water Seal?

Applying excess amount of sealant can prevent the surface from drying quickly. Consider not using too much water seal to ensure the surface can dry completely as fast as possible. Keep the approximate figure you use in check, and keep your coats as thin as possible.

How many square feet does a gallon of Thompson's Water Seal cover?

Covers 330 sq. ft. (concrete and brick), 150 sq. ft.

Do you have to clean pavers before sealing?

Then, about 24 hours prior to sealant application, thoroughly cleanse pavers of any remaining residue with Techniseal's Paver Prep, a powerful efflorescence cleaner that will give you a nice clean surface on which to work. Our paver preparator also maximizes sealant penetration and adherence.

Does sealing pavers keep the sand in?

Enhanced aesthetic: The paver sealer enhances the curb appeal of your properties and provides perfect finish to the paved areas and at the same time stabilizes the joint sand by locking it in place. It protects the pavement against harmful UV rays and prevents fading.

Should you wait a year to seal pavers?

How long should I wait before sealing my new pavers? Typically 60-90 days. The main reason to wait is so that efflorescence can work its way to the surface and be cleaned off. The more the pavers get wet, the quicker this happens.

What are the cons of sealing pavers?

We're laying out the pros and cons of sealing pavers to help you determine whether or not this extra step will benefit your space.
  • Sealing Pavers Con #1: It requires maintenance. ...
  • Sealing Pavers Con #2: Sealing is not cheap. ...
  • Sealing Pavers Con #3: Sealant can contaminate nearby plants.

Is it better to spray or roll paver sealer?

Using a nap roller for sealer application will take several times longer than using a paver sealer sprayer and joint stabilization is difficult to achieve. Spraying is the preferred method of applying water based paver sealers as it allows enough sealer to get into the joints.

Is it too late to seal my pavers?

Never Too Late to Seal Pavers

It's always best to seal soon after a new installation. But, our proven system of repairing, cleaning and sealing will also bring back the original luster to old, dirty and fading pavers. Sealing is the final step in a comprehensive process.

How long after applying Thompson Water Seal can you walk on it?

How Long Does It Take It To Fully Dry & Cure After Application. Now that you've applied Thompson's Water Seal, following the instructions above, to your entire surface, you can walk away and let it dry for 24 hours.

Is Thompsons Water Seal oil based?

Thompson's WaterSeal | Oil-based | Exterior Stains.

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