Does plastic window insulation help in summer?

Author: Willa Bayer  |  Last update: Thursday, January 18, 2024

In addition to keeping your home warmer during the winter, plastic insulation film also works to keep cold air inside during the summer months. If you're looking to add more insulation to your home, read on to learn about the installation process and the benefits of plastic window insulation.

Should I put plastic on my windows in the summer?

While window insulation kits are often advertised as a winter-weather fix, putting window plastic up won't help in the summer either. In fact, it's likely you'll get better results by installing thermal curtains, as they can provide a higher level of window insulation than shrink-wrapping your windows can.

Does window insulation help in summer?

Window films can vastly decrease summer heat. Sure, it might be a small touch, but applied window film is incredibly effective. Head out, purchase the film, and contact a professional if you need assistance. While window film can be applied yourself, a professional's eye works well with spacing and placement.

Does putting plastic on windows really help?

Window film covers are inexpensive, reduce drafts, help the house feel warmer during winter months, and reduce moisture buildup on the window due to condensation.

Does plastic over windows really help insulate?

Insulation film doesn't look flattering, and it can even be off-putting in some scenarios. That said, it can be expensive to replace a window in general. Plastic film certainly increases insulation while addressing air leakage, all without costing a fortune to implement.

How to Insulate Windows | Cheap and Easy with Plastic Film

Is it better to put plastic on the inside or outside of windows?

Installing plastic window film on the inside of your windows is a great option if you're hoping to insulate year-round. Applying the film indoors may also prove to be a bit easier because you don't have to worry about navigating around outdoor shrubbery or climbing up a ladder to get the job done.

What can I put on my window to keep the heat out?

The trick is to use the right type of window shades to block the heat and to install them as close to the glass as possible to get the maximum benefit. For insulation purposes, cellular or honeycomb shades are the most effective. The honeycomb shape helps to trap air, reducing your solar heat gain.

How much money does plastic window insulation save?

Window insulation film can mean as much as a 30% to 40% decrease in your utility bills. Window films are an easy way to make your windows more energy efficient.

How much do you save by putting plastic on windows?

You can save up to 20 dollars per window per winter. (depending on furnace type and locale) That's a big heap of money. You could roll around in that money, but you'd be better off leaving it in your bank account. 3M is reported to make some of the best window film around.

What are the disadvantages of plastic windows?

Even though uPVC windows are durable, their light weight means they're prone to sagging. This is where the weight of the window starts to bend the frame, which is far less likely when using materials such as aluminium.

How do I keep my windows cool in the summer?

Apply Heat Reducing Film

With roughly 30 percent of ambient heat coming into your home through the windows, one quick and easy fix to keep your home cool is to apply a reflective, heat-reducing window film to regulate the temperature.

How can I make my windows more efficient in summer?

There are several things you can do to improve the efficiency of your existing windows:
  1. Check existing windows for air leaks.
  2. Caulk and weatherstrip. ...
  3. Add energy efficient window coverings. ...
  4. Add storm windows or panels.
  5. Add solar control film.
  6. Add exterior shading, such as awnings, exterior blinds, or overhangs.

How do you reduce sun heat through windows?

When completely closed and lowered on a sunny window, highly reflective blinds can reduce heat gain. Horizontal slat-type blinds can also be adjusted to block and reflect direct sunlight onto a light-colored ceiling.

How do you insulate windows for summer heat?

6 Best Ways to Insulate Windows for Summer
  1. Weatherstripping Your Windows. Weatherstripping your windows can reduce high energy bills during both summer and winter. ...
  2. Using Aluminum Foil. ...
  3. Installing Cellular Shades. ...
  4. Insulating with Bubble Wrap. ...
  5. Going Completely Dark with Blackout Blinds. ...
  6. Installing Energy-Efficient Windows.

How long will plastic sheeting last in the sun?

Black sheeting is recommended for applications not exceeding 90 days of sunlight exposure. Special additives are available at request for extended outdoor applications for up to 2 years." Clear plastic sheeting IS RECOMMENDED for greenhouse use and in some cases has a 10 year UV warranty against UV.

Is plastic wrap a good insulator?

Is plastic wrap a good insulator? No, plastic wrap does not have very many qualities that make it an excellent insulator. It may slightly assist in heat retention, but aluminum foil is a better insulator. Two layers of plastic wrap with air in between are the best way to use plastic wrap as an insulator if necessary.

Does window insulation film save money?

window film. Most of the energy your home loses will be through the windows. Energy-saving window film can help reduce this, improving heat retention by reflecting and radiating heat back into the room. It can improve insulation by up to 30% which can represent a significant saving on your energy bills.

Are window insulators worth it?

An insulating window film applied over a window can help the window retain up to 55 percent more heat in winter, potentially reducing your heating costs up to 30 percent. These films are less effective at reducing summer heat gain, though.

Does window film help in summer?

Window film helps to keep your home cool by protecting it from the sun's heat. This can result in great savings on your energy bill, as your air conditioner won't have to work so hard to heat your home. Window tint can also help to eliminate those pesky hot spots that can happen when a room is not cooled evenly.

What are the pros of plastic insulation?

Why is a foam plastic insulation product an energy-efficient choice?
  • High R-value per inch of thickness. R-value measures the ability of insulation to resist the flow of heat. ...
  • Easy to install. ...
  • Creates air barriers. ...
  • Creates moisture barriers. ...
  • A critical tool. ...
  • Durable.

How do I stop the sun from heating up my room?

Block the heat

Shade windows and walls using external coverings, like blinds, awnings or large potted plants. Plant deciduous trees that cast shade over your home in summer, but still let the sun shine through in winter.

How can I cool my house with a lot of windows?

Insulation. Simply put, this is the best way to cool down a house with big windows. While insulation may be only one word, it needs to be applied in multiple places (and in multiple ways) in order to really be effective in making a home like Jeff's more comfortable so he can enjoy those gorgeous Folsom views.

Should I plastic wrap my windows?

Not every home benefits from plastic window wrap. For instance, if you have brand-new windows and doors with minimal gaps, plastic wrap may not make a noticeable difference. However, if your windows have serious air leaks, plastic window wrap can help.

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