Does Schlage have a SmartKey?

Author: Layne Wehner DVM  |  Last update: Monday, July 4, 2022

With built-in WiFi, the Schlage Encode lock connects directly to your home's WiFi network - no adapters or accessories are required. Set up the lock easily with either the Schlage Home app or Key by Amazon App and you'll be able to access it remotely, putting total control in the palm of your hand.

Does Schlage have a smart lock?

With a Schlage smart lock, you can enjoy peace of mind and freedom from keys. Depending on your specific system and home automation needs, Schlage has a wide selection of smart locks that fit with any smart home. Built-in WiFi allows you to lock/unlock from anywhere, no hub required.

Does Kwikset smartkey work with Schlage?


What type of key does Schlage use?

Schlage uses CNC milling complex keyway shapes to mechanically prevent some non-OEM keys from entering or operating a lock. Schlage keyway types including Primus/Primus XP, Everest, Obverse, Reverse, Numbered or Paracentric, and Quad.

Are all Schlage keys the same?

Please note, products are not keyed alike across functions. Schlage Rekeying Kits provide everything you need to get the job done—including all the tools and parts you need for repinning the cylinders of most Schlage locksets so that they work with a single key. Navigating your way through the Kit tray.

News: Kwikset Smartkey in SCHLAGE keyway?! It’s Coming!

How do I know if my key is KW1?

Look at the large end of the key (also called the bow). If the bow has straight sides and a triangle-shaped top (like a house), you probably have a KW1 keyway. If the key is diamond-shaped (narrower at the top and bottom and wide in the middle), you probably have a SC1 keyway.

Is Schlage or Kwikset better?

Also in the non-forced entry category, there is no doubt Schlage is better. With a better, more precise manufacturing process and 2 additional security pins than the Kwikset deadbolt, Schlage locks are significantly harder to pick, bump or compromise in non-destructive ways.

Can you mix Schlage and Kwikset?

Basically, you cannot re-key the lock from Schlage to Kwikset, but you can change the lock cylinder from Schlage to Kwikset.

Can Kwikset and Schlage be keyed alike?

This is because Schlage and Kwikset locks are not compatible with the same type of key. Their keyways are made differently, therefore you will either want to have all Schlage locks or all Kwikset locks. When you're at home, you don't want to use different keys for each lock you own.

How do you pronounce Schlage?

Schlage (pronounced /ˈʃleɪɡ/ SHLAYG) is an American lock manufacturer founded in 1920 by Walter Schlage.

How do you get locks keyed alike?

Changing all your locks to be keyed alike is only possible if the locks are all compatible. “If you want your doors keyed alike, you can test this at home simply by picking a key from one of your doors and inserting it into the different locks. If the key goes in the lock, then that lock can be keyed alike.”

Are Schlage locks Rekeyable?

Schlage's new SecureKey™ cylinder allows you to re-key the lock without ever removing it from the door. If you see a plus sign (+) above the keyway on a Schlage residential lockset, you could say it is a sign of the times.

Does ADT work with Schlage?

Connect your Schlage smart lock and other compatible smart home devices to your ADT system for enhanced security and convenience. You can control those devices using the ADT mobile app or with voice commands, create automated routines and manage your security remotely from your smartphone for greater peace of mind.

Does Schlage Connect need a hub?

Because the Schlage Connect is powered by Z-wave, you need to pair it with a smart home hub, like Wink, to extend communication with your home's wi-fi. This allows you to communicate with your lock via the Wink app when you are remote.

Is Schlage Connect same as Schlage Sense?

While they look very similar, their smart home integration is the key difference between both locks. The short version? Schlage Sense works with HomeKit for controlling your lock using Siri. Schlage Connect is designed for Alexa and Z-Wave integration.

Is Schlage a good brand?

Walter Schlage is a prestigious brand in the international lock industry. It offers a wide range of high-grade locks such as Deadbolts, Knobs, Levers, Handlesets, Electronic Locks, and Smart Locks. All Schlage products have premium metal construction that adds strength and security.

Which lock brand is best?

The 7 Best Lock Brands
  • Schlage: The Brand that you Can Trust. ...
  • Kwikset: The Best Selling Lock Brand. ...
  • Baldwin: With Both Traditional and Contemporary Styles. ...
  • Corbin/Russwin: The Most Decent-Quality Lock Brand. ...
  • Yale: The Brand That Anyone Can Rely On! ...
  • Medeco: the Name That Itself Is Quality.

How good are Schlage locks?

The Schlage Encode gets excellent marks from a security standpoint. It not only has the highest residential security score from the ANSI and BHMA (the two main security organizations that grade locks), but the Schlage Encode also scores a ANSI/BHMA Commercial Grade 1 rating, which is the highest grade possible.

Are Schlage locks worth it?

Schlage and Kwikset are two of the most popular lock manufacturers on the market. Both brands make excellent locks that homeowners can easily install, but Schlage locks tend to offer higher security and reliability and are trusted by big businesses.

What keyway does masterlock use?

Supplied with the number 1 keyway, it is a rekeyable plug that can be used in an increasing range of our automotive related products. 10. The Universal Pin cylinder. This cylinder is unique in its design and use.

What is a KW lock?

1) Name on the key or Lock: Kwikset or Schlage are the most common residential locks and keys. They can be stamped with their full name on the head of the key or face of the lock. 2) Name Abbreviation: Kwikset is “KW” and Schlage is “SC” The most common keyways are KW1 & SC1.

What is a Y11 key used for?

The HY-KO Y11 Blank Yale Lock Key is a nickel-plated brass, precision-milled replacement key. The key is designed for use with compatible Yale locks and padlocks.

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