Can a fiberglass pool be installed on a slope?

Author: Bernard Breitenberg  |  Last update: Monday, September 18, 2023

Composite fiberglass pools can be installed on any slope with the proper planning and development. In developing a plan for your backyard dream, it will require a flat area to accommodate the fiberglass pool. Many sites allow for installers to simply grade an area for your swimming pool and concrete.

What type of pool is best for a slope?

Infinity Pools for a Sloped Yard

Infinity edge pools on a sloped yard create the illusion of a never-ending stream of water—making them the perfect choice for hillsides. The water collects in a reservoir (hidden from the naked eye), allowing for a practical solution to steeper gradients.

How unlevel can a fiberglass pool be?

The industry standard states that a pool can be up to 1” out of level. At River Pools, we shoot for ½” or less. Sometimes we do far better, but occasionally we fall short…just trying to keep it real :) There's some common logic that comes into play here as well.

Can a pool be installed on a slope?

You'll want to consult a contractor to get the most accurate answer to this question, but typically, the pool can be placed anywhere. There is a general rule, however, which states that you should install your pool high enough on the slope that there's no runoff into the pool or onto the patio that surrounds it.

Can you put an above ground pool on a slight slope?

A Pool for the Hillside

If you have a hill or sloping backyard, the only way it's possible to have an above ground pool is to have one specifically designed to be a semi-inground pool. Semi-Inground pools in the most basic description are above ground pools that can withstand the pressure of being buried.

Can a Fiberglass Pool Be Installed Above Ground?

How much slope is too much for a pool?

The slope in shallow areas with depths less than 5 feet (1524 mm) shall not exceed 1 unit vertical in 12 units horizontal (8-percent slope). In portions of the swimming pool with depth greater than 5 feet (1524 mm), the slope shall not be steeper than 1 unit vertical in 3 units horizontal (33-percent slope).

What happens if you set up a pool on unlevel ground?

An uneven ground also means that your water level will be off, and your liner can become damaged if it's not lying flat. This can result in tears or rips within your liner, which is certainly something you should avoid. Overall, many things can go wrong if your pool is installed on an uneven surface.

Does an above ground pool have to be perfectly level?

An above ground pool that is off level by 3 inches or more is unsafe. That means all the footings need to be within an inch of the same elevation. If the footings are at the same elevation then the top rail will follow the footings.

How do you level a sloped ground for an above ground pool?

  1. STEP 1: Determine the pool's location and remove any large rocks or debris. ...
  2. STEP 2: Identify high points using 2x4s with a level on top. ...
  3. STEP 3: Add or take away soil until the ground is level. ...
  4. STEP 4: Repeat the process until the entire area is flat. ...
  5. STEP 5: Rake any remaining rocks or debris and tamp the ground.

What is an infinity edge pool?

An infinity pool, also called an infinity edge pool or a zero edge pool, is a reflecting pool or swimming pool where the water flows over one or more edges, producing a visual effect of water with no boundary.

What goes under a fiberglass pool?

After excavation is completed, a bed of gravel is laid on the floor to give a base for the pool. Screed bars are set up as guides for the slope to make the screeding process simple. The gravel is then compacted to ensure that the floor is stable.

Can a fiberglass pool be installed partially above ground?

A fiberglass above-ground pool may sound durable thanks to its reinformed pool shell. However, fiberglass pools can't be installed as a fully above-ground pool. But they can be partially above-ground with up to 18 inches exposed.

What are the risks of a fiberglass pool?

The use of a fiberglass pool can provide many hours of refreshing fun, but there are also risks associated with it. Some of the most common risks include slips and falls, drowning, and impact injuries. Additionally, the chemicals used to keep the water clean can also pose health risks if not used correctly.

What is cheapest inground pool style?

Lower upfront costs - Vinyl liner pools are known as the cheapest inground pools to build. Customizable shape - Choose from freeform, geometric, or even custom designs.

What type of inground pool is easiest to maintain?

Long story short, the type of inground pool that is the easiest to maintain is clearly fiberglass. If you want an even more in-depth comparison of vinyl vs concrete vs fiberglass pools, check out our comparisons of inground pools.

What is the most expensive type of in ground pool?

The most expensive swimming pool to purchase and maintain is a concrete pool, also known as a gunite pool or shotcrete pool. The initial cost of a concrete pool and be anywhere from $52,000 to over one hundred thousand, depending on the size and design.

Will my pool collapse if it is not level?

Major Issues with an Unlevel Pool

The water presses against one section of the pool with more force than the rest and it will be blown out due to uneven weight distribution. What is this? The pool will twist, buckle, or even collapse, causing property damage and injury to anyone in or around the pool.

How unlevel can an inground pool be?

If it's uneven by 2 ½ inches, it doesn't pose a safety hazard. Any larger differences in levels should be fixed as soon as possible.

Why not to get an above ground pool?

The main disadvantage of an above-ground pool is that it generally adds no value to your home. They also have some of the same problems as in-ground pools, such as water evaporation and maintenance issues.

What not to do when installing above ground pool?

But, we've decided to add a couple more to ensure we cover all bases.
  1. Unlevel Ground. The most obvious of mistakes is often the most daunting of them all. ...
  2. Untended Land. ...
  3. Pool Deck. ...
  4. Draining. ...
  5. Lack of Support. ...
  6. Using Too Much Sand. ...
  7. Not Compacting.

What causes above ground pool collapse?

A common cause of pool collapse is a build up of snow, rainwater, and ice on the pool's cover.

How do you put a pool in a sloped yard?

A retaining wall can be used to create level spaces on a slope, just like terracing. If you have a severe sloping yard, a retaining wall may be your best option for installing a pool. You will need to hire a professional to build the retaining wall.

What is the easiest above ground pool to install?

Inflatable above-ground pools, like the Intex Easy Set Pool Set with Filter Pump, are the easiest to install and deflate, and can be a solid option if you have smaller kids since they tend to be shallow and generally don't take up a large volume of water.

How do you level the ground before a pool?

Prepping to Level Ground for a Pool
  1. Mark the Pool Location. ...
  2. Check for Highs and Lows. ...
  3. Secure the Boards. ...
  4. Pour Sand Into the Area. ...
  5. Construct a Large Level. ...
  6. Compact the Sand. ...
  7. Rake and Circle Until Level.

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