Does Kwikset have an app?

Author: Mr. Justen West DDS  |  Last update: Saturday, June 18, 2022

With the Kwikset app, control your Kwikset Halo and Aura smart locks directly from your iPhone. Lock and unlock your door; manage and schedule user access; view lock activity history to see who came and went; and get the latest software versions to keep your lock up-to-date with the latest features.

How do I connect my Kwikset lock to my phone?

Press the “A” button in the upper left corner for ~10 seconds (the clearing process will be signaled with a beep). This will clear any previous pairings from the lock. Restart the “Add Lock” process within the Premis App, and you should be able to “find” your lock and complete the pairing process.

What app do I use for Kwikset?

Meet the App. Available for iOS & select Android devices, the smart lock app controls Kevo right from your smartphone or tablet. Grant access with eKeys and monitor who is locking and unlocking.

Is the Kwikset app free?

The Kwikset App is available for free download from Google Play or App Store by searching for "Kwikset" and installing the "Kwikset Smart Lock App".

Does Kwikset locks work with Google home?

On the account linking page, enter your Kwikset App username and password, then click Sign In. tap Next. Tap the home to which you would like to add the device, then tap Next. newly discovered Halo devices and you can now control them using Google Smart Speaker.

Kwikset App - Walk through

What app works with Kwikset SmartCode 916?

Samsung SmartThings

This is all you have to do. You can now control your Kwikset SmartCode 916 Smart Lock remotely or inside the Bluetooth range. You can do following things with Samsung SmartThings: Lock and unlock from anywhere.

How do I add a Kwikset to Apple home?

Follow these instructions to create your first scene:
  1. Tap the Home tab or Rooms tab, then tap +.
  2. Tap Add Scene.
  3. You can use a suggested scene or create a custom one.
  4. Tap Add or Remove Accessories.
  5. Tap the accessories that you want to add, like Kwikset Premis, then tap Done.

Is there an app for Kwikset 910?

The Premis App gives you control in the palm of your hand.

Manage user codes, track lock status, receive lock notifications and more through the Kwikset Premis app.

What is Kwikset Home Connect?

Kwikset's Home Connect locks allow you to wirelessly communicate with devices in your home, such as lighting, thermostat, security system and more. This integration can provide valuable security and convenience on a daily basis through customizable features that work in conjunction with your home automation system.

How many phones can be connected to Kwikset Halo?

How many smartphones can be paired to a lock? Each lock can pair with up to eight (8) smartphones at a time.

How do I turn on my Kwikset Bluetooth?

Navigate to Bluetooth Sharing inside your Settings menu (Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth Sharing). 2. Verify that sharing is turned on for the Kevo app. If it is not already on, simply tap the on-off switch to turn it on.

How do I set up Kwikset Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is required for the lock to work with your phone, whereas location will at least improve the technology used, according to Kwikset. When you arrive at the main screen, tap on the plus button in the top-right corner of the screen. Select “Set Up a Device”. Tap on “Pair a Device” at the bottom.

Does Kwikset work with Apple?

It's called the Kwikset Premis, and it's a touchpad deadbolt that works with Apple HomeKit, the smart-home control service built into to Apple's iOS devices.

Does Kwikset Halo work with Siri?

The original Premis is battery-powered, and lets homeowners control a door via Siri, app, key, or touchscreen. Two Wi-Fi-enabled Halo locks are due to launch sometime in 2019, one of them with a physical keypad and the other a touchscreen, like the Premis.

Does Kwikset 916 work with Apple HomeKit?

Question: Q: Kwikset Smartcode 916 (z-wave) Deadbolt

Can the Kwikset Smartcode 916 (z-wave) be controlled via Homekit? Answer: A: Answer: A: Not directly given this page -

Can more than one person have the Kwikset app?

An eKey can only be assigned to one person at a time. To reassign an eKey, an Owner or Admin user must delete an eKey from one user in order to send it to another user. As a security measure, each lock user should set up their own unique Kevo account.

Can I use Kwikset Halo without WiFi?

With the permission of the landlord, it is possible to install kwikset halo lock offline even in a rented apartment. Anyone who does this must keep the components of the mechanical lock and, if requested by the landlord, reinstall the conventional door lock when moving out.

Does Kwikset Halo work without WiFi?

All you need is a WiFi router + smart phone + HALO smart lock.

Does Kwikset 888 work with Alexa?

Works w/ Amazon Alexa via SmartThings, Wink, or Iris featuring SmartKey in Satin Nickel.

How do I connect my Kwikset SmartCode 916 to Alexa?

On the account linking page, enter your Kwikset app username and password, then tap Sign In. Tap “Discover Devices” to show the newly discovered Halo devices that you can control using Alexa. Continue to the next page for additional steps. You can tap Skip or tap Choose Group to add your device to a group.

Does Kwikset 916 work with Google Home?

Kwikset locks are compatible with Google Home, so you can use voice commands to control them. For example, you can say “Ok Google, unlock my front door,” and your Kwikset lock will unlock.

Does Kwikset Halo have Z-Wave?

Kwikset new Halo and Aura smart locks have both made it easier to control them through mobile apps. The Wi-Fi-powered Halo lock skips past traditional low-power wireless standards like Z-Wave, Bluetooth LE or Zigbee. It connects straight to the internet with no bridging hardware.

Is Kwikset Kevo Z-Wave?

Kwikset's Kevo Bluetooth (BLE) smart locks for doors can finally integrate with home automation systems thanks to a new Home Connect Bridge that translates ZigBee and Z-Wave commands into Bluetooth for controlling the lock.

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