How can I add more security to my front door?

Author: Lee Ankunding  |  Last update: Monday, June 13, 2022

Let's take a look at the factors that can help you to improve the security of your existing front door:
  1. Door lock. ...
  2. Reinforce your Door. ...
  3. Install a Strike Plate. ...
  4. Replace or Repair your Hinges. ...
  5. Alter your Letterbox. ...
  6. Install a Peephole. ...
  7. Add Glazing. ...
  8. Replace your Door.

How do I reinforce my front door?

The best way to reinforce your frame is by adding a layer of steel to prevent them from splitting. This makes your door kick proof. Installation entails placing high-gauge steel over the door jamb and securing it with long screws. The screws should penetrate through to the wall studs on all sides of the doorway.

How do I protect my front door from burglars?

1) Put a Good Deadbolt Lock on the Door

Many of us will think about the locks on the front door as the first way of creating a secure, burglar-proof boundary between the home and any intruder. It helps to have a secure deadbolt on the door. These bolts will prove to be a difficult obstacle for a potential burglar.

How do you make a door unbreakable?

Make sure your doors have deadbolt locks and cylinder guards, which provide an extra layer of security. If you have a sliding door, use keyed locks to secure it. You should also reinforce your door frame with 3-inch screws so a burglar can't pry it away from the wall with a crowbar.

What is a box strike plate?

A box strike gives the lock a far stronger hold on the door, and the 2-inch screws anchor it to the door frame.

How to Secure and Reinforce Front Door

Do longer screws make a door harder to kick in?

Still, having longer screws isn't a guarantee that no one will be able to kick in your door. It might just take a bit longer for it to come apart. “Those longer screws go into the stud that's behind a door jamb, so instead of splitting that initial wood, it's in a deeper sub wood, so it's grabbing more,” Whipple said.

What is a deadbolt strike plate?

A strike plate or "Strike" is a metal plate that is secured to the door jamb for the purpose of reinforcing the latch on the lockset or deadbolt. They come in many different shapes and sizes, for various applications.

How does a door striker plate work?

#1 A Strike Plate Defined

It has a hole or holes to allow for the door's bolt(s). The doorjamb, or doorpost, is the vertical section of your doorframe that secures the door. Once the door is closed shut, the door's bolt extends into the strike plate hole(s) and keeps it locked tight.

Do I need a striker plate?

Strike Plate

This is the plate the latch-tongue, or deadbolt-tongue will connect with. It should sit flush with the door jamb. Any passage or privacy set needs to have a strike plate for the door to latch. Additionally, deadbolts need a strike plate to properly lock.

How much force does it take to break a deadbolt?

A minimum of 10, 75-pound strikes are reported to be the equivalent of over 100 foot pounds, which is why the Grade 1 deadbolt locks have been tested. A really strong criminal would have to kick your door over 100 times in order for it to begin to degrade or show signs of weakness.

How do you reinforce a deadbolt?

To strengthen the strike plate on the lock, replace the existing screws with 3” long screws to attach into the wall stud. To reinforce the door frame even more, remove the door facing and attach a steel building plate to the door casing and wall stud.

Can you kick in a door with a deadbolt?

Generally speaking, deadbolts are sturdy locks that can withstand kick in and other forced entry attempts. However, a door with a deadbolt can still be kicked down if the door itself is not solid. So, to protect your door against kick in, you want to make sure both the lock and door are of high-quality grade.

What kind of door lock is most secure?

Deadbolt door locks are the most secure type of key lock and are usually used on a home's exterior door. Available in single- and double-cylinder styles, deadbolts are rated according to their strength from Grade 1 to Grade 3. A Grade 1 is the highest grade and provides the most security.

Will a door stop keep an intruder out?

A doorstop will definitely not prevent all entries but when used properly it can withstand substantial force. In most cases, a regular doorstop won't keep intruders out but it can slow them down and when combined with other security measures it provides a real barrier and keeps the door in place.

How do you reinforce a door so it can't be kicked in?

How to Reinforce a Door for Security
  1. Reinforce your Door frame.
  2. Install a Glassdoor with a steel security grille.
  3. Install a deadbolt.
  4. Install a Door Amour.
  5. Use a Security Bar to Secure Your Door from the Inside.
  6. Use a Horizontal Door Security Barricade.
  7. Install outdoor Motion-activated Cameras and lights.
  8. Install Smart Locks.

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