How can I hang my curtains in my apartment without drilling?

Author: Donato Weber  |  Last update: Tuesday, June 28, 2022

6 Renter-Friendly Ways To Hang Curtains Without Drilling Into Walls
  1. Use Temporary Command Hooks.
  2. Hang Curtains With Tension Rods.
  3. Order Custom Compression Shades.
  4. Make a Faux Roman Shade.
  5. Buy Twist & Fit Curtain Rods.
  6. Suspend Curtain Rods from the Ceiling.

How can I hang curtains in my apartment without drilling holes?

5 Easy Ways to Hang Curtains Without Drilling
  1. Use 3M Command Hooks.
  2. Use Kwik-Hang Curtain Rod Brackets.
  3. Use Tension Rods.
  4. Get Creative With Coat Hooks.
  5. Try Magnetic Rods on Metal Doors.

Can I hang curtains without drilling holes?

Dowels and Sticky Hooks

And the beauty of using a sticky hook instead of drilling holes in the wall is that if you decide the curtains look too low or too high, you can move the rod and hooks without any damage.

Can Command strips hold up curtains?

Be sure to wait the required hour to allow the adhesive to bond before hanging your curtains. You can see how wonderful hanging curtains with command hooks worked out! We lived in this home for two years and the command hooks held the curtains the entire time with no issue!

How can I hang curtains without a rod?

Five Creative Ways to Hang Curtains Without Rods
  1. Upholstery tacks.
  2. Tension cables.
  3. Hook-eye screws and drapery pins.
  4. Staples and furring strips.
  5. Cabinet knobs.


What can I use in place of a curtain rod?

Pipe Rods. This one is a pretty common alternative. Many people turn to copper pipes when they need a substitute curtain rod. Copper pipes have a unique look about them which is what draws many folks toward it, but you can use any style of or look of pipe.

How do you hang curtains over horizontal blinds without drilling?

Install Brackets or Adhesive Hooks

Installing the brackets directly onto the headrail eliminates the need for you to drill holes for them in your wall. Most curtain brackets will come with the screws you'll need to install them onto your headrail.

How do you hang curtains with blinds sticking out?

Install brackets on the cornice to hang curtains in front of the blinds. Buy a set of outside-mounting brackets and a curtain rod. Place the brackets close to either end of the cornice and adjust their settings so that they are firmly holding onto the cornice.

Can you hang curtains in an apartment?

But don't get discouraged — you can hang curtains in an apartment! There are simple and affordable solutions you can use to put up curtains without damaging your walls. Learn how to hang curtains in an apartment and salvage your security deposit: Command hooks.

Should you hang curtains over blinds?

Hanging curtains over blinds adds extra depth and elegance to your windows, as blinds alone can look cold or unfinished. Sometimes hanging curtains on their own is sufficient, but occasionally you need to add extra privacy or light control.

How do you hang curtains from the ceiling?

How To Hang Curtains From The Ceiling Without Drilling
  1. Gather Your Materials. This is a good beginning step for any job. ...
  2. Measure and Mark For Hook Placement. ...
  3. Scrape Away Any Ceiling Texture. ...
  4. Install Adhesive Backed Hooks. ...
  5. Thread Curtains Onto The Rod. ...
  6. Hang The Rod. ...
  7. Let Out The Hem. ...
  8. Take Them Down A Notch.

How do you hang curtains temporarily?

Adhesive Hooks (on the Ceiling!) –Command hooks might not stick to textured walls, but you can hang curtains from your ceiling using adhesive broom or mop hooks. These can be found at most hardware or home improvement stores. Just stick the flat base on the ceiling, run a curtain rod through the hook or loop and voila!

Can I hang curtains with string?

Here are a few ways you can use rope for your curtains: Create tension in the rope by tying the ends directly to the curtain rod brackets. You can also use curtain holdbacks to secure the rope further down the wall. Avoid hanging heavy drapery when using rope in place of a curtain rod.

How do you make a homemade curtain rod?

How to Make a DIY Curtain Rod
  1. Measure your window. ...
  2. Cut your pipe. ...
  3. Paint the rod. ...
  4. Paint your hardware. ...
  5. Attach your brackets to the wall. ...
  6. Attach your curtain rings to the rod. ...
  7. Attach your finials to the rod. ...
  8. Attach your curtain and place your rod on the wall.

Should you hang curtains to the ceiling?

Hanging your curtains at ceiling level maximizes the light that shines through your window and it makes the room feel larger because the walls look taller. This works well in a small space, but may not be ideal in a room that is already too large.

How do you hang a ceiling canopy without a drill?

Pull a lightweight fabric, such as mosquito netting or tulle, through an embroidery hoop. The hoop unscrews, which will allow you to install the fabric inside the hoop, pull it evenly and screw the hoop back together. The fabric can be as long as you desire, depending on how you want the canopy to drape over the bed.

Should curtains touch the floor or window sill?

The material should barely touch the floor or hover half an inch above. Use this approach for café curtains, too, short panels covering only the lower portion of a window, hitting the sill, which works well in kitchens and bathrooms, where long drapes or curtains aren't practical.

How curtains should be hung?

A rule of thumb (from Architectural Digest) is that curtains should be hung between four to six inches above the window frame, so install your curtain rod accordingly. When you hang the curtain rod high, it will make the window appear taller.

How much wider than window should curtain be?

How wide should curtains be? To ensure that curtain panels look ample when closed, they should have a combined width that is 2 to 2.5 times the width of the window/rod. That means if you are ordering Grommet style or Rod-pocket style, the total drapery width should be at least 2 times the window/rod widths.

Are curtains out of style 2021?

The Main Interior Trends 2021 for Curtains

Various ruffles and frills are no longer trendy. Such options are appropriate only if you have chosen a design for the bedroom or the living room in the style of some period era like Victorian times.

How do you dress a window without curtains?

Lose the Drapes: 15 Better Ways to Dress a Window
  1. Stenciled Sign. 1/16. ...
  2. Rustic Privacy Screen. 2/16. ...
  3. Frosted Glass Design. 3/16. ...
  4. Faux Stained Glass. 4/16. ...
  5. Tablecloth Linens. 5/16. ...
  6. Vintage-Style Shutters. 6/16. ...
  7. Glass Window Shelves. 7/16. ...
  8. Lace Windowpanes. 8/16.

Are curtains in style for 2021?

Among the main curtain trends for 2021 is an ambiance that's airy or light. Heavy and thick curtains can make a room look and feel much smaller. Homeowners might not realise that some guests may even feel claustrophobic in a room treated with bulky curtains, especially if the room isn't large to begin with!

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