Is matte finish good for kitchen cabinets?

Author: Deondre Kuvalis  |  Last update: Sunday, July 3, 2022

This ultra sleek finish is trending now and most households are opting for matte finish for their kitchen cabinets. They do not reflect any light and are perfect for traditional-style kitchens. Designers consider matte cabinets to be chic and a good choice for people who are looking for a stark change.

Should cabinets be matte or glossy?

Since glossy finishes are the quickest to show scratches and stains, matte finishes are ideal for those who want to hide their furniture's imperfections. On the other hand, cabinets with a matte finish absorb light instead of reflecting it. As a result, this finish will not help your space feel bigger.

Is glossy or matte finish better for kitchen cabinets?

Matt-finish cabinets don't reflect any light at all and look more flat than a gloss finish does. Matt finish is the perfect choice for more traditional-style or country-style kitchen cabinets that have routed fronts – gloss is too shiny and modern-looking for these styles of kitchens.

Are matte cabinets hard to keep clean?

Matte finishes are a little harder to clean

Cleaning greasy fingerprints or smears is tricky on matte surfaces because it's hard to do without leaving streaks or other evidence behind. The matte finish may even seem to absorb the stain, making it difficult to eliminate completely.

What finish is best for kitchen cabinets?

While there are many types of paint to choose from, the best paint for kitchen cabinets is typically semi-gloss, gloss or satin. Matte is not practical in kitchens and baths where you will need durable paint you can easily clean.

Matte VS Glossy Finish (Where To Use, Advantage, Disadvantage )

What is the most durable kitchen cabinet finish?

On average, semi-gloss oil-based paint is the most durable finish for kitchen cabinets. Because of its sheen, semi-gloss paint can reflect light and remain durable for a long time.

How do I make my matte cabinets shiny?

If you stripped and sanded the cabinets down to bare wood, apply primer to your cabinets before applying paint. If you used a deglosser, you can skip priming. Apply paint using a quality brush, working in the direction of the wood grain. Leave the doors and drawers to dry overnight and apply a second coat of paint.

Do Matt kitchens mark easily?

One outstanding quality matt has over gloss is that it is durable and resistant to scratches. Additionally, it is fairly easy to clean, with the extra benefit of making fingerprints, smudges and other marks less visible on the surface.

Do Matt kitchen cupboards mark easily?

Matt is perfect for contemporary living and comes in a wide variety of colours that can easily be designed according to your space. One huge advantage matt has over a high gloss kitchen finish is that the surface of the cabinets will not as easily show any imperfections, smudges, stains or fingerprints.

How do you clean a matte kitchen?

Steps to follow:
  1. Fill a bowl or a spray bottle with hot water and add a drop of soap. ...
  2. Then, soak a soft cloth in the soapy mixture and wipe down the matt surfaces, paying extra attention to hinges and handles.
  3. Once you clean up all the surfaces, soak a new soft cloth in warm water and wring it very well.

Which is better matte or satin?

The amount of light reflected, imperfections shown, and durability. The less light reflected, the less durable the finish; however, fewer imperfections are shown. Matte will reflect little to no light, satin retains a pearl-like sheen, whereas semi-gloss and gloss finishes reflect the most light.

Are glossy cabinets out of style?

Glossy kitchen cabinets have been popular since the 70s, yet homeowners and designers still prefer this chic finish. Kitchen cabinets with matte finish, do not reflect light, thus they are ideal for traditional style kitchens. Small scratches and fingerprints are less noticeable in matte surfaces, too.

How do you clean matte finish kitchen cabinets?

Matt Finish

So, using soap and water is perfectly fine for everyday messes like food splatters and fingerprints. Just be sure to rinse and dry afterwards with warm water and a soft cloth to avoid soapy build-up. Oily fingerprints and bigger splatter marks from some serious cooking can be much more stubborn to lift off.

Is matt or gloss easier to clean?

Gloss cabinets are certainly easier to clean than matte as they can be wiped down with a cloth, but they're also more prone to scratches. You have to be prepared to put in a bit of extra effort to avoid this from happening, so the care level for both is around the same.

How do you remove fingerprints from Matt kitchen cabinets?

Fingerprints: The oily residue on fingers can leave behind unsightly marks on cabinet doors and hardware. Cleaning kitchen cabinets with vinegar will easily remove fingerprints. Dampen a cloth in a 50-50 solution of water and vinegar, apply to the prints, and buff clean with a polishing cloth.

Is matte finish easy to clean?

In addition, matte paints are the least durable and are the hardest to clean. However, in rooms that see little traffic and areas such as ceilings, matte finishes not only offer an elegant, smooth sheen, they are also more economical than high-gloss paints.

Do matte countertops stain?

Matte countertops are easier to maintain than glossy countertops because they don't show smudges, scratches and stains as easily. A matte countertop looks smooth and subtle, and the finish can allow small imperfections to blend in.

What is the difference between satin and matte finish?

The primary difference between satin and matte finish paint is the sheen. With satin, you get a velvety finish with a hint of shine. Satin can reflect just a bit of light, creating a gentle glow. Matte paint doesn't have a noticeable sheen, leading to a truer color since it isn't as impacted by light.

What do professionals use to paint kitchen cabinets?

Many professionals now use latex paint, citing the improvements to the formula and the as-good-as finish they can get on most surfaces. We actually prefer a third type of paint for cabinets, the hybrid enamel.

Do all painted cabinets chip?

Yes, they will. But this can be said of ANY painted wood or MDF. The question is 'how MUCH will they chip? '

How do professionals paint kitchen cabinets?

How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Like A Pro In 9 Steps
  1. Assess the condition of your kitchen cabinets. ...
  2. Remove and label the doors and drawer faces. ...
  3. Put down drop cloths. ...
  4. Clean the cabinets. ...
  5. Lightly sand your cabinets. ...
  6. Prime your kitchen cabinets. ...
  7. Inspect the primer. ...
  8. Paint your kitchen cabinets like a pro.

What is better glossy or matte?

A glossy finish will come with an ultra-smooth, shiny appearance. It's also very colour rich and vibrant. Whereas matte paper gives off a duller, more subtle finish. Therefore, the content and images on a glossy finish will strike the audience more effectively.

Is matte paint hard to maintain?

Is matte paint hard to maintain? Caring for matte paint is no more difficult than caring for a glossy finish. However, it does require products specifically designed for matte paint as traditional waxes and shampoos will alter the appearance of the finish.

How do you get fingerprints off matte finish?

Removing Tough Road Debris and Stains:

Apply cleaner to a clean, damp microfiber cloth. Wipe the finish lightly to remove the debris using a backward and forward motion (avoid using a circular motion). Once the debris is removed, wash area with matte paint finish soap, using a damp microfiber cloth.

Are gloss kitchens dated?

Gloss kitchens are not going out of date and still have a role to play in modern kitchens. The aesthetics of a glossy finish still displays a sense of luxury, quality, and beauty. It's important to note, it is still best to do this as tastefully as possible.

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