Are round or rectangular pools better?

Author: Prof. Sabryna Schultz  |  Last update: Thursday, May 5, 2022

Typically, a long, rectangular pool is based for laps since it lets you swim in a straight line. A rounded pool would be better for lounging and for recreational swims. These pools are usually smaller and do not have a straight path for swimming laps.

What is the best swimming pool shape?

Rectangular pools with perfect 90-degree corners have been around for decades. They are ideal for swimming laps or engaging in other types of water exercise. The familiar shape conveys a sense of formality, as well as a sleek, modern feel. For greater design options, rectangles can be modified.

What is the most popular pool shape?

Rectangle. While rectangles are not the most creative pool shape, they are one of the most common and classic pool shapes. Most apartment buildings or skyscrapers, due to lack of space, tend to adopt this form for their pools.

Are round pools more expensive than rectangular?

Curved Pools

Costs here can vary based not only on the size but also the shape of the pool. Typical costs for a kidney-shaped insert run about $2,000 dollars more than a rectangle version.

Which is better round or oval pool?

An oval pool, especially with a nice deck, can look much like an inground pool – at a vastly lower price. It gives you more length for swimming laps. Depending on your back yard, it may fit better – though it will take up more ground area than the equivalent round.

Is a round or rectangle pool better?

Are round pools better?

The rounded shape creates a contrast with the surrounding buildings and infrastructure. It's a softer, more creative look. If the pool is for relaxation more than for exercise, than a rounded shape probably does a better job of promoting that; it lends a relaxed, easygoing feeling to the landscape design.

What is a good size for a pool?

For a family of 8 people, a pool size of 18 by 36 feet is adequate. Even if you all decide to swim at the same time, there will be enough space for everyone. A rectangular shape is the best choice for this size of the pool. If there are six or less in your family, a pool size of 16 by 32 feet will be sufficient.

What shape pool is least expensive?

Lower upfront costs - Vinyl liner pools are known as the cheapest inground pools to build. Customizable shape - Choose from freeform, geometric, or even custom designs.

What is the least expensive pool design?

Generally, vinyl liner pools have the lowest initial costs. Thus, you will spend the least amount of money purchasing a vinyl liner pool. On average, vinyl liner pools cost $35,000 to $65,000 to install. Homeowners can customize this pool into various shapes and designs.

What shape inground pool is the cheapest?

For either a custom-built pool or a prebuilt liner shape, the most affordable inground pools are those with the least-interesting shape—those with a rectangle or an oval shape will generally be the most inexpensive.

What is the most popular inground pool size?

In general, the most common inground pool sizes are:
  • 5-10 ft long (spa size)
  • 10-15 ft. long.
  • 15-20 ft. long.
  • 20-25 ft. long (for a small to medium-sized family)
  • 25-30 ft. long.
  • 30-35 ft. long.
  • 35-40 ft. long.
  • 40-45 ft. long (for the serious swimmer!)

What is the average pool shape?

Most modern swimming pools are rectangular in shape. Kidney shape and curved pools were hugely popular in the 80s. It's up to you what shape you choose, but rectangular pools provide maximum pool space.

Are rectangular pools more expensive than free form?

For the most the part, the cost of freeform pool will roughly the same as a rectangle pool . . . within $5,000. With a purchase this big, you are always going to get multiple pool quote from different pool contractors and you will see that the cost of a freeform compared to a rectangle isn't as much as you thought.

How can I save money when building a pool?

Tips for reducing the cost of an inground pool

Save money by choosing a basic concrete deck now and adding the fancy patio later. Avoid the deep end: “Smaller pools are all the rage these days, not only because they save space but because they're cheaper to install and maintain,” Jobe says.

How do I build an inground pool on a budget?

Here are five ways to save money – whether it's a few hundred dollars or thousands.
  1. Choose Vinyl. Vinyl pools are markedly less expensive than either concrete or fiberglass – in terms of initial price tag, anyway. ...
  2. Go with a Smaller Pool. ...
  3. Use a Pool Kit. ...
  4. Install in the Fall. ...
  5. Cut Out the Extras.

Are circular pools more expensive?

A rounded shape is not necessarily more expensive than a rectangular one, and vice versa. The overall size of the pool and its other features contribute to the cost.

Are free form pools more expensive?

Freeform pools are indeed less expensive to install as compared to the regular rectangular pools. It is mainly because of the pool perimeter footage being shorter than the normal rectangular pools. However, the cost can go high depending on the customization required. Cost also varies with different materials used.

What is a Grecian style pool?

The “Grecian” style pools incorporate diagonal corners vs. a 90 degree rectangle or oval style. The Grecian is a most popular series and comes in a array of combinations. Our showroom houses a left Grecian. We feature cabanna to house pool equipment, lounge chairs and pool toys.

What is a good size pool for adults?

We recommend a minimum of 30 feet in length to provide enough space for lap swimming and exercise. The swim lane is important, but so is the depth and other features.

Is a 12x24 inground pool big enough?

A 12x24 foot pool has a surface area that covers 288 feet, so it should be big enough for your needs based on this rough calculation.

Is a 24 foot pool big enough?

Although not a limit, but used as a guideline, it is common to have no more than 1 swimmer per 15 square feet. If you have a 24-foot round pool you will be able to have roughly 30 swimmers.

Is a round or oval pool bigger?

( The largest oval pool is 18′ wide by 33′ long whereas the largest round is 33′ each way offering more room to swim laps either way.) Round pools are offered in a wider variety of sizes ranging from 15′ all the way up to 33′. These sizes go up or down in 3′ increments.

What are the disadvantages of an above ground pool?

Above ground swimming pools also come with a few disadvantages, some of which you probably suspected:
  • Above ground pools generally don't look as nice as inground pools. ...
  • They don't add value to your property. ...
  • The options and features are limited. ...
  • They don't last forever.

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